Does Karma Get Some but Skip Others?

The topic of karma! I hope you haven’t gotten tired of me speaking about karma yet. It must seem at times like every where it is being thrown in your face even if the “K” word isn’t being used. However I think the question of “Does karma get some and skip others?” is important especially if you are suffering financially and you see your neighbors, who by your definition are bad people, thriving at every turn. Sometimes that view over the fence into the neighbors yard can have you screaming to God “But why!!!!!!!!!” Been there! It’s okay for you to laugh (and cry a little) because I know many of you can relate.

The short answer is NO absolutely NOT! Karma doesn’t ever skip over a person. The thing about the Universe and how it works is that it is the one thing you can always count on to work the same way. It does an accounting. Nothing is ever missed. The universe is never sleeping on the job and all is seen, heard and felt even when you miss it like when someone does something behind your back that you never know about or find out about.

So why would someone wonder if Karma skips people sometimes? Because it can sometimes look that way. We don’t always get an opportunity to see a person karma play out and sometimes we do and don’t put two and two together. Karma is very crafty the way it works and if it was easy to understand people would not be writing about it and trying to explain it all the time.


Karma – Always on Duty

To explain I will use the explain of SPEECH AS A RECORD PLAYING. There are things you have said in previous lifetimes or early on in this one. It may have been something hurtful you said even if you didn’t mean to be hurtful. It created karma for you. That karma from your hurtful speech will come back to you and slap you in the face. It will be said back to you but here is the tricky part. It is all in the “WHEN”. When will it play out? Maybe this lifetime. Maybe the next. The thing with karma is that to live a better life full of lots of miracles all the time you need to lessen your karma. Hard to do if you don’t let the karma drop when it is played back to you. So lets say someone says something foul to you tomorrow and you don’t respond or you respond in acceptance such as saying back to them “Yes, you are right and I am working on that.” Then the karma will drop. You debt is now paid and it will be taken off the books. But lets say instead you argue back with them. You say “Well you know what YOU’RE problem is…” Uh oh! Not good. Not only did you not let your karma drop but now it will increase. Your backpack was already heavy and now you just added another heavy rock to it.

When does karma play out? Karma plays out when an opportunity presents itself. Sometimes it has even played out for me when it is out of context where someone has seemed to totally go off topic. That speech as a record playing will have it day one way or the other and maybe simply because an argument is already happening that is very negative and so it is the perfect time to just throw another negative word on the Okja 2017 trailer

So no, karma doesn’t skip a person. It is just that when and how it plays out and in what lifetime is very complex.


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