Intuition Will Grow as You Practice Reiki

I can’t help but notice how many people asked about attunement because they want to become psychic. I admit I often roll my eyes when I get someone contacting me for this reason. I’m not trying to be mean but really if it was that simple a lot of those who have opened/awakened their psychic abilities would have taken that route because it definitely would have been easier.

I have always been an empath. Since I can remember, around the age of 5, my empathy was always working. It went pretty much dormant for a while as far as it manifesting in an obvious and easy to recognize way during most of my adult life but even with something like that which I was naturally born with getting attuned to Reiki did not bring it to the surface more. My empathy pretty much did not budge at all from where it was at just because I was attuned to Reiki. It was not until I purposely began meditation and working on the chakras in meditation that something began to open up when it came to my abilities. And I must note that it took 30 days of tenaciously doing chakra work everyday that achieved that. There is no easy route to take when it comes to opening up abilities. Although it is a benefit becoming attuned to Reiki as far as becoming psychic…you are just wasting time trying to go a route that in the end will not work for that purpose.

This article is obviously about using intuition and Reiki together. Yes! Reiki does help clear you. It gets things started even though you are the one that needs to continue with continutally clearing yourself and working on yourself. The more you actually use Reiki, attuning and healing people, the more you will notice your abilities such a intuition being used as spirit and/or your higher self tries to guide you while you are helping people. For example, when I do attunements I take time to visualize the person, or the figure in my minds eye that represents them, and what happens most times is that I do see things. Once I was working on an attunement and taking the time to visualize and focus on them and all of a sudden (with my eyes closed) my whole field of vision went red. When I emailed them to let them know the attunement had begun I asked them if they had recently been having some problems with controlling their emotions and they emailed me back saying that in fact they had. Some times intuitively I am guided to look to a certain area on them such as a certain chakra. I go where I am guided to go even during an attunement.  The more you practice the more you develop this ability. You don’t have to separately work on becoming psychic because your ablilities will grow over time while practicing Reiki if you are open to it. It will happen even easier and faster if you are routinely practicing meditation and chakra work.

Intuition and ReikiIn order for your intuition to grow in this way you do need to take time and focus on the person in your minds eye. Without this type of intent focus your energy work will not be as strong and effective. Doing energy work is manifesting a change within someone such as with the law of attraction. The same things that make you more effect when it comes to the law of attraction also makes you more effective as a healing and when doing attunements because it is still manifestation that you are doing.

Make sure you are meditating every day at least 10 minutes. Passive meditation is best where you are thinking of nothing and do try to get to the deepest level as possible in meditation where you lose sense of your body (and don’t feel it any more). If you are meditating and there is a lot going on in your meditation or you are steadily visualizing this and that, then you are not doing passive meditation and in fact those type of meditations you can do for 30 years and not get much benefit from them. Passive meditation is needed at least once per day. Learn the basics of the chakras and start by using a guided chakra clearing video from Youtube until you can perform it on your own.

Hopefully this will help you move forward and get to where you really want to go.

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  1. That was a good advice for a guy like me, …who uses chanting as a tool to silence the mind…but rarely i feel thoughless. I will try to do the passive meditation of not thinking, visualise anything from no onwards.
    One of the site that tells this is

    Thanks and regards.

  2. Hello I don’t know if u remember me, but u helped me out a lot. I am under psychic attack indeed and help save my life. I will be donating to you soon. I tried at the time but they have hacked into my electronics.

    • Selena,

      I know we already communicated via email but it was for a different request. As far as psychic attack, I don’t provide this service. I would recommend you search for a Shaman online. They usually do provide help of this nature.


      • Thanks, I have read plenty of books. Like you said I had the control.
        Even though people are still following me, I think its because I have to eliminate people out of my life, people that I dont want to let go, but have to now that Im seeing a pattern.

  3. Thank you so very much for sharing this information. I have used energy since I was very little just didn’t really know it and for someone trying to figure all of this out on my own your information is very clear and helpful I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart


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