How am I receiving the attunement within the course?

If you are familiar with the Chi Ball method, the method I use is very similar. I have embued a graphic with the energy of the attunement (as well as given my higher self some specific instructions related to it) and with saying a simple request and staring at the graphic for 1 to 2 minutes the attunement takes place. Yes, I did test all the graphics to ensure they are all working properly and attuning you properly.

A little bit about the Chi Ball method in case you are not familiar with it:

In my opinion a Chi Ball is likened to a Psi Ball. Psi Balls take some practice and skill to make. A Psi Ball is where you energetically create a ball of energy, continuing to fill it with energy, and possibly grow it, until you are ready to then solidify it. Once complete the Psi Ball is thrown or sent some where. I have in the past learned about and practiced creating Psi Balls and that is why I know that many that are sending Chi Ball attunements see it as being way simpler than it really is. Many don’t have the control of energy to create an effective Chi Ball. I am really surprised so many are sending attunements this way. It is not a part of traditional Reiki.