Site Update

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your patience with me.
Since I lost all my sites that were on Godaddy I am hosting the domains
on Blogger. I used Blogger years ago and liked it ease of use and
thought it would be a good option to lower the cost of the sites. I am
pretty good when it comes to Web Design since I know HTML as well as
bits and pieces of other languages (ASP, PHP, etc) but I am dealing with
a little bit of a learning curve still. I did about 6 hours worth of
work on the site template today and realized I messed it up some how and
don’t know how to fix it…so back to square one again. Don’t you just
love it when you find yourself starting over at square one…several
times! lol.

I am keeping the site live while working on
it in case anyone pops over and wants to download Reiki manuals. So if
you pop over and it looks like and insane person has been messing with
the site…that would be me. Just keep checking back because I think I
am working fairly quickly.

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