Reiki to Box / List – Reiki using a Proxy

Notes for video:

Proxy – Do anything to it you would do to someone in person aka using the violet flame, crystals, herbs, etc

  • Box
  • Teddy Bear
  • Doll
  • Rock
  • List of Names
  • Basket with names in it
  • Wall – Dry erase board

Working on a Friend or Stranger

  • Name
  • Email
  • Picture
  • Visualization
  • Silhouette

Candle Work

  • Create/Make Candle as you intend the candle to be for a specific person
  • Store Bought Candle
    • Write their name on it
    • Etch on it
    • Rub it with essential oil as you pray, chant decree or mantra as you intend and imagine/visualize what burning it will do for them or how it will heal them
      • Picture them in perfect health or something lifting from them and being released

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