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Empath Movie Review: War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise

While most writings about this movie would probably be a review this one is a warning for Empath’s to be careful making the decision to watch this really good movie.download Despicable Me 3 2017 movie

Yes, it is a really really good movie and Tom Cruise never lets me down with his awesome acting. But being an empath I was very disappointed to not be able to get through watching this movie.

First of all there was a ferry scene where it showed the ferry being tipped over by an alien ship coming out of the water practically underneath the ferry which cause cars to roll off. They shot it from the point of view of a person, the son I think, who was in the water in the direct path of the cars rolling off. Although the actual impact was not shown it still had the same effect on me as if it had been. The was the first time in the movie I had to jump up. I jump up so fast from what I felt. I jumped up and hit the on/off button on my TV. Then I began to almost hyperventilate trying to get a hold of my emotions.

I did turn the TV back on 20 minutes later cause I got brave. lol. Soon I was jumping back up at the sites and sounds of cockroach looking aliens creeping around searching for their prey on a basement. The prey included a little girl and that made it even worse for me.

So empath’s of the world be careful watching this movie and have the remote handy just in case.

And here’s a review for None Empath’s – This is an awesome movie. If you liked the original War of the Worlds then you will totally love this version starring Tom Cruise. The acting is great and being an empath I can tell you that because with bad acting I feel nothing…good acting I feel what the actors intend me to feel. It will keep you on the edge of your sofa the whole way through the movie and many tiimes you will have to remind yourself to breath. lol. Well I couldn’t watch the whole movie obviously so this review is based on what I did see. lol.

Movies and Empathy

If you are an empath you are well aware of the effect movies showing tragedy, violence, etc. can have on you. It can feel very devastating from the inside out. You think you can handle it because you know what the movie will portray so you try to watch it thinking that your heads up on the content will make you strong. But then as you watch the movie you are hit hard by the emotions and even though you quickly reach for the remote to turn off the horrid scene you are watching it is too late.

With empathy there is no “catching it in time.” You will still be affect if even only a little. What little you saw will have a tendency to play over and over in your mind. But what do you do when you have turned if off but are still feeling the effects?

Wipe your tears first of all. Acknowledge that you have been affected and must do something to take care of yourself. If you are no good to yourself, you are also no good to anyone else either. If you have children, being that empath is genetic, you may affect them. That is good to keep in mind. They don’t just pick up emotions directly from the source of the emotions, but can pick it up in a second hand kind of way. You are affect my the movie and are carrying the emotions which they then pick up from you. And you more easily pick up emotions from people you are close to of course.watch The Exception movie online now

  • Calm yourself down with some deep breathing. Come on you can do this while doing other things so there is no excuse not to practice some prana breathing. Note: I will post the techniques of prana breathing next. The prana breathing will, it you just make the effort to envision it, help you bring in new air and energy into your body and on the exhale rid the old air and energy.
  • Replace the bad emotions with good positive emotions. Your favorite upbeat music. The comedy channel is one of my favorites to use for this purpose. Laughter is very strong medicine! Get you mind re-focused on so positive feel good thing! You may think to pick up the phone and call a friend. It may make you feel a little better but what if your friend picks up on your sadness? Now both of you are feeling down. Not good huh?

Hope these tips help you in the future as they have greatly helped me.

Thanks for reading.

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