Mother Mary – How is she the Mother of God

Mother MaryThe meaning of “Mother of God”

Mother Mary explained her calling as the Mother of God:

I AM a cosmic mother, and as much your mother as I am the mother of beloved Jesus. Some who are adherents of the Christian faith call me the Mother of God. To those of the protesting branch of orthodox Christianity this seems a sacrilege; for men may well ask, “Who is worthy to be the Mother of God?”
But this concept, when understood to mean the mother of the embodiment of the Divine Spirit, reveals the glorious truth that every mother who understands that which was spoken—“and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us”[2]—may be the Mother of God.[3]

To mother means to give birth to, to give rise to, to care for, and to protect. Therefore, to be the mother of God is to give birth to, to give rise to, to care for, and to protect His Flame on earth. To mother the Flame of Spirit in the plane of Matter is the calling of the Feminine Ray in both man and woman.

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