Synesthesia – What Colors Does That Song Make

I remember reading about Synesthesia some time ago. Basically that is what it is called when you have a crossed response. Such as hearing a song and seeing a certain color or colors. I have also heard about some people that see colors of speech like when someone is talking.

So, I read that only about 5% of people have Synesthesia. I don’t know what that percentage is based upon since we know there are so many people who are empaths and are unaware of it, so I am betting that percentage is a lot higher. Also I know from experience that this is a skill you can learn. So I am not sure that this is something only some have but instead is like psychic abilities in that it is something that not all have developed although they could if they wanted to.

I signed up at this really cool site called “Soul Pancake” and signed up for their newsletter. So in their most recent the first article was about Synesthesia. “COOL!” I thought. I love it when things like this make it out into more main stream sites and to a wider audience because for those who are empaths you know what it is like to get the “What is that?” from people who have never even heard the term…or watched Star Trek. lol.

Here’s the excerpt:

Sunday Is Yellow And Four Is Round

When you hear a song, do you see a particular color? Do certain scents evoke specific sounds? Do numbers and letters appear as colors? You may be experiencing synesthesia – the neurological condition of “crossed responses to stimuli.” While only 5% of the population experience it, synesthesia is becoming more and more recognized and valued, especially in the work place. Recent research suggests that synesthetes can now claim résumé value for their condition and add a rare element of creative thinking to the table that can make products better. Maybe you’re one of the 5% who has it—along with Pharrell Williams, Wassily Kandinsky, and Vladimir Nabokov.

Anyway, my point of writing about this is not so you will leave my site and pop ever there, although I understand the curiosity pull, but to explain that this is something you can develop. I do feel that purposely developing this ability can help with healing/energy work. For example, I think it helps kick into gear the ability to see and smell overages or deficits in people. If you don’t know what I am talking about, some people during hearing sessions realize they are picking up a certain smell or seeing a certain color in their minds eye to find out later that they are smelling an imbalance within the person. I think this type of ability comes in really handy for a healing and this also works even if you are doing healing at a distance. You may remember me telling the story of giving healing to someone’s puppy when every time I would start typing an email to the person I would smell fresh baked bread and later I found out it was because they were giving the puppy medicine for worms wrapped up in a piece of bread and it was making the puppy worse because they had self diagnosed the puppy instead of taking it to the vet. Unfortunately, even though the person immediately stopped giving the puppy the medicine it was too late to save the puppy, but I think you get my point of how helpful it would be to develop this movie Spider-Man: Homecoming

Keep in mind that even though they have given it a name (synesthesia) it is really a metaphysical ability and like I said an ability anyone can develop and I am proof of that.

So this evening, get your headphones and put on some classical music. Sit and relax with your eyes closed. You may have to do this a few times before anything happens but when it does and you start to see colors you will be amazed and a little bit in awe.

If you do try it please let me know about your experience after you give it a few tries. Of course also, try different types of music as well and remember that high vibration music will give you a better experience…I think.

2 thoughts on “Synesthesia – What Colors Does That Song Make”

  1. Hi Sherry,
    My name is Edith Feliciano and I did my 1 attunement of reiki with you online. In a video you have in you tube,
    Thanks for that opportunity. Now when you told me to close my eyes, I saw a circle..inside was purple and the outside border was yellow. I would like to know what it means. Thanks for your time…Be Blessed..
    —- with Love Edith

  2. I actually have Synesthesia and am a reiki practitioner. Yes, developing reiki skills will open you up to some heightened sensations, but it’s important to be clear it’s not the same as the experiences those of us who were born with this neurological cross-wiring experience as innate Synesthetes.

    What you are describing is heightened awareness and a wonderful experience, but it’s not suddenly the appearance of a new neurological condition as truly having Synesthesia is.

    There has a been a lot of scientific research done lately in this condition, so I recommend doing some further research in this fascinating subject.

    And also to enjoy what you are experiencing with your reiki and meditation.




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