Psychic Attacks Done Inadvertently

Most people understand what a psychic attack is but many do not know it is something they themselves do to others. How could someone not know? Because they are just going about their normal everyday lives and behaving as they always behaved. Not thinking that half the things they do and think could be effecting another person and quite frankly most get caught up in an experience that left them feeling so hurt and mad that they are soley focusing on their own pain and full film Cars 3 2017 online

I always tell my son that when another child does something bad to him like calling him names not to feel that he must respond because the reality is they are only hurting themselves. The bad that someone does is their karma that they must pay for but if you react, such as reacting in kind, and start throwing it back at them them you are also now in the wrong and it becomes your karma as well.

Every action has an option and equal reaction. We learned that in science remember? Well guess what?! It is so true even when it comes to a psychic attack.

Psychic Spiritual AttackI have heard of someone getting mad at another person for something they did and then finding out later that the person they got mad at got very ill. At realizing, like a light bulb going off suddenly, that they may have caused them to get ill due to the negative angry energy they sent them they felt great guilt that they could not seem to get out from under that literally tortured them. Don’t bother torturing yourself because you think you may have been inflicting negative energy on other for years not knowing. For one, that guilt will cause illness and disease for you and secondly you received karma for behavior. That’s like being sent to prison for a crime, serving your time and then when you get out you build a prison in your home and make yourself pay for the crime again. You have already paid the price whether you know it or not, now move on, learn from it and do better.

Your probably wondering about being on the receiving end of a psychic attack. That is a concern I have noticed many have. For some their lives take a turn for the worse and they wonder if someone has purposely attacked them and caused their life to circle the drain. You can be assured that you will receive nothing you don’t have coming to you. If karmically speaking you are owe it, them maybe. Then you should not fight it and let the karma play out with patience so the karma will drop. Know and believe that it will eventually drop and you can move on with your life and things will get better. Don’t let the karma drop or fall into the pit of the worry emotion and you could just be dragging things out for yourself.

We are speaking of psychic attacks (negative energy) received that is not purposely being done. Purposeful psychic and spiritual attacks are another story that require a different understand and a different solution, so don’t mix up the two.

Go forward working on your reactions. Both those outwardly as the words you say out loud to someone and inwardly as the negative thoughts about another. Work on remembering that something someone else does can only hurt them. There is a reason it emotionally hurt you and often that answer lies in your past experiences and not in the person that said something to trigger that emotion and hurt within you.

Tip: When you find yourPsychic self feeling very hurt and angry pick a prayer, decree or mantra you will say repeatedly in your head. I use to use the Hail Mary prayer. Not because I am Catholic but because I really love that prayer and it resonates with me. So when you feel those emotions building in the pit of your stomach and that burning feeling from it start saying the prayer, decree or mantra repeatedly until you feel the fire of the emotions put out within yourself.

I hope this helps you. Feel free to schedule a coaching session with me if you are having a hard time dealing with something related to this. We can work through it so you can get back to enjoying your life and having fun!

2 thoughts on “Psychic Attacks Done Inadvertently”

  1. oh wonderful Advice Sherry thank you for sharing this.
    one must remember that to ground the feeling in the way you have said is defiantly a very good way to avoid internalizing the pain that is real. By internalizing this pain you eventually implode and get very sick. But to ground it or ask for help as in the hail mary prayers you are arranging for your own healing at the same time as you are asking for learning to be given to the other who inadvertently caused you the pain.
    We often pick up this dross as we go from place to place in our daily lives. That is why it is so important to continue with self healing practice daily.
    I love the idea of surrounding self with light from the Universe and letting it flow over you and in you. Then expand it fill it with love. And when you go to a public place or a place that is very closed in or negative you can send light to all that you can ask clears the way and moves the kinetic negative energy that is felt as psychic attack. Love and light Demici PS wonderful web site thank you for inviting me.


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