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Some know of out of body experiences from their own personal (even accidental) experiences and some know about out of body experiences from what they have read in books and online. I think the subject of Out of Body to most is interesting and intriguing.

Having an out of body experience is when the astral body leaves the physical body. If you can’t seem to wrap your mind around what that means it is okay to think of it as that invisible spirit part of your separating and going on a little adventure. Your astral body is still connected to you, attached by what is called an etheric cord so you are not completely separated from yourself so you should not have any fear of not being able to find your way back.

Going out of body is not something you only do when consciously wanting to. Actually we go out of body usually when we are sleeping and it is quite natural to do so. You may just be learning about out of body (astral projection as it is also called) experiences but I assure you that you have done it many many times and unconsciously you are a pro at it. It is just that doing it on purpose and consciously while awake is a little difficult for most and also scarey sometimes.

Why go out of body? Many reasons! Sometimes you leave your body because something has happened to you like you feel unconscious because of a accident, coma or near death experience. Some purposely go out of body to work with their guides, the Ascended Masters or Angels especially when working on psychic development or when on a spiritual path and learning/gaining understanding. Yes, many do it simply because it is fun and excited to have the opportunity to leave the body and the limitation of it and explore. I have done it for many reasons including to help or check on a friend or to do healing work. I have also done it by asking Archangel Michael to come and get me out of my body after I fall asleep. How do I know he did? Because often they are quite anxious to be helpful and being trying to pull you out even before you have fallen asleep real good.

There are many books to choose from when it comes to reading about peoples OOB (Out of Body) experiences or learning to do it consciously. There are also many techniques for accomplishing this feat.

Practicing trying to d Out of Body helps increase intuition and psychic abilities in general. It is understandable do to the great amount of focused concentration it takes such as with practicing a Psi ability like telekinesis.

Some thing to keep in mind if you are trying to attempt this is that there are heavy and strong vibrations you will feel before being ready to leave the body. This is what often keeps people from being able to successfully accomplish getting out. You will feel your heart chakra spinning so fast you will swear you think you are having a heart attack but you are not and it is quite safe. If you can hold on through feeling these strong vibrations they will soon die down and then you will be ready to leave the body. Actually leaving even though you are ready is really hard for some. They are often ready but lay there like “Okay…let’s go! Hmmm, what do I do now to get out?” Learning to do a gentle rocking back and forth until you roll right out or pulling upward on an imaginary rope that hangs from the ceiling is what some try to accomplish this. You will have to try different things until you find what works for you.

While out of body it is your thoughts that get things done but at first it is not unusual to fall into the trap of trying to do things like you do normally in your physical body. Want to go to your friends house? Think of your friend and you will be there. Want to fly? Think of flying and you will take off. Anything is possible. Walking through walls? Yes, if you understand that it is possible.

It is not unusual for those practicing lucid dreaming to also practice out of body (from sleeping) at the same time. For some this is easier to accomplish.trailer film Spider-Man: Homecoming

I recommend reading Robert Monroe’s book “Journey’s Out of Body” http://users.telenet.be/sterf/texts/other/journeys_out_of_the_body-monroe.pdf

Here is a friend talking about his experience out of body:

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    • Thanks for the video kier. I expierenced thiis two nights in a row about a few years ago. I traveled to India I remember flying over houses and then up in clouds moving very fast. I thought I was dreaming but I was able to maneuver my body to turn left and right and lower it. It felt so freeing I was gliding. As I continued I noticed what appeared to be India.I flew over India for a little time then I came back home and I woke up extremely tired and thirsty. Then the next night I took the same trip back to India returned home again woke up tired and thirsty. I did not see my guardian but a psychic i
      medium in one of the groups I am in told me that Arch Angel Jophiel took me on a trip.


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