Psychic Abilities

Is It a Psychic Reading or Advice?

A topic well worth discussing is the matter of considering a psychic reading an actual reading or advice. I have spent the last few days pondering this subject for a reason.

Selling some readings on Ebay I have had some clients state that they felt I was giving advice and one even thought I was lecturing her. I really wanted to not just brush these comments off because they account for less than 1% of the readings I give, but to instead really figure this one out and give you an answer that I felt explained this subject well.

Today it came to me in a flash! Well, in a flash after four days of pondering the question that is. I can now say that any reading that in their description talks about how they give real readings and not just advice are hurting REAL psychic readers with REAL abilities. The truth is that if advice isn’t coming through from spirit for the reader then that is something they might want to work on. Giving answers is great of course but what good is going to spirit for help if you are also not willing to listen to the advice of spirit. Think about that for a moment.

Let me get a little bit more specific about what is happening during my readings as well as many others. I am fully merged with my higher self but it works similar for those who have not completely merged with their higher selves. I am asked questions. Let’s take relationship questions for example. You may want to know if John Doe likes you or is in love with you. Why? Maybe because you are in love with him. Your question about John Doe doesn’t just stand by itself. You have an outcome you would prefer, right? Maybe you want to be in a relationship with John Doe. You may not have told me what you want but, uhhhh hello, my higher self knows what you want. My readings are not RESTRICTED by what you ask and something like psychic abilities that transcends time and space can not and should not be put in a box and limited by anyone. As the client of course I am not going to let you limit me simply because you will only be happy with certain answers in a reading. Spirit can not be put in a box and limited by the human condition and hence that is what actually leads to some clients not being pleased with the outcome of their Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 download

Have I given advice? Yup, sure did! Because that is what my higher self gave through me.

Speaking of my higher self giving advice. That advice my higher self gives which some have been lucky to only pay $5 for is very valuable. Business clients often pay me quite a bit for that valuable information which has them hiring the right employees, contractor or winning new clients. So why have so many poo-poo’d advice that comes through in a reading? Sometimes the reason is just good ole competition among psychics. Some psychics feel they have to play dirty to do well and might say things in their description that they are real (implying there are many who are not) and that they don’t give advice (again implying that many psychics are fake). They do us all a disservice when they do things like that and keep misconceptions alive and well. Sometimes the reason is the clients expectation after watching psychics perform on television, movies or talk shows.

So the next time you are getting a reading and you start to hear what sounds like advice…don’t complain and instead grab a pen and start taking notes because you are receiving something very valuable.

Muscle Testing – Asking the Right Question

For those of you who do not know my strongest ability is clairsentience although I have use of all my abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, etc. I often use something similar to muscle testing with my clairsentience. It is where I ask a question (of my higher self) and wait for the answer. When I say wait for the answer I mean if it is a yes or no question I may be waiting to see if I sway left/right or forward/back. If an open ended question I will be waiting for anything I may feel such as energy going to my legs (left or right), my knee (left or right), my teeth (upper, lower or left side/right side), my head (left, right, or top)…well you see where I am going with this. I still consider it to be similar to muscle testing.

Muscle Testing Asking the Right QuestionWhen it comes to this type of communication how you ask a question is very important and effects the answer. I have gotten pretty good at formulating questions in a way where I am get the answer I am looking for and not mistakenly getting an answer that really for what I want to know is wrong. This can happen. Whenever someone asks me to explain why a psychic got “such and such” information I often respond, “I would need to know who the question was asked”. I can’t ever say another psychic was wrong because for the question they asked and how they asked it the information they got was right however it may not have been exactly what you were aiming for.

So what do you need to do? Practice formulating questions in different ways to see what you get. This is the best way to learn how to ask a good question. Doing a reading for someone? If you get answer that intuitively doesn’t sit right with you ask it in a different way and see what you get. Eventually you will be a master at asking question in the right way, no doubt!

Psychic Hearing and Making the Inner Voice More Distinctive

To begin with let me just say this post on psychic hearing relates whether you are speaking of metaphysics or you are religious person that doesn’t believe in metaphysics and psychic abilities. For me this was related to hearing my higher self, also often referred to as the higher Christ self. I will explain.

Often as I am sitting on my back porch and enjoying the piece and quiet, I am also speaking to my higher self. Being a higher self channel I am use to receiving chunks of information and concepts which I then have to put into words to pass on to someone or understand for my own self. I am also use to hearing that quiet, still and so subtle voice within my head speak by way of psychic hearing. You all know the one I am talking about. It is speaking in our own voices and that is what makes it so subtle is that it is hard to tell if it is our own thoughts coming from our brain or the thoughts being passed on to us from another source such as our high self or spirit. For many this is the struggle, to be able to distinguish our brains chatter from the what we really want to be clear to hear by way of our psychic hearing. The voice of our higher self or for those who have restricted themselves to religion that may be guidance from God or Jesus they are solely trying to hear.

To develop my psychic hearing (clairaudience) I did all the things that are commonly taught. I paid attention to everything, every thought, every word that popped into my head. In the beginning I developed by assuming everything was potentially spirit or higher self communication, so as to get use to paying attention and listening well. That did work, to some degree, in that not much gets by me. Oh yeah, I hear it all, but unfortunately often ignore what I hear thinking it is just a thought pooped out by my mind. Often I quickly find out that “Dang it! That was my higher self and she was right and I hear it, but ignored it!” So many times I have said that.

For quite some time I kept thinking that I needed to develop better psychic hearing. No, my clairaudience was fine, really good in fact. It is was all about how I was hearing. In my own voice. Arggghhhh! It makes most think. That is when my higher self gave me a little help and guidance and told me what I needed to do to achieve what I was trying to accomplish with the way I hear.


Simple idea, yes, but making it so is not going to be easy. Think of someone you know that is opposite in gender to you. Now, try to imagine hearing them say something. You should have heard it in their voice and not your own. What about one of your favorite singers. Can you hear a favorite song in your head and them singing it? Sure you can. So that is proof and validation that you can do this or rather develop to not just hear everything in your own voice.

You will need to decide what voice you would like to hear spirit guidance in. Then you will need to practice hearing that voice say things in your head daily. You need to get use to hearing in more than just your own voice before your higher self and spirit easily comes across that way for you. This may not be something you will have fully going for yourself in just a short week or two. Be patient! Be diligent with your practice!

One last note. Be careful that you allow yourself a quiet environment at times. Turn the television off, dim the lights and let it be totally quiet. Often lack of quiet space is the reason a person is having trouble hearing or thinks they can’t hear. Just be. Let yourself be still in that silence, meaning with no thoughts. You may be amazed at what you find you are finally able to hear.

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