Shamballa Reiki Certificate Templates with Fonts


Be ready to customize and give your clients a beautiful Shamballa Reiki certificate quickly and easily. Included in the package are ready to edit, print (or convert to PDF) and use certificates as well as the signature font.


The Shamballa Reiki Certificate Template is very affordable at $2.00. It is affordable for those Masters just starting out and building their business. Be ready to customize and give your clients this beautiful Shamballa Reiki certificate either in print or PDF.

The custom certificate can be opened (they are Word format .docx) and the details typed in before printing these beautiful certificates for your clients or converting to PDF format to email to them. Also included is the signature font that is used for the Certified Reiki Master signature line.

Note: these certificates were designed using a Windows based computer using a recent version of Word. I can’t guarantee that these certificates will be able to be edited in other devices such as tablets and phones. You will receive an email confirmation that includes the links immediately upon ordering. If you don’t see the email be sure to check your spam folder.