Spiritual Meaning of Seeing 1:23 on the Clock

Spritual Meaning of 1:23

So many times we can feel that something has changed or maybe we have recently made a major decision in our lives. Then it starts happening. Those numbers we keep seeing every where. 11:11, 1:11, 5:55, $8.88, 1:23, etc. For the skeptics out there yes it is possible for the numbers to mean nothing. However for those of you who […]

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Spiritual Symbolic Meaning of 777

This will be the first time you see me writing about numerology because I am not really all that knowledgeable about numerology, although I have within the last year began slowly learning. But now I write about it because maybe it will help awaken someone to messages that are right there for them to see. Just a short time ago […]

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Symbolic Spiritual meaning of 444

As I was driving home my son noted that the time on the car stereo was incorrect because recently I had my battery changed and had not reset the clock time yet. He then asked me why the clock showed the number 4:44. So here are some meanings of the number 444. I have read that Angels say that in […]

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