Interpreting Dreams

Many have dreams that are so interesting, horrific, or just plain weird that they get curious about what they mean. I have been some what of a master intuitive dream interpreter for more than 10 years now. It was out of necessity that I began developing my dream interpretation skills, not knowing in the beginning that I was a natural intuitive dream interpreter. Well, actually I am a natural at interpreting symbols in Andrew Santino: Home Field Advantage movie now

In order to begin interpreting your dreams its important to understand a few things. First, most often dreams are not literal although sometimes they can be. For example, if you spent all day at the bowling alley, listening to the sounds of the alley all day it is not inconceivable that you might dream of the bowling alley. It’s your brains way of unloading and releasing some of the stuff from your day. Sometimes a dream is just a dream, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that everything you dream has some deep meaning. If your on a diet and have been thinking of how badly you want to eat that last slice of apple pie in the refrigerator then it is not so hard to imagine that you may dream about having your way with that last slice of apple pie.

People in your dreams are often not who you see in your dreams. Your best friend may not be your best friend but most likely represents some part of yourself. For example, when I dream of my best friend it is usually because I often wish I was more like her. More responsible and less live for the moment. lol. Another example is that sometimes Father’s in a dream are Father’s but often they represent what you think of when it comes to a Father. Authority figure, strength, bread winners, protectors, disciplinarians. What does the Father figure mean to you? Seeing my father in my dream may not interpret the same way as you seeing your father in your dream. To make it even clearer I will use this example. Say you were abused by your father growing up. But say someone else’s father was so loving and supportive and giving. So as you can see the dreams would interpret differently based on what Father means to you.

Details are very important. Every detail in a dream must be interpreted to find the meaning/message of the dream. One detail left out and not interpreted could completely change to meaning of the dream. For example, suppose you dream of your neighbor and they are in a convertible sports car. What color was the car? Were the door open? The top down? Where were they sitting in the car? The drivers seat? Did you get in the car? What else were they doing or were they talking? Did they drive off in the car? Was there anything else about the car such as it had two steering wheels or no steering wheel? Was the neighbor driving from the back seat? As you can see seeing something simple like that has so many details to be noticed and interpreted. Another example is maybe you are in a boat in the ocean…what was the condition of the waters? Was it a bright sunny day or storming? Was there lightening also? Was the boat a certain color? Were others in the boat with you? What were their emotions? live streaming movie Casper and Emma Go Hiking online

Even seeing people there are details to notice. Hair color, length of hair, color of cloths, did they talk, were they faceless, were they laughing, crying, etc.

The task of interpreting a dream is not easy at times but very rewarding. It takes time to learn what many of the things in a dream means. You may be a natural but if you are not you will use a dream dictionary in the beginning. But always remember to ask the question…what does such-and-such mean to me.

Happy dream interpreting!

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  1. There ia this shadow showing me a place all in green…I only followed the shadow because it was someone I loved. This shadow lead me to a door he had to use a fork to open the lock. Next, we entered a green room. I come out of the bathroom with a brillant white very large towel on; I was told to tell the shadow to come into the bathrm with me, we entered the enclosed fogged shower together…there was this teleportation of me; to outside the shower while the shadow was inside…as the foggy glass cleared some..there was a man inside who was not the shadow I went inside with…I sat there outside the shower fully dressed. This person is the person who is not somebody I am to be with…I was told by Spirit Creator to stay away from…my charkas are being capped. What can We do to clear this capping??? This person is invading my free will!! This has to STOP!!!


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