Third Eye Activation and Opening

third eye activationThe Third Eye is a topic I am asked about so many times. I realized that there are so many of you that have an interest in knowing the answer to that question and I have no problem sharing the answer. Of course, for those that know me, you know I never have a problem sharing what I know, but this question causes me to hesitate often when I am asked it. Why? Simple, I don’t want any of you to hurt yourselves and also I know some of you won’t like my answer because my answers often lead to work needing to be done on your part. Time that you must put in. Real work that must be done. If you are willing to do the little bit of work then you can reap the benefits like I have and I do want you to be able to reap the benefits.

Before I tell you the answer please allow me to take a trip back into my past and share with you my experience that in itself will answer some questions for you.

There was a time when my son was two years old that I started having a lot of empathic experiences that had me questioning, yet again, whether I was an empath. The experiences at times were so bad that I just had to know if there was more to me than what I had previously thought. I had already been reading a book about the Law of Attractions and that knowledge was changing my life permanently for the better. That book led me to looking up ways to raise my vibrations which led me to Reiki. I had previously never heard of Reiki or any such thing. Reiki led me to knowledge and information about the chakras and meditation as I read the Reiki Manual. Before you knew it I was coming closer to the answer I had been looking for, or rather a way to get that answer of what more was there to me than I had previously thought there was. That all led me to realizing, some how and I think intuitively, that the answer may lie in the third eye. I easily found an exercise to open the third eye. I followed it exactly as the directions instructed. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little worried because I was already having many spirit experiences that were freaking me out, such as sudden knocks on the windows, feeling some invisible hand rub my head from almost the forehead to the back of my head, and more. I was already working on learning to meditate and learning that the root chakra controled fear. Clearing the root chakra, I believe, alleviated a lot of my fear and allowed me to make it through all the experiences I had without having a major heart attacked out of fear. I still flip flopped back and forth on whether I was okay with seeing spirits however. Eventually I realized it was not up to me so much as it was up to spirit whether they would show themselves or how they would manifest to me as well as my own abilities that would dictate that. I’m speaking of spirits such as Angels and Ascended Masters. So much to learn, so much information and often seeming contradictory, which I would eventually get use to the way true knowledge was that way.

To make a long story a little bit shorter, I did the third eye exercises just as instructed followed by 27 more day of meditation and chakra work on the seven major chakras…daily. When I did the chakra work I would always use sound. ALWAYS. That’s an important piece of the puzzle so if you are taking notes write that down. So, that was 3 days of the third eye exercise and 27 days of chakra work on the seven major chakras (always working from foot to crown) for a total of 30 days. I kid you not, on the 30th day my empathy fully awoke. When I say fully awoke, keep in mind I had always been empathic and manifesting empathy here and there but never 100% since I had been a child. Well, on the 30 day it was 100% open. It was an experience I will never forget. I could feel any one and everyone within a certain distance around me so easily. Also, as people would talk about others, such as sick relatives and friends I would connect without effort to them and feel them no matter where they were in the world. I won’t say it was awesome, it was something however. Something to adjust to. Something that could have kept me in the house not wanting to experience pain, sadness, others drug use, etc. I did not let it make me back up in fear. I took the good with the bad and hung in there with it. It was not easy but it was for a reason. Everything is stepping stones and if you ever think “I have arrive and I am done because I have found what I am looking for!” then you have in fact LOST because everything is a stepping stone leading to the next thing.

So the answer to the question about activating or opening the third eye is simple. No an attunement will not do that for you no matter what attunement it is. An attunement can expand your abilities but not open them initially. You need to do the work of opening up. Chakra work and meditation is the key along with using sound. Once you have opened up successfully NOTHING will happen. You won’t suddenly just be a psychic reader. No that takes practice. So opening up is just the first step and daily practice and exercise of the abilities that may r may not be manifesting or manifesting strongly is the next step before what you are seeking is realized.

Note: Don’t forget that you need to learn grounding and protection!

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  1. HI Sherry.thanks for your beautiful article.i wanted to ask what are best practices for balancing&enhancing chakras.Would you mind sharing it please?actually I’m not hard working type but doing it worth it;so maybe it can change me a little…
    Many thanks and God bless you Sherry.

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