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You can now create a certificate which you can download immediately. That’s right…no waiting! For a limited time while we work out any kinks all certificates are $1.25 and then they will go up to $2.50. Feel free to comment below and give me feedback on the pricing. This is perfect if you are a Reiki Teacher and want to quickly create and download a certificate for one of your students. Want to see what it looks like? You will be shown a PROOF before paying via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card. Start by selecting the certificate you want to create and then scroll down and click “Select” button.

I want to create...

13 Ascended Masters Certificate
13 Crystal Skulls Certificate
20 Angel Essences Certificate
Above the Radar Reiki Certificate
Abundantia Abundance Ray Certificate
Agape Reiki Certificate
Ahara Reiki Certificate
Ajna Lense Certificate
Aka Dua Initiation Certificate
Akashic Angels: Book of Answers Reiki Certificate
Alchemy Reiki Certificate
Alien Aura Devices Reiki Certificate
Allowing Abundance Certificate
Ama Deus Shamanic Reiki Certificate
Amulets of Kemet Reiki Certificate
Angel Contact Certificate
Angel Reiki Certificate
Angelic Amber Essence Energy Certificate
Angelic Amethyst Essence Energy Certificate
Angelic Aqua Aura Essence Energy Certificate
Angelic Cellular Healing Certificate
Angelic Citrine Essence Energy Certificate
Angelic Moonstone Essence Energy Certificate
Angelic Turquoise Essence Energy Certificate
Animal Empowerment Certificate
Antidepression Reiki Certificate
Aquamarine Dolphin Ray Certificate
Atlantean Dolphin Ray Certificate
Balance Out Empowerment Certificate
Breath of Life Certificate
Buddha’s Bliss Certificate
Butterfly Empowerment Certificate
Celestial Reiki Certificate
Chakra Flush Empowerment Certificate
Chinese Dragon Empowerment Certificate
Clearing 7 Karma Removal Certificate
Color of Angels Certificate
Dental Shakti System Certificate
Diamond Dolphin Certificate
DNA Reiki Healing Certificate
Dolphin Seichim Certificate
Dolphin White Wave Certificate
Elven Shamanic Healing Certificate
Ethereal Crystal Therapy Certificate
Eye of Horus Activation Certificate
Fairy Realms Reiki Certificate
Fusion Reiki Certificate
Gaja Elephant Reiki Certificate
Gates of Ra Empowerment Certificate
Gold Ray of Raphael Certificate
Guardian Angel Reiki Certificate
Ho'omana Huna Certificate
Imara Reiki Certificate
Indigo Light Empowerment Certificate
Karmic and Auric Reiki Certificate
Knights of the Holy Grail Certificate
Kundalini Reiki Certificate
Lavender Flame of Quan Yin Certificate
Lavender Reiki Certificate
Light of Angels Reiki Certificate
Lighten the load Reiki Certificate
Mahatma Ascension Reiki Certificate
Medicine Buddha Reiki Certificate
Metatron Initiations Certificate
Order of Lightworkers Certificate
Pink Sapphire of Archangel Chamuel Certificate
Reiki Psychic System Certificate
Seven Pearls of Reiki Certificates
Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Certificate
Spiritual Transmission Certificate
Starseed Transmission Activation Reiki Certificate
Tiger Reiki Certificate
Usui Reiki Certificate
Violet Flame Reiki Certificate
White Sapphire of Archangel Gabriel Certificate
White Tara Reiki Certificate
Whole Self Certificate
Zone Reiki Certificate

4 thoughts on “Select Your Certificate

  1. It will not work on my cell phone.

    I tried on my computer and it will not let me put my name in the way I want it. Not enough space and I don’t want my name in capital letters. I want it Victoria (Atella SherAn) Elledge. I have a number of them I would like to get at this price.

    Hope this helps and how can I get the certificates?

  2. I have a number of lisences and diplomas since 1998 being in the field of Astrology, Tarot Master Certified, Psychic and Healer and Medium, and Spiritual Minister, and Feng Shui Millionairare Club. I would love to start Chakra clearing balance classes . I have a lot of Souls as you can say that are lost, and what me to help them. I also do gem stone healing since I was I child. I also received My Notary Public lisence this up coming year, and am moving towards other areas as for starting my own business in Inventions. I am a writer for Transits, and produced 2 Manuscripts in the field already, trying to get published my novels and designed my own Tarot Cards, and sayings are totally not like Rider Waite. They are fun cards,but also resonsable but not with the sayings of Rider Waite, Its my own version, and my own sayings. Its to help people realize there is more to life then get answers from a deck of cards. I cannot get into this cause of my ideas have all been stolen in the past. I have envious , haters, and Very jealous people around me now. The Reiki Classes also sound beneficial also to me. I go by the name of Echo, it was my divine name given to me in 1990. There is someone going by this name, I saw yesterday, but using Capital and non Caps with varisious words before and after my name. My name is Echo Thanks

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