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No, I don’t use the Chi Ball method which personally I don’t like myself receiving attunements that way. I find them to be not as strong as just sending the attunements the normal way. Of course that probably has less to do with the method and more to do with the skill of the person creating the chi ball. So, the question is not just does someone send energy this way but how skilled are they with creating a good effective chi ball. When I do attunements I send them immediately and they will start immediately unless you have set an intention that you do not want it to start until you give it permission.

In my opinion a Chi Ball is likened to a Psi Ball. Psi Balls take some practice and skill to make. A Psi Ball is where you energetically create a ball of energy, continuing to fill it with energy, and possibly grow it, until you are ready to then solidify it. Once complete the Psi Ball is thrown or sent some where. I have in the past learned about and practiced creating Psi Balls and that is why I know that many that are sending Chi Ball attunements see it as being way simpler than it really is. Many don’t have the control of energy to create an effective Chi Ball. I am really surprised so many are sending attunements this way. It is not a part of traditional Reiki.

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No, I do not offer that and honestly I am not sure if I will offer in the future. In the past I have scheduled attunements but since I do many different things (attunements, healing, coaching, readings, teaching, etc) I just couldn’t make that work well with my schedule.

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No. I only offer Usui Reiki Levels I, II and Master. That is because my focus in what I offer is geared towards students of Reiki becoming true healers eventually. If you are not sure what that means, download my ebook called “Introduction to Reiki” https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B08wMksEl7ScdTJ3U21wbnpqeU0/view?usp=sharing

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No! That is fine for a person that still does attunements that way. What I have found by researching is that the techniques have changed since Usui originally began teaching this system. I actually don’t know, and wish I did know, what the original system was and how it was taught.

You also have to understand that I am not the same as others in that I do have an advantage having worked on MERGING with my higher self (AKA becoming enlightened) and not just connecting and communicating with my higher self. It is not ME that does the attunements but my higher self so you could say that I have totally stepped aside and gotten out of the way of what the energy needs to do and however it needs to do it. What I do have a hand in is what I am guided to do besides just asking my higher self to do the attunement. I am intuitively guided to often do other things. Sorry i can’t remember sprecifically for you what I am guided to do, but often it is things like clearing certain chakras, grounding the person, re-wiring chakras, etc. I also use the violet flame when I do any healings or attunements. This is one of the reasons the attunements I do is usually so clearing and effective. Many are opened up to abilities that have been just laying beneath the surface or begin being able to see energy.

I studied alchemy as well as having the power of an intensified aura because of working towards enlightenment. So often I can also use the power of the spoken words with fiats such as “Be though made whole” as well as others I won’t go into.

I feel it is best not to even try to compare what I do with what others do because we are not even in the same ball park as far as higher level of understandings. Let them do things the way they do them because what they do is fine…but just think…possibly some are guided to me because they need more than that….possibly they are ready for me.

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Yes and Occasionally. Occasionally I offer someone in financial need one free personal attunement. It is not a matter of me wanting to make money, it is a matter of time for me. I do many other things besides Reiki Attunements so sometimes time allows and sometimes it does not. Yes you can always get a free attunement by using the attunement videos on Youtube at

Usui Reiki I, II and Master https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd0TSm6zjbw
Ethereal Crystal Therapy 1-9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDfZirAK1Yw
Kundalini Reiki 1-9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFK0L7yLPk4
Fusion Reiki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LINYqr1DHc
13 Ascended Masters Attunement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfgSY9ZKbSs
Lighten the Load Reiki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6fKnhKjDls

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Great! I do attunements in the order I receive the request. Most of the time you can expect your attunement to begin and receive and email within 2 days. These days with the popularity of the site it is not unusual for me to get a lot of requests per day…which may lead to the turn around time being 3-5 days…feel free to send me an email regarding your order via the form below.


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No, that is not necessary. The attunement works regardless of if you are busy doing something or asleep. If your reason for wanting it done again anyway is to gain satisfaction or feeling comfortable then I would suggest you sit quietly in meditation and ask yourself why you feel unsure of the attunement reaching you. Trust is something you must develop on the way to being an awesome Reiki Master so this is actually an opportunity for you to work on your trust issues.

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Here is the answer I recently gave someone:

It has nothing to do with its power of effectiveness although it is a very powerful attunement. It is because of what I have to go through to get a hold of some of the manuals and information for the attunement. I can attune someone to anything however it is important that I be able to give the attunement manuals as well. With Lavender Reiki I really had to go through a lot to get the manual including dealing with many other Reiki Masters that were very much against the way I have chosen to do things, such as giving the manuals for free. Right now I think the least expensive Lavender Reiki attunement I saw offered was $25 and all the others were $45 and $50.

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I do not schedule attunements for a specific time and I am not able to tell you exactly when attunements will be done. If this is something you would really like you are welcome to find a Reiki Master who does attunements in that way. There are many who are doing attunements at this time and you can be sure to find someone who operates this way although it may cost you more for the attunement. To make the attunements affordable I can’t offer this.

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Anything that clears takes time to run its course. It is TRUE that if the attunement is affecting a clearing of the charkas then that clearing may not complete for sometime (days, weeks, months…depending on what is going on with you, so no two people have the same issues to clear or the same amount), HOWEVER guess what? The attunement will be complete and you will be attuned to that system and ready to use it, although the clearing that it affects may not be complete yet. Energy is intelligent. What? Do you think energy will do what I want it to and NOT follow Universal Laws? NO, energy is ALWAYS going to do what it needs to do and HOW it needs to do it.

Remember also, at various times you have different issues going on. I may have something that needs to be cleared today that a year ago I did not have or wasn’t ready to be cleared. When you ask the question of “why was it different this time?” understand that although your question seems simple the answer is not.

Another difference could be in who attuned you. I worked so many years on myself spiritually to gain a higher level while working towards enlightenment. The higher a level you reach the higher your vibrations are and the more energy you can hold or you hold within you. The more you work at energy work such as practicing flowing energy through you along with practicing visualization the more powerful the energy you send is felt. Don’t let the low price of the attunements fool you and don’t believe that just because it is inexpensive that it is not MORE powerful than attunements that are being sold for $45+ online. So many have asked me “Where do Reiki Masters that don’t have that kind of power get off selling attunements for $100+?” My answer is “To each his own.” That is their business not mine. I can only tell you what I have chosen to do and what my reasons are. They have their own reasons.

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Lineage was not a concern or part of the original Reiki…those teachings are not the Reiki Usui we use. The original teachings are still kept secret by a small group. These subsequent teachers that were attuned by the original 13 or their decedents added many things including the issue of charging money which was not taught by Usui and came about after his death. They are the ones that created these things that are being taught today as being important. They are not however. Remember from science class…energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only changed. No one owns energy and energy can not be diminished because of who you received it from. It didn’t come through to you through all those people in your lineage, the person who attuned you was just a channel so everyone actually gets the energy from the same original place…it is universal energy. The things that will be noticeable is the intensity you feel from one person to the next because some are a clear vessel or clearer vessel. Some have a natural strong ability to move energy, telekinesis. The clearer a vessel you are then the purer the energy flows through you without getting tainted or diminished. Usui was a true divine healer and enlightened master. Getting attuned by a person at such level means they can possibly take you to a higher level when they attune you. By the way that is the other thing that changed. Calling “initiations” “attunements”. Getting attuned by different people effects nothing unless like I said one is enlightened or has reached the beginning stages of enlightenment like myself and that just means you may end up having a move powerful attunement and clearing. Other than that no worries. Some do teach that lineage matters…they have their reason for doing so. You go with who you feel guided to go with. You know that saying…when the student is ready the teacher appears. That is not something man is in control of…it is divine that is sending the right person to you when needed.

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I get many emails asking me questions such as this as well as other questions. If I were to respond providing the answer via email it would not be fair to the people who are scheduling coaching/teaching sessions with me and also I would be spending all day answering questions via email when the truth is I don’t have that kind of time to offer. To be fair I ask that everyone do the same and schedule a coaching/teaching session. Schedule a coaching session via my scheduler at http://sherryspeaksnow.simplybook.me/sheduler/manage

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Psychic Readings

You know…sometimes a little bit of knowledge about something like the Akashic Records can just simple confuse things un-neccessarily. I will be honest. Questions like this annoy me to no end. I guess there are some readers that cater to such things but I do not have to because I did the hard long work of merging with my higher self. You can get no better and accurate information that being a clear vessel who has merged with the higher self. The higher self is connect to source and source is connected to all things. My higher self pulls information from where ever it is stored. There is no need for me to learn these things as long as my higher self is in charge. This is a better question for a reader who has not achieved merging with their higher selves and is a reader and not necessarily on a higher spiritual path.

I actually do not give information on Twin Flames. It is not because I can’t get that information but it is because what I get would be skewed because I do not believe in the importance of a person having to meet their twin flame in their lifetime. I believe if that what you had planned for yourself in this lifetime then it may happened of course but if what you came here to achieve in this lifetime is NOT predicated on needing to connect with your twin flame then that may not be something important for you to focus on. So many times I see people focusing their attention on such things and ignoring the really important things such as achieving self realization. Well, at least I am honest about this. 😉

Readings can be effect by a psychic readers belief system and also their own interests. If you go to a psychic reader who is into starseed information and does a lot of reading and learning in that area then I would not be surprised if her/his reading included information related to you being a starseed. I am on a spiritual path and have merged with my higher self, so it is not unusual that I get information from my higher self, Angels and Ascended Masters that will help you move forward on your spiritual path. Often what I get for you is what your own higher self most needs you to know at this time in your life.

Clients call me at 407-906-4595 at their scheduled time. The reason for this is because I am trying to keep the cost of things down it is easier for me to do that if you call me. Another very good reason is when I use to initiate the call so many times clients wanted to use a different phone or weren’t quite ready. This way I know you will be ready when you call me and you will also be calling me from the phone you prefer to use during the reading.

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