Wanting Answers About Your Path and Purpose

I would say that questions about a persons path and purpose is something I get very often. In the beginning you may feel that for a while you always have more questions than answers and before you get a decent amount of those questions answered, you have more added to the list. Well actually most are getting the answer but it either they feel it doesn’t tell them what they should do or they don’t like the answer because it doesn’t feel right to them.

Would you recognize the answer if it came?

Many would say yes but I say often the answer to that is no. Sometimes the answer is not as complex as you think it would be. Sometimes you have an expectation of the answer and what is needed and the real answer doesn’t match up.

Recently someone asked me about DNA Activation. That is a good question but boy do I wish people would stop promoting the service of giving DNA Activation’s because this is not something you can guarantee you can do for someone. It just simply doesn’t work the way many think it does. For someone to offer DNA Activation’s in a guaranteed way then that means they believe it is all a matter of you deciding you want something and you can get it…that simple and cut and dry. Nope! Just because you want something doesn’t mean you are at a level where you are ready to get it. Also DNA Activation is not something you have to worry about because with the proper amount of spiritual work and advancement…well don’t you think the way you were created and the way you work is better than a smart phone? It will happen when it is time and can’t be forced. DNA Activation’s (there are 12 layers to be activated and they all do something different) happen when you are ready just by your intent. Yup, it is that simple so there is no need to pay a lot of money to someone promising you a DNA Activation that they can’t even guarantee you will receive. Don’t use such things to avoid the real work you must do. Please don’t think I am saying that you are being lazy and avoiding work because I am not saying that, but I do want to be the person that risks being disliked to tell you to get up off your ass and start working towards advancing. The sooner you start the sooner you will get there.

There is a little trickiness when it comes to feeling like you need to know the path you are on and your purpose. The fact that you are questioning means you are feeling a pull or rather noticing that your alarm is going off to alert you that it is time for you to awaken. You may already feel you have begun to awaken, but awakening is not that simple. There is not just one type of awakening. We all were born open, clear and aware. Some stayed open and clear but that is not an awakening. An awakening could be to a certain new understanding, to a new truth/belief, to abilities, etc. You may have stayed clear and open after being born but that does not mean you are awake by any means. I can remember someone insisting that they were not new on the path and they had been on it all their life and so they considered themselves having been on the path for almost all their life. Unfortunately if you refuse to consider what a spiritual teacher is telling you then you are just getting in your own way. You won’t work on the path if you think you don’t need to for some reason and so while everyone else is passing you by you will still be right there where you are now still screaming from the rooftops that you are not new on the path. Don’t do that to yourself. You deserve better than that.

What is Your Path and PurposeIt’s All Hard to Understand in the Beginning

I know it is hard to understand. You will not understand. Once you have reached higher levels of consciousness you will be able to understand what you cannot today. I could explain until I am blue in the face but it may not click for you. To start out on a spiritual path towards your purpose FAITH and TRUST in what can’t be seen or rationalized is absolutely needed. Can you do hours of spiritual work everyday with no promise of what you will achieve and not even being sure that you are not just wasting your time? Can you be devoted and trust in Mother, Father, God, Buddha, Allah, etc so much that you do the work without a promise or guarantee that you will achieve anything at all? Can you start working simply because something inside tells you it is time and so you start with the basics TRUSTING that in time all will be made clear to you and that you DON’T need to have ALL the answers right now and up front? If someone HAS to have all the answers up front that means they don’t trust you. Maybe that will be your starting point. Pondering in meditation everyday whether you trust God and/or that higher divine plan that you have been made to forget on this side of the veil. Just pondering that in meditation and spending an hour per day praying, decreeing or saying mantras. That would be a good start…if you really want to realize your full potential in this lifetime (and maybe more) and are not just only willing to work if you have a guarantee.

General Purposes

There is a general purpose we all have. Our souls have it and we have had it in every lifetime. It is what we do, it is all we do. It is our only purpose both incarnate and in spirit. That is to spiritually advance. Simple to understand right? So there is a purpose you have, that everyone has, that at the least you know about. How many will know this and actually do any work?

What If You Do Nothing?

Okay, and so? No one is going to drag you screaming towards your purpose. With billions of people in this world and people awakening all the time and many hearing the call clearly and getting immediately to work in a diligent way…God is not going to say “Oh, wait, stop the bus…Sally is not heeding her wake up call so we must stop everything!” It is your freewill to get on board or not. No one is going to force you. You have something to gain from getting on board and beginning your work but if you don’t it doesn’t negatively effect anyone else. What if there is someone you are meant to help in the future but you can’t because you ignore your wake up call? Don’t worry one of those who did not ignore the wake up call will get the assignment and that person will still be helped, even if you are not there to help them. The universe will not drop the ball just because you dropped your ball.

Answers Come in Their Own Time…Can You Handle That?

Answers don’t always come when you want them to. What you want is always different than what you will get. You may not understand why you can’t just have all the answers when you want them, but there is a divine reason. Patience is a virtue on the path to enlightenment. Patience means your negative ego is not out of control and calling the shots. Patience means you have peace within your mind that will mean you will be able to still your mind and hear the answers when they are given to you. STOP TRYING TO CHEAT THE DIVINE SYSTEM. Instead trust it. If you find it hard to trust anything then the path will be a tough one on you and it doesn’t have to be that tough.

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