Spirit Guides

Speaking With Your Spirit Guides

I know for me this was one of my biggest and most important goals, to speak with my spirit guides. Before awakening I would talk yo them know they could hear me even though I couldn’t hear them. Since I didn’t know my guides name I gave her/him a form of my middle name. My middle name was Andrea so I called my spirit guide Andy for probably about a year. The thing to always remember is to be respectful. As respectful as you would be to anyone you are communicating with.

Even though during that time I couldn’t hear my guide I had pretty good intuition and many have better intuition than they even realize. If I had a question I would ask it knowing that at some time during the next day or two the answer would just come to me. A thought or idea suddenly popping in my mind is what it was like.

If you would like to meet and speak with your spirit guides one of the best ways to do this is in meditation. Before you begin your meditation state that you would like for one of your guides to come to you in your meditation so that you can meet, find out their name and be told anything they would like to tell you. Your guides are there, always there with you, and will hear you and will come.

Ya know the saying “If you build it they will come.” That is what I did in meditation. I built a place where I could sit, enjoy the atmosphere and wait for my guide(s) to join me. I would create a scene that I would visualize in meditation. An open field of soft grass near a waterfall that was on one side and a brook on another side. I met a few of my guides there.watch full Cars 3 2017 movie

The important thing to remember is to TRUST what you see and hear. In the beginning you will come out of meditation feeling like what you experienced was something your own mind made up. I assure you it is not. So, take notes after your meditation. Even better…start a journal where you can write about all your experiences and especially things you hear and are told in meditation. Don’t worry if the first couple of times you just can’t make it happen. Meditation is not exactly magic. It is something you need to do often and practice. If this is important to you then I am sure you won’t mind putting in 15 minutes a day.

Also in the half a sleep/half awake state it is easier to hear (as though outside your head) spirits. I have so far heard Metatron and Queen Mother Mary (as she announced herself in this way). The funny thing is having doubts and not really trusting at the time it was great that they came to me versus another spirit. Because I knew nothing of them at all and even had to look up information on them. So that helped to take away my doubt.

I won’t give you an impression that I was not a little freaked out. I was! My heart was racing so fast and I was so nervous but I tried to stay calm and stay in that half awake/half asleep state so that I could hear as much as they had to say to me. It was an awesome experience. It’s okay that you are nervous but stay calm and remember that they love you and do everything they can to make sure your contact with them is a good experience so you can learn, grow and then share the knowledge with others.

If you have any experiences to share I am sure other would love to read them…so feel free to post them here and leave a link to your blog or website if you would like and I will be happen to check it out and write a post telling others about it.

Spirit Guides Turning Out to be Demons?

The topic “Spirit Guides Turning Out to be Demons” is a title of a video a friend old me about. When he stated the title many things came to mind.

For those of you working on communicating with your spirit guides you must keep in mind that good discernment is needed. It is not unusual to hear someone say that they feel their spirit guides turned out to be something other than what they thought. I have known many people in the past that mistook lost discarnate spirits for guides.

Let me break in here to explain what I mean by discarnate spirits. They are those who have died but have not crossed over completely and so they are still grounded to earthly concerns. The HUMAN PERSONALITY after death but before crossing over and becoming one again with the light/God.

Those spirits gave them abilities that were amazing and powerful. They could do it all. They could go out of body, use all Clairs easily without practice, had no problem hearing and communicating with spirit, etc. But those abilities were not of God and were given to them from spirits that had other plans for them. Eventually those people ended up calling out for help saying they were being possessed. Great time for the bible thumping Christians to jump in and say their piece, right? Right! And often they do. No offense to those who consider themselves Christian but often this is where Christians usually jump in to call almost everything evil, demonic and of the occult. No everything outside of Christianity is not evil, it is just that discernment is needed whether we are talking about using psychic abilities or listening to our Christian Pastor. You need to develop good discernment so don’t jump to fast into fully communicating with spirit until you have spent sometime developing that discernment so you will know whether what is communicating with you is truly your spirit guide or…something else with its own agenda.

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