Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. You will find many of the frequently asked questions related to attunements and psychic readings. If your question is not answered here then feel free to go to the contact me page and send me an email.

Psychic Readings

You know…sometimes a little bit of knowledge about something like the Akashic Records can just simple confuse things un-neccessarily. I will be honest. Questions like this annoy me to no end. I guess there are some readers that cater to such things but I do not have to because I did the hard long work of merging with my higher self. You can get no better and accurate information that being a clear vessel who has merged with the higher self. The higher self is connect to source and source is connected to all things. My higher self pulls information from where ever it is stored. There is no need for me to learn these things as long as my higher self is in charge. This is a better question for a reader who has not achieved merging with their higher selves and is a reader and not necessarily on a higher spiritual path.

I actually do not give information on Twin Flames. It is not because I can’t get that information but it is because what I get would be skewed because I do not believe in the importance of a person having to meet their twin flame in their lifetime. I believe if that what you had planned for yourself in this lifetime then it may happened of course but if what you came here to achieve in this lifetime is NOT predicated on needing to connect with your twin flame then that may not be something important for you to focus on. So many times I see people focusing their attention on such things and ignoring the really important things such as achieving self realization. Well, at least I am honest about this. 😉

Readings can be effect by a psychic readers belief system and also their own interests. If you go to a psychic reader who is into starseed information and does a lot of reading and learning in that area then I would not be surprised if her/his reading included information related to you being a starseed. I am on a spiritual path and have merged with my higher self, so it is not unusual that I get information from my higher self, Angels and Ascended Masters that will help you move forward on your spiritual path. Often what I get for you is what your own higher self most needs you to know at this time in your life.

Clients call me at 407-906-4595 at their scheduled time. The reason for this is because I am trying to keep the cost of things down it is easier for me to do that if you call me. Another very good reason is when I use to initiate the call so many times clients wanted to use a different phone or weren’t quite ready. This way I know you will be ready when you call me and you will also be calling me from the phone you prefer to use during the reading.

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