Deep Energy Clearing (NOT BY PHONE)


IMPORTANT: If you only order ONE quantity of this service, type in ONLY one FULL NAME below. If you order multiple quantities, type in a FULL NAME for each quantity you have ordered. Doing this wrong will delay your clearing being done.


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Why Get a Deep Individual Clearing From Sherry Andrea?

I have spent many years advancing myself spiritually and reaching enlightenment. I gained many benefits from making the sacrifice of time doing so such as gaining the ability to harness and manipulate energy and manifest based on what I put my thoughts on. I have used my spiritual abilities to help people in many ways such as helping loved ones when they are close to transitioning from this life, with healing and recovery, helping people who are working on spiritually advancing, helping people manifest the things they want in life (if there is not a lesson they are suppose to learn that is blocking that from being possible), clearing/stopping spiritual/psychic attacks, etc. Here is what someone had to say about the energy work they received from me:

“Thank you….. That is awesome because I awoke without grabbing hold of things to walk and then I noticed when leaving out for work that I wasn’t going one step at a time like an old lady. I told my husband, “look I don’t feel a pinch.” The beautiful part is that I didn’t get this message (about you sending healing) until this morning and didn’t know but yet I felt the effects. Thank you…..awesome! I am so happy, you can’t understand, I hadn’t felt that good in a long time even with pain killers.” S.W.

The Deep Individual Clearing consists of your chakras being cleared and balanced, your aura being cleared, connections being severed/cleared, you being grounded and then the protection of the Angels and Ascended Masters being put to surround you in a specific and highly effective technique I use that is very powerful. The Angels and Ascended Masters that are used to surround you are as I am guided to do by my higher self. You are also filled with high vibrating powerful energy that will continue to clear you and raise your vibrations. I have not given you all the details of the techniques I use since we would like to keep that a little quiet so the any forces that conspire against you and your advancement are not aware of my methods and therefore can’t get around them.

Clearings do start immediately. How? The first thing that happens is that when you order the service my higher self immediately begins the clearing of your chakras and aura. If you are a Reiki Pratitioner or Energy Worker, yes, it is possible for you too to do something similar and I will be creating a course to teach you this soon. Next thing that happens is I personally work on your clearing and some of the things that I will do includes the following:

  • All Major and Minor Chakras cleared and balanced
  • Grounding
  • Violet Flame put around you to help clear karma
  • Severing of attachments
  • Removal of attachments and energy that was reading to be cleared both from this lifetime and past lifetimes
  • Aura Clearing and healing
  • Your space/home cleared of both negative energy and any spirits or entities
  • Protection placed around your home using Black Tourmaline

Note that sometimes I am guided to do more than one session on you.

Why is the Clearing so Inexpensive?

A person never needs a reason to be kind or helpful. Your time would be better spent asking people who charge a lot why they do so. If you are thinking that maybe a service that is inexpensive is less effective than one that is expensive, that is something that you believe within yourself that has no bearing on what the truth actually is. Could it be that the person that is charging a lot is not very spiritually advanced (including hasn’t done a lot of work with self realization) and is still being led by their negative ego? hmmm.

After Ordering The Clearing

I will contact you via email to let you know I received your order and to tell you when I will begin doing the work which is either same day or next morning depending on when I receive your order. There is nothing to do on your part unless I email you afterwards to tell you there is. What I mean is if I get anything while doing your clearing that you need to do or pay attention to.

Deep Individual Clearing – $25.00 per individual/clearing


  • There are no refunds for energy clearings, attunements, or certificates. Because I spend so much time doing energy work I try to keep my head as clear a possible and I do limit conversation including email communication. So if you don’t hear from me the same day do not panic or worry because usually I have already read your email but have just nor responded yet.
  • This clearing is not meant to be a substitute for proper medical diagnosis, treatment or care from your GP/Medical Practitioner. You should not stop any treatment you are receiving from a medical professional. You should also not stop taking any medications unless you receive approval to do so from your doctor.
  • I do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medication or interfere with a medical professional’s treatment. If you are currently taking prescribed medication, do not stop taking it without your doctor’s advice.
  • If you have any concerns regarding your medical condition please speak with your doctor or other licensed medical professional first.
  • I do not accept responsibility if you choose to treat yourself using any alternative method of healing I or another offer.
  • I accept no responsibility for any loss or damages caused as a direct or indirect result of the use or misuse of any information contained on this website, through my healings or attunements I offer.