Reiki Healers – How to Ground Yourself

Grounding is so very important. Any negative energy you pick up while practicing Reiki needs a way out of your body. Where your focus goes, your energy goes. A connection is created. So that means even if you are praying for someone who is sick a connection between the two of you will form and that connection is a two way street, meaning energy will flow BOTH ways. AND…Don’t you dare think about trying to take on someone’s pain if you haven’t practiced grounding for at least a couple of months.

To ground:

Picture small roots growing out of the bottom of your feet down, down, down to the core of the Earth.

Imagine that there is a large quartz crystal at the core that your roots connect to.

Next visualize a small spot on the top of your head (your crown chakara) opening up and fibers emerging reachiing up and up similar to the roots you visualized coming from your feet.

Visualize them growing up and up and connecting to the heavan’s, central sun, moon, a planet, etc.

Sit for a few moments and breath in energy from both below and above and visualize that energy entering your body.

In doing this you are both centering and grounding yourself. Do this every morning and anytime you feel insecure, emotional, and always before meditation or any spiritual or healing work.

I created a guided grounding video where in the video I walk you through the grounding process.  Give it a try!

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