Digesting Energies – There is Energy Between the Words Spoken

I want to share with you something I came across. Many times I have spent weeks or months coaching/teaching someone when they say to me “One day I want to get a reading from you.” I often respond by saying “Please tell me you have been listening the past few weeks/months.” But there is also more than just the words I say or that anyone says. There is energy behind words. Sometimes I can say something and know I just totally said it in a messed up confusing way but often the person totally gets it. Why? Because it was not just the words they were listening to but they were also picking up on the energy that is even more powerful than the words. We can meditate together or just sit and have coffee together and things will come to you even though we are both being silent. It actually happens many times when someone visits me and we are just sitting there in silence. Some times they suddenly jump up and are over come with a great idea. Often they are not conscious of this transmission of energy and what it contains. This excerpt came from http://www.energyenhancement.org/EnlightenmentTalkonEnergyMeditation.htm

And the Buddha taught everyday for forty years, traveling around the north of India, from town to town where he was invited, giving talks, provoking arguments, discussions and many times they tried to poison him.

Great jealousies, great energies were released by what he did.

On one particular day, he came out as usual and sat beneath the Bodhi tree, thousands of monks around him and he just sat.

For one hour he said nothing and he had this little flower, the white flower in his lap that he was just looking at. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

And after that one-hour, one of the monks moved and he started to laugh. And the Buddha stood up and he walked through the thousands of monks to the one monk who had been laughing and his name is recorded as being Mahakashyapa and he gave that flower to Mahakashyapa and he said, “You have understood”.

And he gave him the transmission of the flower. And he said to him, “Many people come here to hear my words but it is not the words you are meant to hear. It is the energy between the words, which I transmit; not the intellectual knowledge of what I am saying. There is actually energy between the words that you are meant to hear.”

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