What about LINEAGE?

Lineage was not a concern or part of the original Reiki…those teachings are not the Reiki Usui we use. The original teachings are still kept secret by a small group. These subsequent teachers that were attuned by the original 13 or their decedents added many things including the issue of charging money which was not taught by Usui and came about after his death. They are the ones that created these things that are being taught today as being important. They are not however. Remember from science class…energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only changed. No one owns energy and energy can not be diminished because of who you received it from. It didn’t come through to you through all those people in your lineage, the person who attuned you was just a channel so everyone actually gets the energy from the same original place…it is universal energy. The things that will be noticeable is the intensity you feel from one person to the next because some are a clear vessel or clearer vessel. Some have a natural strong ability to move energy, telekinesis. The clearer a vessel you are then the purer the energy flows through you without getting tainted or diminished. Usui was a true divine healer and enlightened master. Getting attuned by a person at such level means they can possibly take you to a higher level when they attune you. By the way that is the other thing that changed. Calling “initiations” “attunements”. Getting attuned by different people effects nothing unless like I said one is enlightened or has reached the beginning stages of enlightenment like myself and that just means you may end up having a move powerful attunement and clearing. Other than that no worries. Some do teach that lineage matters…they have their reason for doing so. You go with who you feel guided to go with. You know that saying…when the student is ready the teacher appears. That is not something man is in control of…it is divine that is sending the right person to you when needed.