Intuitive Coaching

Do you need help with your Spiritual or Psychic Development?

Are you learning to work with guides? 

Would you like to push the boundaries of your existing level of understanding to achieve new heights?

Would you like to learn to use the Law of Attraction effectively?

Would you like to work out some things that are bothering you? Such as how a friend has been treating you, Your intimate relationships, the ups and downs of your job, co-workers or your business?


You can think of intuitive coaching as a Channeled Coaching session. Most often when people are talking to me it is not really me they are having a conversation with but in fact my higher self. Wouldn’t it be great if every time you talked to yourself it was a conversation with your higher self that knows and understands all? It is also similar to a Satsang. If you watch a Mooji video on youtube what you are actually witnessing is people asking him questions and his higher self responding because just like myself he is merged with his higher self. Being merged with your higher self is a little different than just communicating with your higher self like some do with guides. When you are merged with your higher self you are actually living and operating as your higher self versus your lower ego self. The ego can peek through at times, if we allow it, however those of us who are merged with our higher selves are more in control of that because of all of the work we have done on ourselves.


If you are going to partake in a Intuitive Coaching Session you must come prepared for CHANGE and willing to let change happen. Change in beliefs you have had, change in perspectives you have had, and a willingness to ponder the things that conflict with your existing beliefs. What you gain from the experience is definitely what you are willing to put into it including being willing to meditate daily even if only for 15 minutes, willing to change consciously at first how you think and the self talk in your head, willing to see problems as lessons giving you an opportunity to work on yourself.


Many times I have been asked during a coaching session “When are you going to give me a reading?” The fact is that because of the spiritual work I have spent years doing to achieve merging with my higher self (becoming my Christ self) whenever I answer a question or give guidance it is a reading as people understand a reading to be…it is channeled and hence you can think of it as a different type of psychic reading. Some will use tarot cards, runes or some other tool during a reading. I am the tool, called a conduit, through which the information, message, knowledge, etc flows. Not many who give psychic readings have merged with their higher selves and so what flows through them can be tainted and diluted by their lesser/ego self and very affected by their level of understanding. To work on merging with the higher self is to work on being able to flow through you that higher level of divine understanding. If I give advise it should be valued and respected for what it is and from where it is comes. So, during coaching session with me pay attention to what is being said because…it is specifically for you.

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