Clairsentience – Overview

Okay, I am starting this with a disclaimer. lol. What is written here is from my experience. We are all different as well as our experiences that you may be clairsentient and have varied experiences. But still I wish to write about it’s use because through scouring the Internet and the book store I have found very little help that gives some insight into this subject.

Clairsentience means clear feeling. Instead of like with clairvoyance in which you commonly see in your mind or outside of your mind, you are clear feeling. The most common definition that I have found is:

Prophetic Clairsentience –
A person who picks up thought and has the ability to just know things although they do not understand or know why they know. This type of person also experiences procognition that may express in the form of hunches, dreams and knowing revolving around past, present or future and how it will effect another person. For example this person may have dreams that turn out to happen although those dreams may not be literal and may still have to be translated.

Feeler Clairsentience –
This type of person picks up thoughts, feelings and experiences that manifest as a feeling. What they are feeling is energy translated into a feeling. Their sense of touch is well-developed and they have the ability to know people by feeling what they feel. After enlightenment, this is someone would have the ability to practice psychometry. The ability to put something belonging to someone in their hand and read the energy. Depending on their other gifts, they could tell the past, present or future from the energy. They have the ability to feel how others feel and not just on the emotional level. They will be able to not only empathise but experience a persons pain, bruises, loss, grief etc. For instance, if they were to channel energy from a persons past life they would experience the pain and hurt that that soul experienced in that past lifetime.

Some may have abilities of both Prophetic and Feeler Clairsentience.

For those of you attempting to discover if what you are experiencing is clairsentience, hopefully this will help.


When spirits are around you you usually feel them. Maybe you feel them touch you some where specific (your hand, neck, foot) or maybe you feel them in your heart chakra (your chakra begins to spin very fast) or maybe you even get a twitch some where on your body. You are feeling energy. Remember that everything is energy and if you are clairsentient then you have the ability to feel the energy of everything. People, animals, plants, objects and spirits. You may be thinking “Well, I don’t feel the energy of all those things.” That may be but it is really just a matter of developing your skills. I can’t usually feel animals but that does not mean I can’t develop that skill, which I plan to do. What you might feel is an electric type of energy feeling that may be very weak and light or may be quite strong. I have felt light energy because what I am feeling is not that strong and I have felt energy so strong that it is almost painful. This includes the feeling of heat and cold as well. Also what you feel may feel like pressure in your chakras. A pressure in your crown for example or your brow that you can also feel in your pineal glands.


Now of course as you may have already realized this all would mean that it is important for your chakras to be clear and functioning properly. Ground and clearing become, to you, and important daily activity.


Here are some common example of what I experience on a daily basis without any effort on my part:
    • During conversations I may feel energy in my right foot that tells me that what I am saying or the other person is saying is correct.


    • While in the presence of some one with high vibrations (other psychics) I feel them in my crown chakra as a pressure. While in chat rooms when a person enters the room I will feel a certain chakra active. I have not determined if this is letting me know their aura color or their emotional state.


    • When someoen tells me something I hear their words but feel the truth fo what they are saying. So no matter what oyu say I know your true feelings.


  • With communicating with my Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and other spirits I first feel their presence by various feelings like a chill, a touch, or an overall feeling as though they are over shadowing me (to me that feels like they are trying to get inside me almost).


Note: I do not have to do anything specific to communicate with spirits. However to comment to someone to do a reading I do. My clairsentience seems to just be always on and available to me although I seem to be able to turn it off just by focusing elsewhere. It is similar with my Empathy. If I do not focus on someone I can stop from picking up their emotions and pain. Basically I can stop from connecting to them.

Other abilities –

One who has clairsentience also commonly experiences at least so clear seeing, hearing, and smell. Many clairsentients develop the skill of psychometry which is reading the energy of objects, places and people.


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