Spirit Guides Turning Out to be Demons?

The topic “Spirit Guides Turning Out to be Demons” is a title of a video a friend old me about. When he stated the title many things came to mind.

For those of you working on communicating with your spirit guides you must keep in mind that good discernment is needed. It is not unusual to hear someone say that they feel their spirit guides turned out to be something other than what they thought. I have known many people in the past that mistook lost discarnate spirits for guides.

Let me break in here to explain what I mean by discarnate spirits. They are those who have died but have not crossed over completely and so they are still grounded to earthly concerns. The HUMAN PERSONALITY after death but before crossing over and becoming one again with the light/God.

Those spirits gave them abilities that were amazing and powerful. They could do it all. They could go out of body, use all Clairs easily without practice, had no problem hearing and communicating with spirit, etc. But those abilities were not of God and were given to them from spirits that had other plans for them. Eventually those people ended up calling out for help saying they were being possessed. Great time for the bible thumping Christians to jump in and say their piece, right? Right! And often they do. No offense to those who consider themselves Christian but often this is where Christians usually jump in to call almost everything evil, demonic and of the occult. No everything outside of Christianity is not evil, it is just that discernment is needed whether we are talking about using psychic abilities or listening to our Christian Pastor. You need to develop good discernment so don’t jump to fast into fully communicating with spirit until you have spent sometime developing that discernment so you will know whether what is communicating with you is truly your spirit guide or…something else with its own agenda.

5 thoughts on “Spirit Guides Turning Out to be Demons?”

  1. I can’t say enough how much I love this!
    You are completely in point!
    There are deceivers everywhere especially in the spirit world.
    I have known this for quite some time with my own intuition but I definitely believe you have validated this for me.
    I have resisted communicating with spirit for this reason and am developing my own abilities through god and his archangels.

  2. How is discernment developed? I worked with a so called angel therapy healer who projected all her fears of demons onto all her clients and students. She conned so many people into paying for sessions they didn’t even need. She claimed that she was special and that God chose only her to use her perfect clairvoyance and ultra Clair’s. She claimed that she would always be better than everyone even if they studied for thirty years because God told her this. She even claimed that all her angels told her that everyone was demon infested. When Doreen virtue announced her lists of sinful activities and turned against the metaphysical community, this person also started attacking all healers and psychics. I had to get away from her. It wS hard seeing her ego get so out not control and her blaming everyone for everything and condemning . Still there are blind followers who she has defrauded and tricked into thousands of dollars to turn off their powers and give them to her. Discernment is such a precious gift. I always pray to God for it and to never judge others for their beliefs, culture, ethnicity or station in life. This so called person also condemned and shamed people into giving her more money and business. She called it Fueng shui and think positive to get rid of poverty.

  3. I think the best way to acquire discernment of the spirit is to spend time daily in God’s word. We can become so easily influenced by outside forces as much as inside forces that it creates confusion. This is what Satan/Lucifer wants. Whenever I am practicing Reiki or any form of energetic work, I first call upon the name of Jesus Christ to guide and protect me. I then only invite the Archangels and those that reside next to the throne of God to assist in my work and healing. I know that this is sufficient enough for the task and will not allow anything/anyone else that may mask as an angel of light/guide to come into my presence or the presence of those I am trying to help.


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