Clairaudience? Maybe you already have what you seek!

I spent months pondering how to develop my clairaudience, meditating on all the minor and major chakra”s associated with clairaudience, chanting mantra and using mudra’s, etc. I tried ear plugs, listening to radio static, and of course asked guides and Angel”s to help adjust my hearing and frequency. Some of you who may be giggling and┬áthinking of all the time I’ve wasted are probably asking “So, how’d that work out for ya?”

Well, first of all there have been stages. First I just wanted to be able to hear my guides (clairaudience in my head as thoughts) and that went fairly well. Although hard to discern at first between my own thoughts and theirs I quickly learned through meditation that if I could easily quiet my mind I would be able to hear them clearly. Then I learned that I was hearing a lot but was missing it because I was taking for granted things that I was use to hearing. Thoughts that would pop into my head, humorous thoughts pondered while sitting on the toilet, songs that would suddenly come to mind, etc. All these things (well many) were my guides communicating with me.

The problem was that I was under the impression, probably from watching to many movies, that hearing spirits was going to be something very mysterious accompanied by a misty fog that would fill the air. lol. Once I told myself to let go of how I thought things would be it got a heck of a lot easier.

Go forward with no preconceived notions and develop the truth of things as you go along. What others may experience and how they may experience them may not end up being the way you experience them. If someone says a particular cloud formation looks like a duck but you look up and see a puppy, do you think one of you HAS TO BE wrong? No you would both be right. Your perception is one thing and others perception will be different and that is completely fine because you both end up with a wonderfully beautiful experience that is right for each of you individually.

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  1. This is so true. I learned I was clairvoyant and clairaudiant. I would get pictures and hear in my head what they meant. Because of you ive gotten much better at learning my psychic abilities. I know what I hear is exactly what I heard. Its not random. So we must listen to those thoughts and that little voice because sometimes our ego tends to be louder telling us its our imagination.


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