In Reality My Body is NOT my own body

Being born and living here on earth and in an earthly body we automatically accept many things. I accept that I am me or the concept of what I think I am. I accept that I have a son. I accept that I have parents, aunts, uncles, cousins…ex boyfriends. I accept many things because I live in this society that has set the pace of what I should believe and what I should go along with.

On a spiritual path we begin to transcend the things we believe. It is like we begin separating what we went along with without question from what we state learning is actual truth. It is a slow long process we go through, many of us stubbornly so.

In truth, in reality, I am not this body I spent most of my life identifying with. In truth it is just a role I am playing. I have been, like an actor, given the role of “Sherry” to play in this lifetime. A wonderful role with limited pay. Joking! It is a role but not who I actually am. I exist regardless of this body and this earth. This body is not my own. It is borrowed you could say. When I am done playing the role I will turn this body back into the wardrobe department and move movie War for the Planet of the Apes

What I have said so far may not have been hard for you to accept…but wait…there’s more. What I have said goes not only for me but also for others such as my son. If my son is not in reality the role he is playing for me in this lifetime, that means he is in reality not really my son. In past lifetimes we may have played different roles for each other. Maybe we were best friends, father/daughter, daughter/mother, aunt/niece, etc. So who is he really to me? In THIS lifetime he is my son but in reality he is not my son or any of the others that I previously mentioned. In reality whatever we are we are the same.  If you take two slices of pie what do you call them, what relation do they have to each other? They came from the same whole pie. Would you call they brother and sister? Does the whole pie form an attachment to the slices so that when a slices is taken it can’t get over it, can’t let go and is forever effected? Okay, so I am exaggerating a little bit but you probably get my point.

I don’t not expect you to buy into any of this. Well, so of you may be ready to accept all this as truth you can get into but some of you may not be ready to and may be even angered by what I have said and what more I will say about the matter. That’s okay, when it is your time to understand and get on board with certain truths you will and until the time you will continue working and coming in this direction.

When you lose a child it is one of the most difficult heart breaking things to go through. Acceptance of it is unfathomable, right? From where you sit there may be a refusing of what I have said because it is almost like me saying you have to be in acceptance of that loss and on board with it. Can’t imagine right? If you achieve enlightenment tomorrow and all the changes within that goes along with that can you imagine what you will feel and what would go through your mind when it comes to this subject? Right now you might tell me that kicking and screaming you would refused to be in acceptance of any of this, but that is you thinking at the level you are at right now.

I can tell you were I am at I would feel the loss even though I understand the truth of what the reality is. I would understand but still wish that he could still be here with me even though I know he still would exist and even occupy the same space just on another dimension. I would cry and I am sure it would take me time to process the loss. So I am not saying that where I am at now it would be that much easier for me, but because of where I am right now I am more able to deal with something so hard. I do not want to be a person/teacher that has you thinking everything is so easy for me.  I want you to see me, my strengths as well as my weaknesses, because there is much to learn from the experiences we all go through.

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