Empathy – Citrine Crystal During Hospital Stay

I of course had to share this with you. Because of my Sickle Cell Disease I have found myself in the hospital on more than a few occasions. Never though have I taken my crystals with me. Often during my stays I am very affected by the emotions of the over worked nurses and if I have a roomate, my roomates illness. So for me a hospital stay is usually a very extreme roller coaster ride that leave everyone thinking I have serious mental issues. On top of that I am usually bothered by spirits often during my stay and don’t sleep as well as other patients…but that’s any story.

So this time I took with me my citrine crystal that absorbs negative energy and never needs to be cleansed and my snowflake obsidian which is for protection. I do believe it was the citrine crystal that was most beneficial though. My roommate yelled at me at four in the morning regarding the TV being on. My mistake…I just figured since the bright lights were all on and there was an endless parade of nurse and techs in and out taking blood, vitals, taking more blood, giving me morphine, taking more blood, and taking more blood (lol) what would it matter if the TV is on. I didn’t know it but my roommate had problems sleeping and had been requesting sleeping pills the whole time she was in there. Normally at being yelled I would have been emotionally hurt, but I wasn’t. Yes, I did pick up her anger and then felt very pissed off but what ended up happening is instead of being quiet and turn the other cheek-ish I gave it right back to her and in the process rid myself of it. I would never do that on purpose of course but hey I was on morphine and wasn’t really thinking straight at the time.

In the morning at a reasonable hour I turned the TV on. She without saying anything turned the channel to an all spanish channel without saying a word to me…like I wasn’t even there. I was already frustrated having to be in the hospital and I wasn’t rational with the morphine so that was just the last straw for me. Oh boy did I Bitch! I kind of even surprised myself. I wasn’t nice and shy and timid as usual…I was quite ready for anything she had to dish out. I wasn’t feeling any of the negative emotions from anyone…I mean I was picking them up empathically but they were not affecting my behavior to the point of me not just being me. To make a long story short I threaten to check myself out (not just because of that…there were other things as well) and that is when the nurse said that they had already had to move patients out of the room because of this woman because her problem was that she wanted a private room so she was trying to bully her roommates. It ended in a lot of yelling and crying…as I sat quietly and just let things flow, feeling unaffected because of my friend…the Citrine Crystal.Alien: Covenant film download

Note…I am not condonning any of my behavior while in the hospital so please don’t think I am saying it is okay to behave the way I did. There was a lot going on at the time and I ended up there for a reason. You could say it was a lesson for me and I had recently asked for help with something and let just say I came out of the hospital with a major problem I’d been having solved.

Empathy and Crystals

I have found certain crystal that have been beneficial to my empathy. They are Citrine and Breacceated Jasper. I am more partial to citrine since it never has to be cleaned but the breacceated jasper was recommended to me by someone at a shop in the spiritualist town of Cassadaga.

Properties of Citrine

This wonderful stone is associated with the Solar Plexus and it DISSIPATES all kinds of negative energies (clears the aura of negative energies and influences). The awesome thing about this stone is that it DOES NOT absorb any negative energy and therefore never has to be cleaned. Not only can it be used to clear negative energy for its environment but also family issues caused by negative issues are resolved and cleared by this little gem.

Citrine also relieves depression, anger and irrational mood swings. It is also good for dream recall and dream work and I can attest to that. When I place citrine under my pillow at night I have a much easier time recalling dreams but holding on to them longer after I awake.Despicable Me 3 2017 movie

Properties of Brecciated Jasper (also known as Brecceated and Bracciated Jasper)

If you want stone which will help to keep your feet solidly on the ground, promoted tranquility and wholeness then this is the stone for you. Although I need to look into it further I have also read that it is a dream inducer stone. I will have to actually test that to tell you if I think it is true however.

This form of jasper contains hematite and is the reason it has grounding properties. It is said to encourage empathy and communication with animals.

I hope this information was helpful. If you are an empath who have found a crystal to be helpful to you please post a comment so other can know as well. Thanxs! Smile!

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