Ego – How Can It Be Helpful?

I was thinking this morning and before I started smelling burning rubber something came to me. Ego is always thought of as something bad that should be always controlled. That maybe be true but when someone responds or speaks with ego is that a sign of something that we should be paying attention to?

If you hear me boasting one day that I helped out a friend and gave them a considerable amount of money to help them out of a jam and I seemed to really go on and on about myself and how I was able to do that you might be thinking “Oh, well she shouldn’t be bragging about it because that is her letting her ego come out to the forefront.” But there is another way to think about it. Could my ego stepping out like that be a sign that I am in need of something? Some kind words maybe? A simple thank you from someone?

It is true that we shouldn’t give and need something in return for it. However, everyone needs reassurance at times and to feel they are appreciated. Gratitude and appreciation are very important to express. But often it is expressed silently and not direct. I mean not directly to the person or people.

The Law of Attraction teaches that before you can expect good things to come that you need to express gratitude for the things you have and those things you are waiting to come to you as though you already have them. Gratitude is very powerful as anyone who practices the law of attraction knows. live streaming movie Baywatch 2017 online

Could the ego people show be a sign and give you an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to someone? Could the ego be expressing what the person is in need of. And if the person was getting all their ego needs fulfilled then there would be less reason and less moments when their ego feels the need to come out and show itself in a negative way.

And related to empath’s…wow! Imagine that an empath would have the ability to always know when someone was in need of something that would help the other person keep their ego in check. What am I saying then? I am saying that as an empath when you feel certain emotions from people that is an excellent opportunity for you to put your empathy to work in a great way. Feeling someones jealousy? Take the time to tell them how nice you think they are and other compliments specific to them. Feeling that someone thinks they are better than everyone? Give them a compliment that you are impressed with them and what they do. Use that empathy to not only feel what people need but to give them that boost that will help them put their ego back and check and make the world and even nicer place.

Okay…I don’t smell burning rubber any more so I think that is all I have to say. lol. Please feel free to post a comment and give your opinions…especially those of you with more expertise with the subject of ego.

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