Refund Policy

Overall when it comes to and Sherry Andrea there are no refunds. There are exceptions in certain situations and so I do occasionally give refunds on a case by case basis. There are no refunds because you decide my timing of providing services suddenly does not work for you. There are no refunds for attunements that have already been performed because you already received the service. It would be the same as you asking your doctor for a refund after you have already had an appointment. There are no refunds for custom certificates once they are emailed to you because I can’t take back digital goods because once they are delivered to your email that is it, you have them. There are no refunds for psychic readings or coaching sessions. You can always reschedule an appointment if you need to. There are no refunds to any energy work with the exception of ordering multiple services by accident. For certificate templates I do occasionally give refunds when the document is incompatible with your computer/software or I realize you are attempting to adjust the template in a way that it was not designed to be adjusted. I make the decision in the end as to when and if you can receive a refund that is requested.

Attunement courses are non-refundable. If you purchased a course and for some reason can not enroll and complete it the course will still be in your student profile and has no time limits and does not expire. When you have resolved whatever issue you have that is preventing you from completing the course, you can login and complete it at that time.

Note that if you decide to ignore my policy and make a claim with Paypal you may end up being banned from purchasing services and products in the future. Just a heads up.