I absolutely loved the conversation and the responses I received they truly resonated with my being. I look forward to more intuitive sessions with Sherry!


Sherry is such a precious gift to the world ! Our sessions including the one I had today always beyond great and helpful . She picks up on everything I think and feel , guides me with her words of wisdom and compassion. I’m so grateful to have found her and able to have the readings & converations we’ve had. I never hesitate to go to her for help and advice ! I also speak highly of her to my friends and family . I appreciate her so much she’s beyond amazing in my eyes

Lawrence White

I simply don’t know what I would do without Sherry. She has become just that important in my life. I thank God for her. Her readings and coaching are absolutely wonderful. I cannot say enough. Her gifts are heaven sent.


Today I received the
Elvin Shamanic Master Atunement &
Chinese Dragon Empowerment from Sherry. I had been interested in these two modalities for awhile now and am very happy I received these Atunement’s today. These Atunement’s were just as powerful as all others I have received from Sherry in the past. It is a priveledged to have met this amazing Reiki teacher and person. She continues to have a profound effect on my life!
With my gratitude always Sherry! 🙂

Greg B. Main Sr.

Sherry had a very important and informative talk with me this past Thursday on my continued spiritual development in the Reiki healing arts. Sherry has shown and encouraged me in my development over the last 2.5 years in spirituality, and the ability to think outside the box, that has expanded my mind and understandings of Reiki and beyond. I am truly great ful to her. Thank you my friend!
Greg Main

Greg B. Main St.

I just had a reading with Sherry two weeks ago and things are already starting to happen. I am mind blown! I came to Sherry with a lot of questions about my purpose, and guidance for this new business i am starting in 2018.
She gave me three things I needed to do by the end of the week. And guess what, I’m already seeing results from completing those things! She’s given me so much hope and assurance that I’m doing the right thing. She helped me iron out the details of what I should focus on. She’s an amazing guide and definitely who my soul wanted me to meet for this important time in my life. Be ready to do the work. But it’s so worth it! Thank you Sherry I am now so excited for the future!

Just a very quick feed back on the Imari Reiki. I knew something different was happening well before I read your email. Burning palms…flashing coloured lights…..smoke rising out of the corner of my eye.
When I laid down and called in the attunement….I felt cooling over my face and an electrical buzz around my body. Wow! A trillion blessings and thanks for this.
CT, North Wales, UK

I don’t get a readimg from Sherry very often but when something is troubling me, she is the one I go to for guidance. She seems right on about what is going on with little information from me. She can be trusted with your secrets without judging. I highly recommend her.


What a beautiful woman! Sherry is so compassionate and patient. It felt like I was speaking to someone I knew for a long time. I definitely recommend!


I had a wonderful reading done today, Sherry is so sweet ! I love that she does the reading over the phone , so its very interactive ! She asked if i had a sinus infection and i don’t sound congested and i do have a sinus infection with a migraine and on antibiotics, and she was guided to tell me that I need to Alkaline my body to help the migraines also ! She gave me so much insight about my life and how to go about things , that I’m forever grateful !
Thank you again ,,Bianca


What wonderful energy she has! So caring and loving. I am going through “The Dark Night of the Soul” and she has put my mind at rest in so many ways.
She helped me a lot and has given me hope for the future. I will definitely book another reading.

Marie Monet

Sherry Andrea is the real deal. I had attunements and a psychic reading. Her attunements come from the purest, clearest, highest vibrational channel I have ever experienced. I have had other attunements by other people and hers are above and beyond spiritually on all realms. Her psychic reading also gave me very useful information to guide me through my life path. Thank you Sherry Andrea!!! XOXO


Sherry is gifted. I prayed for a healer and found her videos that evening. I received healing from her videos and services, and it is evident from consult with her that she is working from a high level. She is very generous with her time and gifts.


I love Sherry, I have had several readings from her and I always thought I was smater after the call. She gives of herself 100 percent. Please give her a try you will not be disappointed.

Linda J

I have spoken with Sherry more than once and she is excellent. She tells you what she is picking up – whether or not it is what you want to hear – but also gets you to think the situation out without even realizing you are doing it.

Linda P

Had a 10 minute call with Sherry. We were on the same page every second of it.
It was something I needed along the way.


I had a phenomenal session with Sherry Andrea. She spoke in detail on several situations where I needed guidance. I’m thankful that I was led to consult her. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Louis Palmer

I will like to thank u sherry for your advice and teaching me more about energy she’s really a great person she took are time to explain to me step by step till I got everything right I really enjoy my time with her thank u ????


Thank you Sherry for all the inspiration and help you have given me throughout time. You truly proved to me that distance atunements were just as powerful as doing them hands on. I now have a student that i have atuned that lives in a different state. It has been a great experience. Much love and respect
Greg M.

Greg Main Sr.

As a frequent repeat client I am quickly running out of wonderful things to say about Sherry. My actions can speak much louder than my words. I keep coming back again and again for guidance and help from a trusted teacher and reader. Namaste.




Sherry has been my Reiki teacher and inspiration going on 2 years now. My how time flies. She has always been there for me for guidance and inspirstion which is always right on for me. My many thanjs and admiration aleays to you Sensei.
Greg Main Sr.

Greg B. Main Sr.

Sherry is always on point and she always delivers my message in the most loving and caring way, without effort. Her heart is so big. Once you speak with Sherry, you have a Psychic/Intuitive/Friend for life. Call her! She’s the best!


You confirm, what I had on my whiteboard. Family situation and business help…plus Craig’s listing for donation of vehicle for my catering business.


I am a frequent repeat client and I cannot say enough about how Sherry’s insight and guidance are helping me from becoming overwhelmed by outside influences. I feel so blessed to have come across her site which by the way was an accident. Lol. Our almighty Creator works in mysterious ways. She is the best and she is real. Namaste.


I felt the frequency because I am highly Sensitive to these emergies and quite addicted as well – thank you for all you do ?


I was feeling the attunements profoundly as I usually am highly sensitive to these energies and quite addicted-
There is no greater feeling than connecting with ALL


Much needed chakra cleansing and balance. Now Iam on my way to opening up to my gits. I also enjoy my follow ups to make sure Thst Iam on my path.

Joannea Mansoor

Hello everyone. I am a frequent client of Sherry Andrea’s who is very thankful and grateful to have found such a caring and compassionate spiritual adviser. Her guidance and suggestions have been a tremendous help to me on many an occasion. I am learning more and more about myself and what is harmful and helpful to me. The rest is up to me. Sherry just points the way. I feel a lot more grounded than I ever have thanks to Sherry.


Sherry Andrea is the TRUTH
She is the begining flame that can and will ignite your torch with in. She is Light She is Love She is Truth.

And So This Is

Thank You For You





I had some concerns on some issues a Usui Reiki Student of mine had , that still was lingering in this person’s life. Sherry discussed with me some various different ways to help this person that would be very effective. Sherry is a wise Reiki Teacher and Coach. I am grateful for her guidance always.
With ny gratitude abd respect
Greg M.

Greg B. Main Sr.

Ms. Sherri is like your mother’s voice with Angel bells. She is very sweet but quit accurate. It was almost as if she had stepped into you and watched your experiences. I recommend EVERYBODY who comes to this site to at least get a psychic reading. Its not like what you see on tv but very eye opening!!!!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed. Follow her on YouTube if you aren’t sure of her abilities. She’s THE REAL! (like the show)… You owe it to yourself If you’ve ever questioned yourself or your abilities and powers to speak with This powerful being!
Thanks Ms. Sherri

Crystal L.

I found Sherry to be very intuitive and the reading was very helpful pointing out my strengths and weakness’s,I truly enjoyed my time speaking to Sherry
A true spirit

Gerard galbraith

Sherry really cares… she takes the time and is so sweet to talk to. Thank you for all of your help!! xx


Sherry is not only an amazingly accurate reader but also a wonderful person. 🙂


I am so grateful and appreciative for being referred to Sherry. She was right on point with everything she said and confirmed many things. She even used phrases I use all the time. That was hilarious. 🙂 I felt so much better after the reading and optimistic in knowing there is hope. She gave me direction which was necessary to move forward in my life. I found in Sherry that person who understands, seemingly on a personal level, all that we discussed. So comforting. Thank you!


This morning on 1-31-17 I received the DNA Healing Reiki Atunement from Sherry. This modality comes with many healing properties that can be a wonderful assistance in your life! I personally could feel the energy start to come into my brow and crown chakra areas as she went through the Atunement! I would personally strongly recommend this Atunenent. With much love and thanks my friend!
Greg B Main Sr.

Greg B. Main Sr.

As a repeat client I have to say that the hardest part of getting a reading by Sherry Andrea is ending it. You will not want it to end. Saying goodbye is the hardest part. Lol. I could just talk to her all day. Her readings are so informative and intuitive that you could just float away on a cloud of assurance.

Tanya H.

Hello everyone. I cannot say enough about the assistance I have received from Sherry Andrea in a couple of different areas. Recently I have embarked upon the Life Coaching sessions with Sherry Andrea and they are nothing but miraculous compared to a session with a traditional therapist. Spirit guides her as to what you need to know and discover about you and your life path. I have also had the amazing dental attunements and let me tell you they really, really do work. Sherry is more than a reader and healer. She is a Godsend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sherry. I look forward to continuing to work with you. Peace.

Tanya H.

I received the 13 Ascended Masters Atunement on Friday 12-9-16. To be able to connect with these masters was a huge gift and an honor for me. I look forward to having there guidance in my life from this day forward. Thank you my dear teacher SHERRY for this Atunemen.
Much love and appreciation!

Greg B. Main Sr.

Sherry was very clear with her advice. It all resonated with me and gave me a seance of knowing which was very empowering. I would recommend Sherry to anyone as her words were very helpful to me. I plan on calling to set something up with her again soon.


I was nervous at first, since this was my first time having a reading.
You made me feel very comfortable from the start ( when you asked me how I was and how was my weekend and actually waited for me to answer -:)
You also helped me by pointing out specific areas of business that I could concentrate on and that will assist me in taking the next step.

You were not judgemental and made me feel that my concerns were valid.
Thank you

Bola Rose

Thank you so much Sherry! I got more information from you in one hour then I have all year. The information was pointed and not vague and really felt that you didn’t hold back when I asked questions. I look forward to our calls!


This was my 3rd reading with Sherry. I was feeling so disconnected to what was happening in my life and she was able to shed some beautiful light on my ‘process’. I feel so much better, not to the point that my process has changed, just reassured that I am on the right path. I can always count on her giving me some positive direction. Love you girl!!!

Robin Guyton

I loved my conversation with Sherry. She verified a lot of things (my spirit guides, abilities, current conflicts and relationships), made me feel renewed on my spiritual path. At the end, I knew exactly what I needed to do to continue on my path. She has a very calming, beautiful spirit and I will definitely call her again. Thank you Sherry for our very insightful conversation.


Sherry has been an inspirational Reiki teacher for me. I received my Usui Master/Teacher Atunenent from her in August of 2015. She has been my Reiki teacher ever since. Her insights and steady hand have guided me through helping me help my students. I am very grateful.
Much love and respect my friend. Peace
Greg M.

Greg M.

Sherry’s words are very encouraging and full of love. she answered my questions in a very loving and ensuring way. and she provided some background knowledge to aid me understand the concepts better. I am glad that i was guided to speak to her. Thank You! In Light


She is really truly intutive person. This was my second reading and she is spot on every time I call her, she connects really fast. Thanks Sherry


Dental issues? You must try the Dental Attunement. I have used it twice and it worked miraculously. I cannot say enough about the readings or attunements I receive from Sherry. She is one of a kind. Such a wonderful, kind spirit and always so right on.

Tanya H.

Sherry’s the real deal! She’s very good and quick when in comes to intuiting the most substantial aspects of things both on the surface and at depth. I really didn’t need to give a whole lot of background on things because she has very keen inner vision. She’s a beautiful spirit and a powerful channel!

Stan Steele

During my attunements I felt a calmness come over me and saw symbols appear before me. My hands began to tingle and my chest felt various sensations. The blockages that I had were released and I felt a sense of being where I was meant to be. Thank you for this experience. I am close to two years into Reiki and attuned to White Dragon, and Usui Ryoho Master. Blessings to you.

Toni L Price
Sherry Andrea Reiki Master

This past Thursday I had some questions and concerns regarding a Reiki student of mine that had been on my mind recently. Sherry offered very sound advice as to how I could handle this situation. It was a very enlightening discussion that helped greatly! Thank you my friend. Greg

Greg Main Sr.

Sherry this morning performed a wonderful Chakra clearing for me that was obviously as it still continues to work was much needed! Also she performed a Usui Level 3 boost for me as well. Thank you so much Sherry for being a dedicated and loving Reiki teacher! My love and appreciation for all you have done for me. Greg Sr

Greg Main Sr.

Today I received The Shamballa Reiki Atunemebts Levels 1-4 from my wonderful teacher Sherry! I had been interested in Shamballa Reiki for sometime and now very happy to have been atuned today to its energies. As with other atunements I have received from Sherry, all very powerful and the energies for the various modalities very different during the Atunement process. With my gratitude always! Love and Light Greg

Greg B. Main Sr.

To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t believe my ears. I said to myself ” I must have heard/interpreted this incorrectly or projected my wishes into this reading.” But no. There is was, 3 times during the 1st review, 0 times the 2nd review and then 1 time in the 3rd. I had not mentioned any names, ages etc., but eventually Sherry did. Her thoughts kept flowing, sticking to the facts. I wish I didn’t interrupt her so many times. I wish I let her finish before I asked questions, which may or may not have been tangential. Gotta say, she’s traveled into higher realms. I’m sure God and the angels would not have permitted her entry, if her intentions were not for the greater good. Sherry remembered having read for me one time before without any reminders from me. It was quite some time ago. It was not until I made this last appointment that I realized that perhaps we did speak before. Her gifts have blossomed and expanded. I don’t know how or when I shall meet up with her again!


Sherry was warm, kind and personable. She helped me think and reason my next moves and gave clarity on some confusing situations- you’ll love talking to her.


I had a reading today with Sherryandrea and I can tell you that I am at peace, she gave me answers that I needed and could understand about the passing of my brother. She made it all make sense to me. I would recommend her services to anyone that needs answers or a sense of direction in life, she’s the real deal :). Many blessings to all . Thank you


Sherry is a wonderful reader. I enjoy talking with her. She gives me insight. She is able to answer questions that others are not. Kudos to you!


This is the third time I have reached out to Sherry. I always feel such peace when we speak. She seems to read my mind well. Please let her try to help you make sense of the world around you. I will be back soon. Thanks again for all your help you are a very special person.


Sherry has always been a comfort to talk to. When I have doubts about the future, she gives me hope.


Hello my name is Shiva and I feel blessed to be connected to such a beautifully amazing soul…I have received awesomely powerful attunements from Sherry and as of lately I called upon her for a reading or an informative conversation is what I’d rather call it. She gave me more than insight, she gave me some real sound advice and mentoring…it wasn’t like she was trying to read me, it was more like she was giving me what I needed without any hidden line of questioning, a particular knowing…and she was very on point and just down right fun to talk with…I love Sherry’s work and u will too…love u Sherry…..PEACE


I can’t express the appreciation for the guidance I receive from Sherry. I have several pressing matters going on at the same time I marvel at her ability to separate and navigate me through each hurdle. I actually choked up a little today after my reading trying to say thank you. Her accuracy is unheralded. I feel I was led to her at this point in my life. She has truly been a blessing to me. I look forward to continuing to seek guidance from her and her higher self.


Sherry is very intuitive and enlightened reader. She explained my blocks and the methods for their removal. Sherry advised me the practices I need to incorporate in my in daily life. I truly appreciate the guidance she provided. Thank you so very much.

Mary Davis

The intuitive coaching session with Sherry, helped me to reinstate a meditation practice, and the ideas are already flowing. After the session, I’m feeling confident and free to accomplish goals and align with living a happier, healthier life.


This morning I received the IMARA Reiki Atunement from Sherry. This was an incredibly powerful atunement experience for me. I already know that IMARA Reiki will be very much used in my own practice from this point forward. I have s beautiful loving family that most are iinvolved in Reiki with me. They are a wonderful support system. Sherry has done more for me than any previous teacher has done. Her love for these healing modalities and her desire to help others is always an inspiration to me as I go about my days. Much love and light to you my friend. Greg Main Sr.

Greg B. Main Sr.

It was my second reading with Sherry as events predicted the first one all came true. I am delighted that she confirmed my intuition, and really look forward to my next reading with her in a few months.


This is my 2nd time speaking with Sherry. She’s a great help and I highly recommend. Thanks again !


Sherry is an inspired reiki teacher in many modalities. I continue to grow through her reiki teachings and atunements. She has been a great influence on how I go about teaching Reiki as well. Reiki is the love and energy from the universe. It is intended for all who desire it. Sherry makes that happen! Peace and love Greg P. S. Happy Mothers Day ?

Greg Main Sr.

Sherry is such a bright light! She’s more than a gifted intuitive – Sherry truly cares about you, she goes above and beyond. I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with this amazing lady. What a gift. xx


Sherry speaks the truth and doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. Her questions aren’t “fishing” to see what kind of reaction you’re giving her like other psychics I’ve spoken to in the past. She makes you feel comfortable like you’ve known each other for a very long time. That’s why I’ve used her services on 3 separate occasions so far in the past year and I will definitely consult her again in the future.

Lori Micklesavage

Hi, I had a 30 min psychic reading with Sherry and that was the most profound conversation that I had in years. Somehow she managed to change my life and leave a such a strong impact in that short period of time. She did not just gave me a solution for my issue but built a platform that I can structure my life based on that with a positive outcome. She channelled her higher self and at the same time kept the space for me. In a certain moment, I felt that we are one! The only regret I have is that I scheduled a 30 min instead of 45 but at that time I thought I would not be able to handle that much information. And somehow she knew it because our conversation lasts exactly 45 min. Trough my own experience I would gladly recommend Sherry to any hard working spiritual seeker. You might wonder how and why I should trust and believe her and it’s very simple. My body simply resonate with the truth. Trust the vibes, vibes never lie. God bless you all! God bless you Sherry!


From tremendous stress and anxiety, to Calm and Grounded again! I thank God for Sherry. She helped me out when I needed help the most, and she went above and beyond my call for help, as she spent quality time with me till I felt better. I was in a crisis situation, and Sherry was Totally there for me. Words cannot express my gratitude for her kind, caring, loving presence with me through a very difficult situation. Sherry, I Love You! From my Heart and Soul. I felt like the walls were caving in on me, and You brought Laughter and Compassion, and Insight to me! You’re The Best!


Wonderful as always I’ll be back


Another amazing reading by Sherrie. She brings such assurance and peace of mind delivered in such a kind and gentle way. I will return again and again for guidance with difficult situations and healing and clearing attunements. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her.

Tanya H

I received my reading on 03/14/2016. I was so amazed! It was a blessing speaking to Sherry. I learned so much from her in one session than I have from any teacher I have ever had. I’m thankful that I came across Sherry’s YouTube channel; which was no coincidence. The positive energy I felt was incredible. Sherry touched on important issues that I was concerned about and needed answered.I received an abundance of information. She made everything easy to understand. Sherry is genuine, patient, kind, listens, and understands. Thank you so much Sherry for your help. I am so grateful.

April D.

I could go on and on with positive feedback for Sherrie and still not adequately express my satisfaction with her reading for me. I have many pressing issues going on simultaneously and she managed to clarify and address each and every one in a calm, reassuring matter that put my mind at ease and helped me to put things in perspective that were causing havoc in my life. Her uncanny ability to zero right in on an issue is unbelievable. I’m so glad I finally went from email readings to a phone reading with her. Her gift is awesome and authentic. I look forward to continue to seek her guidance in the future. She really, really helped me. You must give her the opportunity to help you as well.


I had a wonderful reading with Sherry. She has a beautiful energy about her and was so on point with the information she shared. Sherry is a true angel so humble and knowledgeable and non-judge mental. I highly recommend her for readings and coaching etc. With her help I have matured spiritually. The reading I had recently brought such clarity and peace of mind to me.


Thank you Sherry for the insightful reading! I had some questions on Reiki in general and sherry was able to give advice specific to me as well. Sherry is a wonderful intuitive and gave me so much insight the time we were on the phone. She was spot on with information she was getting from my guides. She gave me specifics on where I should lead my life path journey, which I can’t thank you enough for Sherry. I highly recommend her!!!!

Rachel C

I just received my Violet Flame Reiki attunemet from Sherry today, 3-9-16. I really felt a lot of tingling and energy immediately in my upper chakra areas. Especially in the crown and third eye chakras as I was opened up to the power of the Atunement. I am still experiencing it at this time. This is another wonderful testament to the power of distance reiki Atunements. Much gratitude always Sherry! Greg

Greg Main Sr.

As always, spot on.


Hi Sherry.I had a good honest reading with you. I think I knew deep down that Keith.the person I wanted to see in my life again even if it was friendship would not be happening. And as gut wrenching as it was to be told.I thank you for being honest with me. Such a pity for the last 3 years other readers were not honest and strung me along.you were kind and gentle.and I thankyou for this too.kind regards Ruth xxx

Ruth rice

I just received the Celestial Reiki, Indigo Light @ Lavender flame of Quan Yin atunements from Sherry. It was an amazing experience with Sherry as it always has been! The atunements I have received from this marvelous teacher at a distance are just as strong as any I have had in person with other reiki master/ teachers. I feel very fortunate to have found another person who is out there , who truly cares about passing on this energy to all people, instead of just those that can afford to pay at times outrageously high prices. She is in this work for all the right reasons. My wife and I follow her example in our practice. I know to Sherry this is her labor of love. Much love Greg B. Main Sr.

Greg Main Sr.

Thank you so mouch! I feel … like reborn. It’s wonderful and I’m so grateful for finally feel it.


Thank you sooooooooo much. From my entire being, to you, I am soooooooooo grateful for you. I am blessed to have found your video. Wow. I got overwhelmingly emotional and cried, uncontrollably. This was an amazing experience for me. Thank you for creating this video. Thank you for being you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t express my gratitude with words alone, nothing comes close. I just want to hug you so much right now. I feel like you just gave me a new life. I am ready to share this love, and bring positive change to this world. Thank you.


I have found Sherry to be one of the best. She thoroughly explains things so that I may have clarity. She is very caring. Thanks for what you do.


Sherry has helped me grow tremendously after becoming my reiki teacher and receiving my level 3 Atunement from her. She is a very genuine person who loves people and is there as a teacher and coach on many levels. She dedicates her time and energies on the spiritual level for all who desire it. I am going about teaching others at this time as she would. She is a great example of what a reiki practitioner or master should be. Thank you Sherry for all the help you have given me thus far and in the future. Greg


Sherry, you are awesome. You brought me so much peace. I feel full. I knew there was something about me that was different. You definitely helped me threw that and confimed it. Sending love and light your way


Always a pleasure talking with you. You have great spirit guides 🙂


Sherry is very thorough with her readings and has a clear way of explaining things. I found Sherry has a wealth of knowledge in all things spiritual and can easily read people. She instantly connected and could describe how others were thinking and picked up my situation clearly and where it was heading without me having to say much. I am glad I found her and will definitely be coming back for future readings. I have had many readings in the past and hardly any of the readers offered the high standard Sherry does.


Insightful, offers concise solutions, and a joy


I received a call from Sherry this morning and I felt so comfortable talking to her and immediately felt her energy and the love she beams in my heart and crown chakra. I have been able to get great insight about questions I had about meditation and my Higher Self. I am looking forward to scheduling a coaching session with Sherry for further guidance and direction. I really appreciate her for allowing me the opportunity to discuss and learn more about
myself and my spiritual path. Namaste


Andrea WAS AMAZING! I had a great reading with her and would call again.

Susan P

Lets all send some positive energy out into the universe and focus on making the world a kinder more compassionate place, like Sherry does. Thank you for guiding, thank you for helping me find some peace and inner healing. Thanks, Taka, Namaste, Love, Light.


Very nice experience and a real nice lady.She is very intuitive and answers all your questions.Truly divine gift.


Sherry is such a generous reader and a wonderful person to talk with. So glad I had a reading with her.


Sherry is Kind – Honest – giving & Professional – Always a good experience – I feel an instant connection when speaking with her


A vert gifted and caring person. The connection was great. I’m very sorry that a half hour seemed like five minutes. She hit the nail on the head several times. I’ll be back!!!

Linda Jasiak

Sherry seems to be right on and is very generous. I love reading with her she makes it feel like an old friend.


Sherry is very gifted. Went way over and beyond on this reading and provided intuitive guidance that helped me immensely with a very complicated situation I am going through. very greatful!!


Sherry is a very powerful and gifted advisor. I am so greatful to have her in my life. Every time I have a session with Sherry I feel my life improves. I highly recommend Sherry.

Sarah young

I could totally talk to her all day, she’s very kind person and she answers all your questions. Very accurate with the timelines as well.


sherry has been right on the money with her prediction and insights.


I always enjoy speaking with Sherry. I feel better always after speaking with her she is easy to chat with about anything. thank you.


So great I ordered another reading immediately. She is the best.


An amazing Reader. She gave so much insight into my situation without me saying


Good reading! Picked up on key info, and very kind reader with great energy 🙂


AWESOME….I was blown away. I can’t wait for the next reading. Thanks! 🙂


Very accurate and picks up on things before you ask! Thank you Sherry☺️


Very intuitive, clairvoyant, fast, a real treasure. Thank you!


Sherry, As a gratitude to what you have been offering to everyone and me I would like to give you a gift It’s a photography book With prose literature that I have published in April 2011 It’s called “The First Novel” Im a photographer And a writer And I have been working in this book For several months Although its a sum of more than a year I want you to have this gift As a token of appreciation For what you are doing And I an honored That I am giving you this book Although I wished that I could give you a printed copy of it Hope you enjoy reading it By the way When I wrote this book I didn’t have a slight clue About awakening Thanks a lot


Sherry! I owe you a huge thank you! after reading your last post to me about being around others with high vibrations I have decided to go back to school and get my bachelors in holistic nutrition, which is all about mind body and soul, I feel that you pointed me on this path, and I greatly appreciate it, after reading what you wrote to me, it was like a really bright light bulb went off, and I realized my purpose, I feel by being around others who think like me, that I have truly found my place, I always knew I was here to be a helper, I just didn’t know what kind! my goal is to encourage and help people stay on track mentally and physically, and because I am an empath, I feel that I will be very good at this type of work, I just have to work on shielding myself so I don’t lose all my energy….also, I took your advice about crossing spirits over and I do want to help them as well, but I have much learning to do before I should begin that journey, again thank you so much for all the help and input! I think just by communicating with you my vibrations went up, and that is why I had the epiphany of what I should be doing with my life!…peace and love


Hey Sherry, you probably dont remember me but you have helped me so mucyh this past year that my gift has really improved and I would like to thank you for that I can control my gift and turn it on and off my gate keeper has also helped me with through the ups and downs and I am very grateful for that and I just wanted to thank you I will keep in touch. sincerely


Sherry is a gifted psychic/empath. Recently I was suffering from horrific tooth pain after a trip to the dentist. I was almost in tears. I had taken Aleve, Advil and even Tramadol and nothing eased the pain. I put in a call to the dentist to beg him to prescribe a stronger pain killer. While I waited for a return call from his office, I told Sherry about my pain. After Sherry reached out and sent me a healing, the pain disappeared completely. Nothing. Nada. All gone. The pain NOR the immediate relief I felt were imaginary. I’m truly grateful for Sherry’s gift. She is blessed and talented in the healing arts. It’s not the first time she’s come to rescue. She is a caring, wonderful person and I consider myself fortunately blessed to know her.


Thank you….. That is awesome because I awoke without grabbing hold of things to walk and then I noticed when leaving out for work that I wasn’t going one step at a time like an old lady. I told my husband, “look I don’t feel a pinch.” The beautiful part is that I didn’t get this message (about you sending healing) until this morning and didn’t know but yet I felt the effects. Thank you…..awesome! I am so happy, you can’t understand, I hadn’t felt that good in a long time even with pain killers.


I just had to drop you a quick email as I just think it is a wonderful forum with many wise people. I love reading all the posts and everybody is so good to provide you with help. I have learned so much (even about myself) over the last two weeks being here it has been an inspiration and I know I was led here. It has really given me a kick up the backside to really start to progress again and to realize that I want to too. I know that there has been a lot of hard work put into the site and you are a busy lady too and so I just wanted to say how much this community means.


Thank you so much! Your writing made me feel like everything that is happening to me all makes sense! I’m now bi-polar hehe. I’m looking forward to putting your lessons into action by listening to and using my gift! Many thanks!


Sherry Andrea is a glorious light in a world full of darkness. I stumbled on to her blog “spiders as omens” researching a couple of spider bites. So, I decided to contact her asking what views she had on my bites still, not knowing who she was. She responded with a wealth of personal information and was spot on. She gave me direction on difficult decisions I was faced. If she had put a price on the information I would have happily paid but, in fact she simply told me “If it came to me so clearly, it was something the higher power decided you needed to know.” Sherry Andrea is the “real thing”. You have not stumbled on to my testimonial by accident dear friends. I am happy to have connected with Sherry and I plan to continue. Blessings.


Working with Sherry and receiving counsel from her was an uplifting experience for me. Sherry is quite personable, giving, and she is so nice. In reflecting upon the time that I was blessed to spend with her, I realized that she gave me quite a few Golden Nuggets that I can utilize and implement into my life immediately. Talking to Sherry was like speaking with someone that I already knew.

Meryl C.