Akashic Records

Akashic Records are misunderstood by many but is really easy to
understand. The Akashic Records refer to an energetic matrix that
surrounds the planet and is invisible. It is like a computer hard drive
and everything that happens gets recorded on it. Thought, deeds, actions
and future potentials are all recorded on this grid. Every time you
incarnated onto this planet it was recorded in the Akashic Records.

is a sanskrit word that means “Sky”, “space” or “aether”. Aether, or
Ether, is a medium that in the wave theory of light permeates all space
and transmits transverse waves formerly believed to fill the upper
regions of space.

Now that I have given you the explanation of the
Akashic Record that can be commonly found all over the internet I would
like to give you another explanation for you to consider. Remember that
knowledge is not given just to be taken but to be meditated on so that
you can come to your own understanding.

Gaia is an energy of
planet Earth. It is an energy and it is sentient (conscious). I am sure
you have heard many say that Earth is a living sentient being itself so
you are probably familiar with that concept. Gaia not just conscious but
is intelligent. It knows you, knows things, and you can communicate
with her. Some of you may have tried that or have or know someone who
has channeled Gaia so what I am saying probably does not sound far
fetched to you. Gaia speaks, yes, and one of the ways it speaks is
through the Akash. Akash in sanskrit means “Sky”. The Akash is the life
force of the planet and actually revolves around humans. The planets
purpose revolves around the human. Because every human that incarnates
onto this planet affects it, that is the reason there is the need for
Gaia to record that information, because the human(s) modify the life
force of the planet. When a person is born Gaia creates a record of it.
Gaia keeps track and makes a record of everything. It goes beyond the
concept of the Book of Life in this way because it is not only your
entrance and exit from this planet it makes a record of but every
thought, action, deed, etc. If you did it or thought it, then it is
recorded and can be read by anyone. Future potentials are also stored
that are based upon the past. Imagine that there is already a recorded
potential you can follow of you becoming this or doing that. That
potential already exists and you can actually choose to follow a path to
that potential.

Reading the Akashic Records

is also misunderstood by many. Many think they need to access the
Akashic Records in a special way or get some kind of permission. That is
not so. Actually anyone can access these records and often do even if
they do not realize it. Even what you pick up with your intuition is
coming from information store in the Akashic Record. So now you see it
is really simpler than maybe you thought it was.

You may be
wondering so what about loved ones that have passed on and the medium
that gives messages. What they are picking up is also coming from the
Akashic Record. For example, ghosts are actually imprints and if Aunt
Sally came it you every day she would say pretty much the same thing.
She would give you validating information (yes, information that is
stored in the Akashic Records) and then tell you that everything is okay
now and that she loves you. Sure the message can sometimes be varied
but Aunt Sally is an energy that is stored in the Akashic Record, an
energy that has moved on to bigger and better things but her energy and
what she has to say still comes from the Akashic Records.

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