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Anything that clears takes time to run its course. It is TRUE that if the attunement is affecting a clearing of the charkas then that clearing may not complete for sometime (days, weeks, months…depending on what is going on with you, so no two people have the same issues to clear or the same amount), HOWEVER guess what? The attunement will be complete and you will be attuned to that system and ready to use it, although the clearing that it affects may not be complete yet. Energy is intelligent. What? Do you think energy will do what I want it to and NOT follow Universal Laws? NO, energy is ALWAYS going to do what it needs to do and HOW it needs to do it.

Remember also, at various times you have different issues going on. I may have something that needs to be cleared today that a year ago I did not have or wasn’t ready to be cleared. When you ask the question of “why was it different this time?” understand that although your question seems simple the answer is not.

Another difference could be in who attuned you. I worked so many years on myself spiritually to gain a higher level while working towards enlightenment. The higher a level you reach the higher your vibrations are and the more energy you can hold or you hold within you. The more you work at energy work such as practicing flowing energy through you along with practicing visualization the more powerful the energy you send is felt. Don’t let the low price of the attunements fool you and don’t believe that just because it is inexpensive that it is not MORE powerful than attunements that are being sold for $45+ online. So many have asked me “Where do Reiki Masters that don’t have that kind of power get off selling attunements for $100+?” My answer is “To each his own.” That is their business not mine. I can only tell you what I have chosen to do and what my reasons are. They have their own reasons.

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