Dolphin Attunement Package

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Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

The Dolphin Attunement Package includes six (6) attunements to Dolphin related attunements.

Aquamarine Dolphin Ray Attunement

Enjoy emotional healing with the Dolphins channeled by Carolynn Lloyd that connects you to the peaceful compassionate energy of the Dolphins. It restores balance and harmony very quickly, and due to its very gentle flow –it is suitable for all.

Atlantean Dolphins Attunement

Also channeled by Carolynn Lloyd the Atlantean Dolphins Attunement facilitates personal spiritual growth and brings an almost identical therapeutic and healing experience to that the Atlantis Dolphins gave to the Atlantians.

Diamond Dolphin Attunement

The Diamond Dolphin Attunement channeled by Hari Winarso gives the vibration of joy, flow of love, flow of abundance and opening of the heart. This attunement also can be used for Fear Release working on the root, sacral and solar plexus charkas.

Dolphin Seichim Attunement

The Dolphin Seichim Attunement channeled by Carol Tessier is an energy system that combines ancient Egyptian and Dolphin healing techniques.

Dolphin White Wave Attunement

The Dolphin White Wave Attunement channeled by Carolynn Lloyd is a powerful tool for clearing away negative and stagnant energies that build up around us on a pretty regular basis. It is an energy that works quickly to break down and remove this unwanted residue from the physical and auric bodies, which if allowed to build up, can eventually manifest as disease or altered mood states.

Turquoise Flame Attunement

The Turquoise Flame Attunement channeled is a channelled System given to us by the angel-essence Amai. That means that the Turquoise Flame is not directed by one of the raised masters, but is an angelic energy which is made available to us additional to the twelve divine rays to carry us directly into the new energy. This ray is especially closely connected to Lady Nada, Serapis Bey and Hilarion. Turquoise stands for Atlantis and for the dolphins with their skill to communicate from one heart to another and their ability to confide in the depth of the ocean and to ride the waves exactly so, as they come and go.


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