Archangel Metatron Formerly the Prophet Enoch

Archangel Metatron was formerly Enoch, ancestor of Noah, transformed into an angel. One of only two Archangels that were ever human and whose name do not end in “-el”. As human prophets Metatron and Sandalphon lived very pious lives and is why they were rewarded with ascension into the archangel realm.  Other than this I want to point out that humans do not die and ascend to Angel status. So Aunt Jane is not an Angel now watching over you although Aunt Jane may be watching over you or working as one of your guides to help you achieve your purpose in this lifetime.streaming movie The Circle

Archangel Metatron the Lesser YHVHIn many sacred books Metatron is referred to as the “Lesser YHVH” (YHVH are the Hebrew letters for God) and make reference to Metatron sitting as ascribe next to God. In Exodus God says to obey the angel who is leading the mass departure “since my Name is in him,” and many Rabbis believe this is referencing Metatron.  Although it could also mean God’s name being written in the center of the interlaced triangles within ones heart which could refer to anyone who has achieved that. For further understanding of that refer to I AM teaching by the Summit Lighthouse in the book “The Human Aura” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Metatron’s specialty is sacred geometry, oversees the Akashic Records, teaches esoteric wisdom to children and adults, tackes a special interest in those (including children) who are highly sensitive or medicated because of their special gifts. So if you or your child are struggling call on Archangel Metatron to help.

He is the first Archangel that ever came to me and that I heard speak to me out loud. His energy was calming and peaceful (yet strong and larger than life) and I felt no fear. Note that he was not really speaking to me out loud but that my clairaudience manifested it seemed that way. He announced himself to me as “I AM Metatron”.  Reading the Book of Enoch you will be able to understand the benefits gained by becoming a clear vessel and what it means to have favor with God (Buddha, Mohammed, etc) as well as understand what happens when you have fallen and/or have no light within you…when you are not able to go to God even in prayer and be heard. That is one of the things a healer can do for others. When they have worked hard on themselves and have favor they can ask for healing and help for others that no longer can do that for themselves.



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    • Did I give you the impression that I worship anything or anyone? Or have you read any of my teaching that imply that I suggest that anyone WORSHIP anything or anyone? First of all the person who wrote that needs to keep working because they are not done yet but just was beginning to grasp pieces of a whole. That often happens when their spiritual work is beginning to be effective and understanding and truths are starting to coming to the surface and out from their higher self. I am NOT a light worker although some who come here to read may identify themselves as such and that is okay because they are at the level they are at right now and we should not think ourselves so great or so much better than them that we down them for the level they are at. They will reach and attain a higher level WHEN it is their time and not within what time frame you or others might think best. There are lessons all along the way. Someone may be identifying with being a light worker because it is an experiences they are meant to have in this life time and out of it they will learn something and transcend it. If you were given the time and opportunity to do that within your own time frame should they not be given the same opportunity or did only some earn that right? All I can say to the author of that article and you is keep working and try to keep your eyes on your own paper (like teachers told you in school). The only way to advance is to keep the focus where it needs to be, within your own selves because there is nothing for you to learn in judging someone else…especially judging incorrectly.

      Also readers please note the article that was linked to, about a person no longer identifying themselves with being a light worker and their confused thoughts on light versus dark matters, does not relate to what I was passing on. You will see that if you read the article and are open and being guided by your higher self…your higher self will fill in any blanks you need to have filled in.

      I will be writing an article soon about how darkness uses people to get to and effect those who it can’t come at directly. 😉

      • Thank you for this explanation Sherry! I had come across the article linked above some weeks ago, and had many of the the same thoughts and impressions that you shared above! The darkness will take hold of anybody who allows it and who is unwilling to to look at and integrate their own dark aspects especially. The article has also come to mind when I am thanking God for my perseverant nature as this, among other traits I am grateful for, has served me well on this path in this life. Much love to you. You are a special being to be fully realized and as giving as you are. They do both go together don’t they!


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