Do I Have to Get Attuned to Reiki I, II and Master at Different Times?

No! That is fine for a person that still does attunements that way. What I have found by researching is that the techniques have changed since Usui originally began teaching this system. I actually don’t know, and wish I did know, what the original system was and how it was taught.

You also have to understand that I am not the same as others in that I do have an advantage having worked on MERGING with my higher self (AKA becoming enlightened) and not just connecting and communicating with my higher self. It is not ME that does the attunements but my higher self so you could say that I have totally stepped aside and gotten out of the way of what the energy needs to do and however it needs to do it. What I do have a hand in is what I am guided to do besides just asking my higher self to do the attunement. I am intuitively guided to often do other things. Sorry i can’t remember sprecifically for you what I am guided to do, but often it is things like clearing certain chakras, grounding the person, re-wiring chakras, etc. I also use the violet flame when I do any healings or attunements. This is one of the reasons the attunements I do is usually so clearing and effective. Many are opened up to abilities that have been just laying beneath the surface or begin being able to see energy.

I studied alchemy as well as having the power of an intensified aura because of working towards enlightenment. So often I can also use the power of the spoken words with fiats such as “Be though made whole” as well as others I won’t go into.

I feel it is best not to even try to compare what I do with what others do because we are not even in the same ball park as far as higher level of understandings. Let them do things the way they do them because what they do is fine…but just think…possibly some are guided to me because they need more than that….possibly they are ready for me.

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