Law of Attraction – Are you focused on what you want in your life?

Would you like to start using the law of attraction in an easy way? Where is your focus? What have you been focused on lately? Are you focusing on a problem or the solution? Are you spending time worrying versus focusing?

Those are questions I might ask someone who is telling about the things they want in their life. When often for me the red alert light starts flashing and I hear “Law of Attraction.” Whether they are talking about getting back with an ex or wanting more money in their life to do specific things. I would want to know where their focus is and of course if fear, anxiety and worry is in the way for them. Yes, it is related to the law of attraction. Like attracts like and if you are spending a great deal of time focused on a negative or something you don’t have, the law of attraction says you will be getting more of that coming to you.

When it comes to people just working on living a happier life or trying to get more skilled with the Law of Attraction, I often teach them to pay attention to when they find themselves in a negative state of worry, fear and/or anxiety and during those times to re-focus themselves by using am affirmation, prayer, decree or mantra. Taking all those times they spend just worrying and being in an anxious state and instead using those times to actually create instead of block.

You can do the same easily. When it comes to the law of attraction and putting positive energy out into the universe towards what you want you can use any high vibrating words. But, notice I said high vibrating words. You may have been using an affirmation that you like for a long time but it may not be being very effective because it may not be high enough in vibrations. Word have power! Use them! Phrases such as the Ho’oponopono phrases of “Please forgive me, I am sorry, I love you, Thank you” are high vibrating. “I AM THAT I AM”, one of the names of God, is high vibrating. “I AM” is also high vibrating. Or a decree that you find on the Summit Lighthouse website that is specifically for streaming movie Rings online

Start out by committing yourself to repeatedly saying the phrase for five minutes per day. Then gradually increase how much time you are spending saying it. Outside of the five minutes say it when you find yourself in a state of worry or anxiety as a way to re-focus so as to not send negative thoughts and energy out into the universe because what you send out is coming back to you.

This seems so simply, right? It is but it is also powerful if you commit to sticking to doing everyday and not missing a day! Why? Because then multiplicity will kick in and that five minutes will have the effect of 15 minutes or more. Isn’t that awesome?!

The law of attraction is a wonderful thing once you learn all the ways to use it and give it time to start working in your life.

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