Asking For Signs

This is something that I really haven’t addressed as of yet. Asking for signs. Many times I have asked for signs from God. He never disappoints and the signs always come and totally amaze me. This post is meant to get you thinking and maybe help give you some ideas of how you can let God and your helpers (spirit guides, Archangels, Guardian Angels, etc.) play a more active role in your life. Of course always required is an open mind and full Power Rangers film

A couple weeks ago I asked God for help with controlling my emotions by giving me a what would be like a tap on the shoulder meant to say “Hey, you need to chill.” To make a long story short….although I have come a long way when it comes to my personal development and making mental, emotional and physical changes in my life, of course I am not perfect. I have a just turned 5 year old that sometimes pushes me to the very edge. I of course want to be one of those people who sends out almost nothing but positive energy and vibes but alas the 5 year old breaks me at times. lol. How do I let myself get sucked into yelling matches with a 5 year old? lol. It takes a lot to push me over the edge so it doesn’t happen very often but when it does it is something that bothers me. It bothers me because tomorrow
isn’t promised and if I am not her tomorrow and want that last day to be one where no matter how I was treated by anyone I gave unconditional love.

So I asked God for help. I asked him if he could remind me when I am getting close to the edge and need to pull back. I gave examples of what I was talking about. Flashing lights, sounds, and turning certain things on and off (my printer is often turned on and off and I have known people who’s computers have been turned on and off, browser windows opening by themselves and onto specific websites, etc.) to mention a few ideas. Well that convo with God was a couple of weeks ago and I had almost forgetten about it. On Friday my best friend that I haven’t really talk to in a couple months came over and we spent a few hours catching up. I admit we were gossiping which is a no-no (I feel
that because sometimes it’s negative) when all of a sudden the lights flashed. Yes, could have been a power surge but I have gotten those often and it is usually quick on and off of power. This was very different. This was like a slow-motion flash. The lights did not go off all the way. They pretty much dimmed to almost darkness and kind hung in
the state for a moment. I could tell it freaked my friend out a little.

Then today…I was arguing with my 5 year old (I know I always say 4 yr old but he had a birthday on the 6th of March and he thinks that is some magical age where suddenly he has become a grown man that can call the shots and now willingly eats veggies. Yes he set the age of 5 to be the age where he eats all vegetables lol.) So I was saying something negative about his grand-parents, my parents, who are very controlling in every way. I was very frustrated and being very vocal about it. I was in his room at the time and neither of us was standing by the door and suddenly this decoration that I have hanging on the out side of his door swung back and forth widely three times. We both stopped talking (yelling) ¬†abruptly and looked at the door. My sons says to me, you did that cause I didn’t do it. I was further away from the door than he was and immediately knew what was going on. I took the cue and shut up with
my negative whining about my parents.

Other times when I have asked for a sign of something I have gotten various things. I am an air sign and get many signs that way. The first time a hawk. Two cardinals chirping wildly got my attention and got me outside. Once outside I swear they just looked at me as they sat then quietly and then I saw it. I had never seen a hawk that up close before. Of course it was a mouth hanging open speechless moment. Over the next few months me, that hawk and the male and female cardinal got more familiar with each other. At one point I momentarily doubted myself. I had one of those moments where I thought maybe I am crazy or just imagining things. So I stepped on the back porch and asked God if I could have a visit from the hawk. Damned if the hawk didn’t come within minutes. So I never of course doubted the signs again.Free Fire 2017 movie

Another way I ask for help is during the night. I ask for help being waken and knowing when my son needs me. The
most memorable was when I got a vision of his bed empty in the middle of the night after my dog started barking. I raced to his room and opened the door and the first thing I saw was an empty bed and of course my heart stopped. Then I looked down and there he was…asleep on the floor.

Ask for help with things in your everyday life…and know that help will come.

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