Mediumship is when a person calling themselves a medium or a psychic
offers messages, communication, from spirit who in most cases at one
time were living but have passed on. Mediumship is the act of performing
such metaphysically abilities such as John Edward’s has performed.

is a form of a psychic ability. To say that someone is psychic does not
shed light on the specific abilities they have developed. To say a
person is a medium is to say that they are psychic and have developed
the mediumship ability.

Mediums are not just relugated to
communicating with spirit who use to be living as humans but also pets
as well. Technically mediums could bring forth communication from any
thing that was sentient which includes so many things and beings.

medium may also be a channeler at the same time, such as a trance
channeler who allows spirit to take over their body to communicate
through them. Although this is not considered to be the safest
metaphysical way to bring forward messages many exist today who are
trance channelers, as many also existed in the past.

Although many
are natural mediums, meaning they seemed to have a natural ability to
do mediumship work, most must spend much time working to fully develop
this ability which is often done by joining a mediumship circle where a
group of people get together once or more person and together learn and
practice mediumship. The reason this method of learning is effective is
because their combined energies and vibrations make reaching a high
enough vibrational state which is need much easier. There are also many
mediumship circles which met virtually over the internet and this type
of mediumship circle is also very effective for learning and practice.

and protection is very important and this is one of the first things
practicing mediums learn. Learning to ground and protect is a skill that
can not be skipped over when practicing any metaphysical act. Often
when within a mediumship circle, even if online, once everyone has
grounded and protected themselves they are all asked if anyone is
getting anything such as a spirit coming forward to them. It can seem
that some spirits are more attracted to some due to where their
vibrations are at and how intense their light is that is within them. It
is often lower level spirit that are coming forward so for someone who
has been working on spiritual advancement towards enlightenment they
will slow experience that eventually this contact from spirit on the
other side does not happen like it use to due to their vibrations being
at a much higher level than the vibrations of the lower level spirits
which are often coming forward. However these same people will
experience a new ease with communicating with upper level spirits such
as Angels and ascended masters which have a much higher vibration and
now closer to the person who has raised their vibrations due to their
spiritual work.

Famous Mediums

John Edward – Medium
Edward McGee, Jr. (born October 19, 1969), known professionally as John
Edward, is an American television personality and professional psychic
medium. He is best known for his TV shows Crossing Over with John Edward
and John Edward Cross Country.

Born in Glen Cove, New York,
Edward says he was convinced at a young age that he could become a
so-called psychic. After writing his first book on the subject in 1998,
Edward became a well-known and controversial figure in the United States
through his shows broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel beginning in July
2000 and We TV since May 2006.

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Lucy Hale – Medium
Hale worked as a medium for 40 years, well into her eighties. She lived
in Oxfordshire, England and served the Spiritualist Churches in her
area. Interesting is that she recalls that she was not aware of any
psychic abilities as a child, and had no interest in spiritualism, and
would have dismissed it if spoken to about it. She was considered very
down to earth ans easy to relate to.

At 25 years old she came into
contact with a woman who was a spiritualist and according to her
account this woman was very gifted, good looking and polite. When this
woman who was a stranger to her began to talk about spiritualism
although Hale was skeptical she was also a little intrigued regarding
spirit communication.
Due to her curiosity and intrigue she began
going to a spiritualist church with her new acquaintance, Win, and had
some extraordinary things happen on the first visit when as others were
seeing things, and she saw nothing, her arms began to rise. She put them
down and it happened again and yet again a third time. A medium came
over to her and told her to relax and let it happen and when she did her
arms rose again and brought her to her feet. She eventually resolved to
develop whatever abilities she had which turned out to be psychometry
and clairvoyance.

Growing up and most of her young adult life she
exhibited no psychic abilities and didn’t even believe in such things.
Her work was reserved just for the church and the circle and she never
accepted any money for what she did. She is proof that through diligence
and hard work anyone can develop their latent abilities and go on to do
great work for humanity.

Doris Stokes – Clairaudient Medium

Helen Duncan – Physical Medium

Daniel Dunglas Home – Physical Medium

Jose’ Arigo – Psychic Surgery streaming

Gerard Croiset – Psychometry Readerdownload movie Atomic Blonde 2017

Eusapia Palladino – Medium

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