Akashic Records

Akashic Records are misunderstood by many but is really easy to
understand. The Akashic Records refer to an energetic matrix that
surrounds the planet and is invisible. It is like a computer hard drive
and everything that happens gets recorded on it. Thought, deeds, actions
and future potentials are all recorded on this grid. Every time you
incarnated onto this planet it was recorded in the Akashic Records.

is a sanskrit word that means “Sky”, “space” or “aether”. Aether, or
Ether, is a medium that in the wave theory of light permeates all space
and transmits transverse waves formerly believed to fill the upper
regions of space.

Now that I have given you the explanation of the
Akashic Record that can be commonly found all over the internet I would
like to give you another explanation for you to consider. Remember that
knowledge is not given just to be taken but to be meditated on so that
you can come to your own understanding.

Gaia is an energy of
planet Earth. It is an energy and it is sentient (conscious). I am sure
you have heard many say that Earth is a living sentient being itself so
you are probably familiar with that concept. Gaia not just conscious but
is intelligent. It knows you, knows things, and you can communicate
with her. Some of you may have tried that or have or know someone who
has channeled Gaia so what I am saying probably does not sound far
fetched to you. Gaia speaks, yes, and one of the ways it speaks is
through the Akash. Akash in sanskrit means “Sky”. The Akash is the life
force of the planet and actually revolves around humans. The planets
purpose revolves around the human. Because every human that incarnates
onto this planet affects it, that is the reason there is the need for
Gaia to record that information, because the human(s) modify the life
force of the planet. When a person is born Gaia creates a record of it.
Gaia keeps track and makes a record of everything. It goes beyond the
concept of the Book of Life in this way because it is not only your
entrance and exit from this planet it makes a record of but every
thought, action, deed, etc. If you did it or thought it, then it is
recorded and can be read by anyone. Future potentials are also stored
that are based upon the past. Imagine that there is already a recorded
potential you can follow of you becoming this or doing that. That
potential already exists and you can actually choose to follow a path to
that potential.

Reading the Akashic Records

is also misunderstood by many. Many think they need to access the
Akashic Records in a special way or get some kind of permission. That is
not so. Actually anyone can access these records and often do even if
they do not realize it. Even what you pick up with your intuition is
coming from information store in the Akashic Record. So now you see it
is really simpler than maybe you thought it was.

You may be
wondering so what about loved ones that have passed on and the medium
that gives messages. What they are picking up is also coming from the
Akashic Record. For example, ghosts are actually imprints and if Aunt
Sally came it you every day she would say pretty much the same thing.
She would give you validating information (yes, information that is
stored in the Akashic Records) and then tell you that everything is okay
now and that she loves you. Sure the message can sometimes be varied
but Aunt Sally is an energy that is stored in the Akashic Record, an
energy that has moved on to bigger and better things but her energy and
what she has to say still comes from the Akashic Records.

Want to read more indepth information on the Akashic Record and the Cave of Creation?

Archangel Metatron Formerly the Prophet Enoch

Archangel Metatron was formerly Enoch, ancestor of Noah, transformed into an angel. One of only two Archangels that were ever human and whose name do not end in “-el”. As human prophets Metatron and Sandalphon lived very pious lives and is why they were rewarded with ascension into the archangel realm.  Other than this I want to point out that humans do not die and ascend to Angel status. So Aunt Jane is not an Angel now watching over you although Aunt Jane may be watching over you or working as one of your guides to help you achieve your purpose in this lifetime.streaming movie The Circle

Archangel Metatron the Lesser YHVHIn many sacred books Metatron is referred to as the “Lesser YHVH” (YHVH are the Hebrew letters for God) and make reference to Metatron sitting as ascribe next to God. In Exodus God says to obey the angel who is leading the mass departure “since my Name is in him,” and many Rabbis believe this is referencing Metatron.  Although it could also mean God’s name being written in the center of the interlaced triangles within ones heart which could refer to anyone who has achieved that. For further understanding of that refer to I AM teaching by the Summit Lighthouse in the book “The Human Aura” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Metatron’s specialty is sacred geometry, oversees the Akashic Records, teaches esoteric wisdom to children and adults, tackes a special interest in those (including children) who are highly sensitive or medicated because of their special gifts. So if you or your child are struggling call on Archangel Metatron to help.

He is the first Archangel that ever came to me and that I heard speak to me out loud. His energy was calming and peaceful (yet strong and larger than life) and I felt no fear. Note that he was not really speaking to me out loud but that my clairaudience manifested it seemed that way. He announced himself to me as “I AM Metatron”.  Reading the Book of Enoch you will be able to understand the benefits gained by becoming a clear vessel and what it means to have favor with God (Buddha, Mohammed, etc) as well as understand what happens when you have fallen and/or have no light within you…when you are not able to go to God even in prayer and be heard. That is one of the things a healer can do for others. When they have worked hard on themselves and have favor they can ask for healing and help for others that no longer can do that for themselves.



Clairaudience (psychic hearing)

The word clairaudience comes from late 17th century French. Clair
meaning clear and audience meaning hearing. So clairaudience is also
referred to as “Clear Hearing” often. Clairaudience is not just an
ability that is used by psychics and mediums but is used by everyone and
quite often. The little voice you hear in your head telling you that
you better slow down while driving fast on the highway is your inner
voice but is also using your clairaudient sense to give you that help
that keeps you from getting pulled over because there is a police car a
mile ahead that has setup a speed trap. So you could also say that
clairaudience often works along with your intuition.

was involved when it comes to Spiritualism coming onto the scene in
1848 in Hydesville, New York. At the home of a blacksmith named John
Fox, the family began having experiences where they heard rapping
noises. Read the full story of the Fox sisters and how spiritualism

manifests in many different ways. In movies and television shows they
portray it as a voice outside a persons head. That is because it is
television and it would make for a boring movie if you couldn’t hear
what the main character is hearing. The main character would be seeming
to just have a one way conversation and so that is not the best way to
portray a psychic skill in television shows or movies.
most often manifest as a voice or thought within a persons mind. It can
also include hearing a certain song playing in your head. Clairaudience
is also spirit noises that you can hear that sound like it is coming
from within the room you are in such as a thump in the corner or what
sounds like a large creaking noise coming from the ceiling.

takes dedication to develop. For the person attempting to develop their
clairaudience it can seem really daunting practicing hearing day after
day and feeling as though they hear nothing. Many times a person
repeatedly saying to themselves and others “I don’t have clairaudience”
or “I can’t hear anything with my clairaudience” just reinforces that
and holds off their development even longer. Practicing saying an
affirmation daily such as “My clairaudience is strong and I hear easily
and loud and clear!” can turn things around for you as I actually
learned from experience from a psychic that has a shop in the psychic
town of Cassadaga, Florida.

Of course if you want to develop your clairaudience there are some things you should do to have the best success possible.

Chakra Work

chakras should be worked because without energy being able to flow
through all the chakras and having a good flow of energy in and back out
of your body clairaudience will be more difficult to manifest. In
addition you must also work the minor chakras responsible for
clairaudience in addition to the major chakra responsible for
clairaudience which is the throat chakra.

While working the throat
chakra visualize it as a baby blue like the sky, spinning clockwise.
Although you can visualize it like a disc that is around your neck the
chakra is actually cone shaped. One cone in the front of the neck with
the large end outward like a megaphone and one cone at the back of the
neck with the large end facing outward. The front cone would spin to the
right from your own perspective and the cone at the back of the neck
would spin also to the right if you were to turn your head like in “The
Exorcist” movie and be looking behind you.

the following chakras on your head and see them as bright white spots
as you do pranic breathing or some form of a deep relaxing breathing

make it easier and more effective do the three points around the ear
and then work on the four points near the top of the head. Often try
holding the visual of all of them at the same time until it gets easier
and easier for you to hold more complex visuals.

Visualize the following chakras at the back of your head and see them
as bright white spots as you do pranic breathing or some form of a deep
relaxing breathing technique.


Work the Pineal Gland!

far as the chakra work is concerned I would highly recommend working
the pineal gland as well. Work it for the purpose of keeping it
decalsified as well as working it everyday towards the goal of enlarging
it. From personal experience working the pineal gland can greatly
increase the effectiveness of your psychic abilities and make you feel
as though you feel so on it must be a full moon, and you will understand
why I say that if you also experience heightened psychic abilities
during full moons as I do.

Sit quietly and while doing pranic or
deep breathing technique visualize a spot at the location of the pineal
gland glowing a bright white or golden sun color. Periodically, or once a
week, make an effort to visualize it larger than the last time with one
of your goals being for the pineal gland to enlarge.

Binaural Beats –  Clairaudience Frequency

Lie down, Turn-off the lights, Relax, and Clear your Mind. Breathe
deeply and let the beats put you into a meditative state. This NOT a
quick fix for the psychic ability, you do need PATIENCE. Read the WARNING below before use.

video contains binaural beats technology requiring both left and right
stereo channels. There are no or minimal natural background sounds for
maximum effectiveness. Please use good headphones or earphones to improve the effects.

are experimental samples used within our group of tester’s for over a
year. It is as perfect as we can get it now so it was decided to release
to the public. We found it is a code for unlocking the spirit. And the
spirit can do anything! Use the two basic beats stated below as a daily regiment for a minimum of 30 minutes to see the good benefits. Seriously, no pain no gain!

Crown Chakra and Aura Concentration Exercises


Exercises below aim to stimulate the communication between 2 separate hemispheres of our brain. It is known that the left eye is connected to right hemisphere of the brain and the right eye to the left. When we use both eyes independently and see the combined image, it means that the precise communication between both hemispheres is achieved to synthesize such image.

Such exercises are extremely stimulating and beneficial. Not only they increase our mental potential, but also double our bio-energy and maximize the intensity of self-healing processes within our mind-body system.

Exercise 1.

In this exercise you should compose a yin-yan sign from 2 separate halves. Get back 1 meter from the monitor. Put your finger half way between your eyes and the image below. Focus on the tip of your finger, but look at 2 halves of the yin-yan sign below, trying to achieve the perfect yin-yan sign with no gaps and no overlaps.

Try to maintain the concentration for at least 60 seconds, but preferably for about 5-10 minutes for the maximum benefit. Note, that the white dot in the red half of the yin-yan sign appears turquoise and the white dot in the turquoise half appears red. You see auric colours, and seemingly incomplete yin-yan sign now looks perfect.

Exercise 2.

In this exercise you should compose a yin-yan sign from 2 separate halves. Get back 1 meter from the monitor. Put your finger half way between your eyes and the image below. Focus on the tip of your finger, but look at 2 halves of the yin-yan sign below, trying to achieve the perfect yin-yan sign with no gaps and no overlaps.

Try to maintain the concentration for at least 60 seconds, but preferably for about 5-10 minutes for the maximum benefit. Note, that the white dot in the red half of the yin-yan sign appears turquoise and the white dot in the turquoise half appears red. You see auric colours, and seemingly incomplete yin-yan sign now looks perfect.

Concentration exercise

As a concentration exercise I have chosen the exercise which aimed to practice the communication between two hemispheres of the brain. The exercise is briefly described below and in more detail here. I was observing two circles with perpendicularly drawn diameters, presented in Fig. 3. This picture was located 2 meters away from me on a wall at the eye level.

By changing the focus and concentrating, I aimed to see one circle with a perfect cross in the middle between the two. Then I concentrated, trying to maintain the cross continuously for several minutes. Since each eye is connected to different hemisphere of the brain, the cross, synthesized by the brain is the evidence, that both hemispheres communicate with each other to achieve such synthesis.


Fig.3 Image for concentration exercise

Light Body Activation

Activating your light body is about you seeing yourself as light versus seeing yourself as a physical body. In meditation my goal would be to try to experience myself as light only which means trying not to feel as though I was in a body.

Regarding Eye of Horus Attunement

If you have just gotten attuned and are wondering how you activate your light body understand that it does not happen just because you received an attunement. The attunement should make it easier for you to achieve activating your light body. What else are you working on? Why are you wanting to activate your light body? There is a balance you must achieve. Becoming a clear vessel by working on past unresolved issues is work that for most will take years however activating your light body may make it easier for you to do the rest of the work that is discussed in the Eye of Horus Attunement Manual.

How to Activate Your Light Body

In your daily meditation try to sense yourself as a ball of light. Attempt to get to the point in meditation where you no longer feel yourself physically. Do this daily. How long will it take to activate your light body? Everyone is different. We are all at different stages in our development, not just within this lifetime but with our whole time of existence.


Mediumship is when a person calling themselves a medium or a psychic
offers messages, communication, from spirit who in most cases at one
time were living but have passed on. Mediumship is the act of performing
such metaphysically abilities such as John Edward’s has performed.

is a form of a psychic ability. To say that someone is psychic does not
shed light on the specific abilities they have developed. To say a
person is a medium is to say that they are psychic and have developed
the mediumship ability.

Mediums are not just relugated to
communicating with spirit who use to be living as humans but also pets
as well. Technically mediums could bring forth communication from any
thing that was sentient which includes so many things and beings.

medium may also be a channeler at the same time, such as a trance
channeler who allows spirit to take over their body to communicate
through them. Although this is not considered to be the safest
metaphysical way to bring forward messages many exist today who are
trance channelers, as many also existed in the past.

Although many
are natural mediums, meaning they seemed to have a natural ability to
do mediumship work, most must spend much time working to fully develop
this ability which is often done by joining a mediumship circle where a
group of people get together once or more person and together learn and
practice mediumship. The reason this method of learning is effective is
because their combined energies and vibrations make reaching a high
enough vibrational state which is need much easier. There are also many
mediumship circles which met virtually over the internet and this type
of mediumship circle is also very effective for learning and practice.

and protection is very important and this is one of the first things
practicing mediums learn. Learning to ground and protect is a skill that
can not be skipped over when practicing any metaphysical act. Often
when within a mediumship circle, even if online, once everyone has
grounded and protected themselves they are all asked if anyone is
getting anything such as a spirit coming forward to them. It can seem
that some spirits are more attracted to some due to where their
vibrations are at and how intense their light is that is within them. It
is often lower level spirit that are coming forward so for someone who
has been working on spiritual advancement towards enlightenment they
will slow experience that eventually this contact from spirit on the
other side does not happen like it use to due to their vibrations being
at a much higher level than the vibrations of the lower level spirits
which are often coming forward. However these same people will
experience a new ease with communicating with upper level spirits such
as Angels and ascended masters which have a much higher vibration and
now closer to the person who has raised their vibrations due to their
spiritual work.

Famous Mediums

John Edward – Medium
Edward McGee, Jr. (born October 19, 1969), known professionally as John
Edward, is an American television personality and professional psychic
medium. He is best known for his TV shows Crossing Over with John Edward
and John Edward Cross Country.

Born in Glen Cove, New York,
Edward says he was convinced at a young age that he could become a
so-called psychic. After writing his first book on the subject in 1998,
Edward became a well-known and controversial figure in the United States
through his shows broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel beginning in July
2000 and We TV since May 2006.

John Edward. (2013, July 2). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 22:38, July 26, 2013, from

Lucy Hale – Medium
Hale worked as a medium for 40 years, well into her eighties. She lived
in Oxfordshire, England and served the Spiritualist Churches in her
area. Interesting is that she recalls that she was not aware of any
psychic abilities as a child, and had no interest in spiritualism, and
would have dismissed it if spoken to about it. She was considered very
down to earth ans easy to relate to.

At 25 years old she came into
contact with a woman who was a spiritualist and according to her
account this woman was very gifted, good looking and polite. When this
woman who was a stranger to her began to talk about spiritualism
although Hale was skeptical she was also a little intrigued regarding
spirit communication.
Due to her curiosity and intrigue she began
going to a spiritualist church with her new acquaintance, Win, and had
some extraordinary things happen on the first visit when as others were
seeing things, and she saw nothing, her arms began to rise. She put them
down and it happened again and yet again a third time. A medium came
over to her and told her to relax and let it happen and when she did her
arms rose again and brought her to her feet. She eventually resolved to
develop whatever abilities she had which turned out to be psychometry
and clairvoyance.

Growing up and most of her young adult life she
exhibited no psychic abilities and didn’t even believe in such things.
Her work was reserved just for the church and the circle and she never
accepted any money for what she did. She is proof that through diligence
and hard work anyone can develop their latent abilities and go on to do
great work for humanity.

Doris Stokes – Clairaudient Medium

Helen Duncan – Physical Medium

Daniel Dunglas Home – Physical Medium

Jose’ Arigo – Psychic Surgery streaming

Gerard Croiset – Psychometry Readerdownload movie Atomic Blonde 2017

Eusapia Palladino – Medium

Out of Body Experience

Some know of out of body experiences from their own personal (even accidental) experiences and some know about out of body experiences from what they have read in books and online. I think the subject of Out of Body to most is interesting and intriguing.

Having an out of body experience is when the astral body leaves the physical body. If you can’t seem to wrap your mind around what that means it is okay to think of it as that invisible spirit part of your separating and going on a little adventure. Your astral body is still connected to you, attached by what is called an etheric cord so you are not completely separated from yourself so you should not have any fear of not being able to find your way back.

Going out of body is not something you only do when consciously wanting to. Actually we go out of body usually when we are sleeping and it is quite natural to do so. You may just be learning about out of body (astral projection as it is also called) experiences but I assure you that you have done it many many times and unconsciously you are a pro at it. It is just that doing it on purpose and consciously while awake is a little difficult for most and also scarey sometimes.

Why go out of body? Many reasons! Sometimes you leave your body because something has happened to you like you feel unconscious because of a accident, coma or near death experience. Some purposely go out of body to work with their guides, the Ascended Masters or Angels especially when working on psychic development or when on a spiritual path and learning/gaining understanding. Yes, many do it simply because it is fun and excited to have the opportunity to leave the body and the limitation of it and explore. I have done it for many reasons including to help or check on a friend or to do healing work. I have also done it by asking Archangel Michael to come and get me out of my body after I fall asleep. How do I know he did? Because often they are quite anxious to be helpful and being trying to pull you out even before you have fallen asleep real good.

There are many books to choose from when it comes to reading about peoples OOB (Out of Body) experiences or learning to do it consciously. There are also many techniques for accomplishing this feat.

Practicing trying to d Out of Body helps increase intuition and psychic abilities in general. It is understandable do to the great amount of focused concentration it takes such as with practicing a Psi ability like telekinesis.

Some thing to keep in mind if you are trying to attempt this is that there are heavy and strong vibrations you will feel before being ready to leave the body. This is what often keeps people from being able to successfully accomplish getting out. You will feel your heart chakra spinning so fast you will swear you think you are having a heart attack but you are not and it is quite safe. If you can hold on through feeling these strong vibrations they will soon die down and then you will be ready to leave the body. Actually leaving even though you are ready is really hard for some. They are often ready but lay there like “Okay…let’s go! Hmmm, what do I do now to get out?” Learning to do a gentle rocking back and forth until you roll right out or pulling upward on an imaginary rope that hangs from the ceiling is what some try to accomplish this. You will have to try different things until you find what works for you.

While out of body it is your thoughts that get things done but at first it is not unusual to fall into the trap of trying to do things like you do normally in your physical body. Want to go to your friends house? Think of your friend and you will be there. Want to fly? Think of flying and you will take off. Anything is possible. Walking through walls? Yes, if you understand that it is possible.

It is not unusual for those practicing lucid dreaming to also practice out of body (from sleeping) at the same time. For some this is easier to accomplish.trailer film Spider-Man: Homecoming

I recommend reading Robert Monroe’s book “Journey’s Out of Body”

Here is a friend talking about his experience out of body:

Pranic Breathing

This is take from
There are also many other webites, such as yoga websites, that also give the technique of pranic breathing.

Pranic Breathing

Initially stand, preferably on the ground with bare feet, then later you may do this siting comfortably. Regardless, you should be as close to the ground as possible so that your prana tube is in the ground. (I prefer the laying down method, but use which ever you are most comfortable with) If you are sitting, your prana tube is even lower into the ground because it does not bend with your body, it stays straight.

Visualize and feel your prana tube that extends right through the center of your body, through the center of your brain, through your pineal gland, through your perineum, (just above your anus). It extends one hand length above your head and one hand length below your feet. Put your hand above your head briefly to see how far the prana tube extends. Look down to see how far this prana tube extends below your feet. (To visualize the width of your prana tube: place your index finger and thumb together to form a circle, this is the size of your prana tube).

Begin by breathing prana up from the earth through your prana tube to your heart chakra center. (You may draw in this prana coinciding it with the inhale of your physical breath. But be aware that prana is a constant in-flow, it does not go in and out). Feel this earth prana, the life force of Mother Gaia flowing through you and expanding your heart.

Now breathe in prana from the cosmic above your head, from the crown center. (You may once again breathe in prana coincidally with your physical breath). Draw this cosmic prana in through your pineal gland and feel it activate. Draw in this prana to your heart center. Feel the multidimensional, intergalactic, universal nature of this energy. Feel this cosmic life force energy expand you in a profound way, remembering your spiritual essence.

Now do them both at the same time. Draw in prana from below and above at the same time, up through your perineum to your heart and down through your pineal to your heart. Feel your heart expanding. Feel the complete balance that is created. Feel yourself centered in your crown, connected to the realm of Spirit, connected to the earth and balanced within your heart.

Psychic Attacks Done Inadvertently

Most people understand what a psychic attack is but many do not know it is something they themselves do to others. How could someone not know? Because they are just going about their normal everyday lives and behaving as they always behaved. Not thinking that half the things they do and think could be effecting another person and quite frankly most get caught up in an experience that left them feeling so hurt and mad that they are soley focusing on their own pain and full film Cars 3 2017 online

I always tell my son that when another child does something bad to him like calling him names not to feel that he must respond because the reality is they are only hurting themselves. The bad that someone does is their karma that they must pay for but if you react, such as reacting in kind, and start throwing it back at them them you are also now in the wrong and it becomes your karma as well.

Every action has an option and equal reaction. We learned that in science remember? Well guess what?! It is so true even when it comes to a psychic attack.

Psychic Spiritual AttackI have heard of someone getting mad at another person for something they did and then finding out later that the person they got mad at got very ill. At realizing, like a light bulb going off suddenly, that they may have caused them to get ill due to the negative angry energy they sent them they felt great guilt that they could not seem to get out from under that literally tortured them. Don’t bother torturing yourself because you think you may have been inflicting negative energy on other for years not knowing. For one, that guilt will cause illness and disease for you and secondly you received karma for behavior. That’s like being sent to prison for a crime, serving your time and then when you get out you build a prison in your home and make yourself pay for the crime again. You have already paid the price whether you know it or not, now move on, learn from it and do better.

Your probably wondering about being on the receiving end of a psychic attack. That is a concern I have noticed many have. For some their lives take a turn for the worse and they wonder if someone has purposely attacked them and caused their life to circle the drain. You can be assured that you will receive nothing you don’t have coming to you. If karmically speaking you are owe it, them maybe. Then you should not fight it and let the karma play out with patience so the karma will drop. Know and believe that it will eventually drop and you can move on with your life and things will get better. Don’t let the karma drop or fall into the pit of the worry emotion and you could just be dragging things out for yourself.

We are speaking of psychic attacks (negative energy) received that is not purposely being done. Purposeful psychic and spiritual attacks are another story that require a different understand and a different solution, so don’t mix up the two.

Go forward working on your reactions. Both those outwardly as the words you say out loud to someone and inwardly as the negative thoughts about another. Work on remembering that something someone else does can only hurt them. There is a reason it emotionally hurt you and often that answer lies in your past experiences and not in the person that said something to trigger that emotion and hurt within you.

Tip: When you find yourPsychic self feeling very hurt and angry pick a prayer, decree or mantra you will say repeatedly in your head. I use to use the Hail Mary prayer. Not because I am Catholic but because I really love that prayer and it resonates with me. So when you feel those emotions building in the pit of your stomach and that burning feeling from it start saying the prayer, decree or mantra repeatedly until you feel the fire of the emotions put out within yourself.

I hope this helps you. Feel free to schedule a coaching session with me if you are having a hard time dealing with something related to this. We can work through it so you can get back to enjoying your life and having fun!

Psychic Hearing and Making the Inner Voice More Distinctive

To begin with let me just say this post on psychic hearing relates whether you are speaking of metaphysics or you are religious person that doesn’t believe in metaphysics and psychic abilities. For me this was related to hearing my higher self, also often referred to as the higher Christ self. I will explain.

Often as I am sitting on my back porch and enjoying the piece and quiet, I am also speaking to my higher self. Being a higher self channel I am use to receiving chunks of information and concepts which I then have to put into words to pass on to someone or understand for my own self. I am also use to hearing that quiet, still and so subtle voice within my head speak by way of psychic hearing. You all know the one I am talking about. It is speaking in our own voices and that is what makes it so subtle is that it is hard to tell if it is our own thoughts coming from our brain or the thoughts being passed on to us from another source such as our high self or spirit. For many this is the struggle, to be able to distinguish our brains chatter from the what we really want to be clear to hear by way of our psychic hearing. The voice of our higher self or for those who have restricted themselves to religion that may be guidance from God or Jesus they are solely trying to hear.

To develop my psychic hearing (clairaudience) I did all the things that are commonly taught. I paid attention to everything, every thought, every word that popped into my head. In the beginning I developed by assuming everything was potentially spirit or higher self communication, so as to get use to paying attention and listening well. That did work, to some degree, in that not much gets by me. Oh yeah, I hear it all, but unfortunately often ignore what I hear thinking it is just a thought pooped out by my mind. Often I quickly find out that “Dang it! That was my higher self and she was right and I hear it, but ignored it!” So many times I have said that.

For quite some time I kept thinking that I needed to develop better psychic hearing. No, my clairaudience was fine, really good in fact. It is was all about how I was hearing. In my own voice. Arggghhhh! It makes most think. That is when my higher self gave me a little help and guidance and told me what I needed to do to achieve what I was trying to accomplish with the way I hear.


Simple idea, yes, but making it so is not going to be easy. Think of someone you know that is opposite in gender to you. Now, try to imagine hearing them say something. You should have heard it in their voice and not your own. What about one of your favorite singers. Can you hear a favorite song in your head and them singing it? Sure you can. So that is proof and validation that you can do this or rather develop to not just hear everything in your own voice.

You will need to decide what voice you would like to hear spirit guidance in. Then you will need to practice hearing that voice say things in your head daily. You need to get use to hearing in more than just your own voice before your higher self and spirit easily comes across that way for you. This may not be something you will have fully going for yourself in just a short week or two. Be patient! Be diligent with your practice!

One last note. Be careful that you allow yourself a quiet environment at times. Turn the television off, dim the lights and let it be totally quiet. Often lack of quiet space is the reason a person is having trouble hearing or thinks they can’t hear. Just be. Let yourself be still in that silence, meaning with no thoughts. You may be amazed at what you find you are finally able to hear.

Psychic Smelling – Smelling Things That Aren’t There

One of the clair’s that I noticed a lack of information on how to develop and practice it is CLAIROLFACTION, also called by some Psychic Smelling. Instead of giving you the definition commonly used I will give you mine based on my own experiences using this ability. I notice that many articles are on the web about this ability but written by authors that don’t actually have he ability. Although they give great basic information I would like to think I can be more helpful to you than that based on my experiences.

A little bit about how I experienced Clairolfaction…

Even before I knew anything about psychic abilities and that everyone had them I experienced many things others say they experienced. Seeing shadows and figures out my peripheral vision, always hearing noises in the house it seemed no one else heard, just knowing things, even being able to communicate with my cat (long story and I was young. I just thought it was novel and that my cat was extra special for some reason lol), and of course I was hyper-super-over-the-top-sensitive. Since young I also experienced De-Ja-Vu on such a frequent basis that it actually started to bother me…I thought I was losing it! In my 30’s is when I began smelling things. I would ask everyone in the room “Do you smell that?” I was so often smelling things that weren’t there. Everything from the scent of fresh baked cookies, flowers/roses, cigar smoke, men’scolonge, etc. I came to actually enjoy the smell of that man. lol. It reminded me of dating a good smelling man and I liked that thought. lol.

After awakening to my abilities I began smelling things more often. Often when typing someone a message I would start to smell something. To cut to the chase my goal is to be well rounded as far as my psychic abilities are concerned so my goal is to develop all clair’s. Clairolfaction and how it worked eluded me however. I found no information on the web and I had searched and searched. I was told to ask for help. That is what I did. I asked God to send me help. That same night the help came while I was still searching the web for information (yes, I don’t give up easily or admit defeat…I am a beat a dead horse type of person. lol) Suddenly the idea popped in my head to ask my boyfriend to put something in his desk and I would try to smell it and guess what it was. I immediately thought “why would I think to do that, he is hardly at his office and will think I am nuts with such a request.” Then I heard “Trigger.” That was it. I need a trigger to practice clairolfaction instead of just saying to my guide let me smell this or that to practice. I tried that…it did not work.

This is what I did that did work…

I found pictures on the web of various things. Fruit, bread, pizza, horses/stable, coffee, cigar, cookies, etc. I was on a diet at the time and as I was practicing I realized that smelling pizza wasn’t the best idea. lol.

Looking at the picture I asked “What is it, let me smell it?” Then I relax while also focusing slightly on my root chakra. Clairolfaction is controlled by the root chakra so you really should have opened, cleared and balanced your root chakra. Actually all your chakras should be opened, cleared and balanced before working on development or else I tend to think it would be slightly like beating your head against the wall because you may or may not be able to perform based on blocks to your chakra(s).

Next I just take my time, breath normal. Don’t do what I use to do and breath physically so deeply to the point of almost passing out because you are not using your physical sense of smell even though when the room fills with the smell of cookies you would swear you are smelling it with your physical nose. Don’t pass out! lol. Take you time because I find that often I smell when I am in a relaxed state and not expecting to smell anything or focused on smelling anything. So if you try and try and nothing happens…sit back, relax, watch a little tv to take your focus off trying to smell, and just let it happen.

Don’t worry if some times it just won’t happen, that’s okay. It happens and is normal when developing for it to be sporadic. Remember the reason for developing is to gain control…so you don’t have control yet so some times it just won’t happen. Go on to the next picture or take a break and come back to practicing later.

Some key things to be aware of are the smells in your home/environment. You need to know if you smell lavender that it is your psychic sense and not that glade air freshener oil warmer you have pulled in. Are your windows open. You need to make sure the smells are not coming from some where else. Like I have done in the past, if you smell smoke, natural gas, etc. it is okay to go check it out and I would recommend it. After all you have to gain trust in your abilities so go check out that smell and you will know that it is your psychic sense.

Your probably also wondering what about when you have no idea what your smelling. That is where developing more than one abilities comes in handy so not to worry. Most often when I smell something it is an additional clue to what I have already got using my clairsentience, just knowing and clairaudience. The goal is to use one sense in conjunction with another. Working together like that you probably will know what that smell is or what it reminds you of which is usually right. Remember to note the first thing that comes to you…what did you first think that smell was? Or who did the smell remind you of right off? Did you get some other thought or impression when you smelled it? Don’t discount anything…not if you want to develop. And…just tell the person what you recieved or describe the smell as best you can because possibly they will full War for the Planet of the Apes film online

My last tip…often your friends will not want to play guess that smell with you. lol. My best friend say that when her husband asks her to play that game the smells are not to pleasant smelling. lol.

Okay…here’s some general information about Clairolfaction:

A person with the ability of clairolfaction doesn’t smell the normal smells that are present in general, but smells energies. These energies are transformed into smell in the nose. The person does smell something that most other people do not smell at the same place. The origin of the energy that is smelt isn’t always known. The body or a part of the body (also each organ or tumour) is emitting energy (in the aura/energy field of the person), what can be received by a person with the ability of clairolfaction. Not only the body or parts of the body are emitting energy, but everything does do that.
Someone who is clairolfaction, smells often only a part or some of the possibilities below. Besides the ways of clairolfaction mentioned below, there are also other possibilities.

What possibilities do exist?
· Smelling diseases
· Smelling shortages
· Smelling the smell of a dead person
· Smelling a smell of someone who is going to die
· Smelling that something isn’t good/healthy for you
· Smelling things you see
· Other?
· Smelling diseases

When a person with the clairolfaction ability smells a disease by a person or animal, the person smells the (negative) energy that is emanated by the sick organ. Because every disease emanates a different energy, the kind of disease can be recognized. When you smell a disease for the first time it would be difficult to determine what it is.

It is well-known that dogs can trace cancer by humans. These dogs are clairolfaction.
· Smelling shortages
Every person needs his own basic quantity of food, if the body or mind don’t want getting trouble. The quantity and composition of the basic quantity differs from person to person. Each person needs other products. Nobody is the same. The body will function worse with shortages and with to much of certain food. the energy that is needed of a certain product (for example a specific vegetable or fruit) will be present in the aura of a person. The paranormal person can possible smell this emanation in the aura, and the nose of that person will transform the energy of the shortage in a certain smell of a certain product. What rests is a right interpretation what is meant with the smell.
It also occurs that if someone is smelling a product, it means that someone has to much energy of that product in his body and must not eat to much of it.
· Smelling the smell of a dead person
Every person has a certain smell with himself. People love also some particular smell. When spirits are present in a room, they can make themselves known by a smell. This smell can be connected to a person that past away that loved or had that smell. This smell can’t be detected by ‘normal’ noses.
· Smelling a smell of someone who is going to die
Some people with the ability of clairolfaction can sense the ‘smell of death’. In the days/weeks/months before a person is dying, the energetic body of the person is coming apart from the physical body. With this process some energy comes free, which can be received in the nose which translates it in a unique smell. Other people do not sense this smell. The person who is going to die, appears to have this smell with him.
· Smelling that something isn’t good/healthy for you
Another possible ability of clairolfaction is smelling of something is healthy to eat or not. For example pâté, this has a very specific smell. When the pâté smells different by clairolfaction, it is known the pâté isn’t healthy to eat anymore. Another person, who doesn’t have clairolfaction, just smells and doesn’t find anything strange or wrong about it. The person with clairolfaction ability gets the smell of the product in the nose. With this smell the person also gets the energy of the product in the nose. In this way the person smells the energy of the product.
· Smelling things you see
Another possible characteristic that a person with the ability of clairolfaction can have is that he smells the smell of something he sees. For example when he watches television and sees the pictures of a stable, he smells the horses. Pictures of seawater and he smells the sea. Or if a person is seen, the smell of the person is smelled in the noise. And so on.

Speaking With Your Spirit Guides

I know for me this was one of my biggest and most important goals, to speak with my spirit guides. Before awakening I would talk yo them know they could hear me even though I couldn’t hear them. Since I didn’t know my guides name I gave her/him a form of my middle name. My middle name was Andrea so I called my spirit guide Andy for probably about a year. The thing to always remember is to be respectful. As respectful as you would be to anyone you are communicating with.

Even though during that time I couldn’t hear my guide I had pretty good intuition and many have better intuition than they even realize. If I had a question I would ask it knowing that at some time during the next day or two the answer would just come to me. A thought or idea suddenly popping in my mind is what it was like.

If you would like to meet and speak with your spirit guides one of the best ways to do this is in meditation. Before you begin your meditation state that you would like for one of your guides to come to you in your meditation so that you can meet, find out their name and be told anything they would like to tell you. Your guides are there, always there with you, and will hear you and will come.

Ya know the saying “If you build it they will come.” That is what I did in meditation. I built a place where I could sit, enjoy the atmosphere and wait for my guide(s) to join me. I would create a scene that I would visualize in meditation. An open field of soft grass near a waterfall that was on one side and a brook on another side. I met a few of my guides full Cars 3 2017 movie

The important thing to remember is to TRUST what you see and hear. In the beginning you will come out of meditation feeling like what you experienced was something your own mind made up. I assure you it is not. So, take notes after your meditation. Even better…start a journal where you can write about all your experiences and especially things you hear and are told in meditation. Don’t worry if the first couple of times you just can’t make it happen. Meditation is not exactly magic. It is something you need to do often and practice. If this is important to you then I am sure you won’t mind putting in 15 minutes a day.

Also in the half a sleep/half awake state it is easier to hear (as though outside your head) spirits. I have so far heard Metatron and Queen Mother Mary (as she announced herself in this way). The funny thing is having doubts and not really trusting at the time it was great that they came to me versus another spirit. Because I knew nothing of them at all and even had to look up information on them. So that helped to take away my doubt.

I won’t give you an impression that I was not a little freaked out. I was! My heart was racing so fast and I was so nervous but I tried to stay calm and stay in that half awake/half asleep state so that I could hear as much as they had to say to me. It was an awesome experience. It’s okay that you are nervous but stay calm and remember that they love you and do everything they can to make sure your contact with them is a good experience so you can learn, grow and then share the knowledge with others.

If you have any experiences to share I am sure other would love to read them…so feel free to post them here and leave a link to your blog or website if you would like and I will be happen to check it out and write a post telling others about it.

Spirit Guides Turning Out to be Demons?

The topic “Spirit Guides Turning Out to be Demons” is a title of a video a friend old me about. When he stated the title many things came to mind.

For those of you working on communicating with your spirit guides you must keep in mind that good discernment is needed. It is not unusual to hear someone say that they feel their spirit guides turned out to be something other than what they thought. I have known many people in the past that mistook lost discarnate spirits for guides.

Let me break in here to explain what I mean by discarnate spirits. They are those who have died but have not crossed over completely and so they are still grounded to earthly concerns. The HUMAN PERSONALITY after death but before crossing over and becoming one again with the light/God.

Those spirits gave them abilities that were amazing and powerful. They could do it all. They could go out of body, use all Clairs easily without practice, had no problem hearing and communicating with spirit, etc. But those abilities were not of God and were given to them from spirits that had other plans for them. Eventually those people ended up calling out for help saying they were being possessed. Great time for the bible thumping Christians to jump in and say their piece, right? Right! And often they do. No offense to those who consider themselves Christian but often this is where Christians usually jump in to call almost everything evil, demonic and of the occult. No everything outside of Christianity is not evil, it is just that discernment is needed whether we are talking about using psychic abilities or listening to our Christian Pastor. You need to develop good discernment so don’t jump to fast into fully communicating with spirit until you have spent sometime developing that discernment so you will know whether what is communicating with you is truly your spirit guide or…something else with its own agenda.

Synesthesia – What Colors Does That Song Make

I remember reading about Synesthesia some time ago. Basically that is what it is called when you have a crossed response. Such as hearing a song and seeing a certain color or colors. I have also heard about some people that see colors of speech like when someone is talking.

So, I read that only about 5% of people have Synesthesia. I don’t know what that percentage is based upon since we know there are so many people who are empaths and are unaware of it, so I am betting that percentage is a lot higher. Also I know from experience that this is a skill you can learn. So I am not sure that this is something only some have but instead is like psychic abilities in that it is something that not all have developed although they could if they wanted to.

I signed up at this really cool site called “Soul Pancake” and signed up for their newsletter. So in their most recent the first article was about Synesthesia. “COOL!” I thought. I love it when things like this make it out into more main stream sites and to a wider audience because for those who are empaths you know what it is like to get the “What is that?” from people who have never even heard the term…or watched Star Trek. lol.

Here’s the excerpt:

Sunday Is Yellow And Four Is Round

When you hear a song, do you see a particular color? Do certain scents evoke specific sounds? Do numbers and letters appear as colors? You may be experiencing synesthesia – the neurological condition of “crossed responses to stimuli.” While only 5% of the population experience it, synesthesia is becoming more and more recognized and valued, especially in the work place. Recent research suggests that synesthetes can now claim résumé value for their condition and add a rare element of creative thinking to the table that can make products better. Maybe you’re one of the 5% who has it—along with Pharrell Williams, Wassily Kandinsky, and Vladimir Nabokov.

Anyway, my point of writing about this is not so you will leave my site and pop ever there, although I understand the curiosity pull, but to explain that this is something you can develop. I do feel that purposely developing this ability can help with healing/energy work. For example, I think it helps kick into gear the ability to see and smell overages or deficits in people. If you don’t know what I am talking about, some people during hearing sessions realize they are picking up a certain smell or seeing a certain color in their minds eye to find out later that they are smelling an imbalance within the person. I think this type of ability comes in really handy for a healing and this also works even if you are doing healing at a distance. You may remember me telling the story of giving healing to someone’s puppy when every time I would start typing an email to the person I would smell fresh baked bread and later I found out it was because they were giving the puppy medicine for worms wrapped up in a piece of bread and it was making the puppy worse because they had self diagnosed the puppy instead of taking it to the vet. Unfortunately, even though the person immediately stopped giving the puppy the medicine it was too late to save the puppy, but I think you get my point of how helpful it would be to develop this movie Spider-Man: Homecoming

Keep in mind that even though they have given it a name (synesthesia) it is really a metaphysical ability and like I said an ability anyone can develop and I am proof of that.

So this evening, get your headphones and put on some classical music. Sit and relax with your eyes closed. You may have to do this a few times before anything happens but when it does and you start to see colors you will be amazed and a little bit in awe.

If you do try it please let me know about your experience after you give it a few tries. Of course also, try different types of music as well and remember that high vibration music will give you a better experience…I think.

Third Eye Activation and Opening

third eye activationThe Third Eye is a topic I am asked about so many times. I realized that there are so many of you that have an interest in knowing the answer to that question and I have no problem sharing the answer. Of course, for those that know me, you know I never have a problem sharing what I know, but this question causes me to hesitate often when I am asked it. Why? Simple, I don’t want any of you to hurt yourselves and also I know some of you won’t like my answer because my answers often lead to work needing to be done on your part. Time that you must put in. Real work that must be done. If you are willing to do the little bit of work then you can reap the benefits like I have and I do want you to be able to reap the benefits.

Before I tell you the answer please allow me to take a trip back into my past and share with you my experience that in itself will answer some questions for you.

There was a time when my son was two years old that I started having a lot of empathic experiences that had me questioning, yet again, whether I was an empath. The experiences at times were so bad that I just had to know if there was more to me than what I had previously thought. I had already been reading a book about the Law of Attractions and that knowledge was changing my life permanently for the better. That book led me to looking up ways to raise my vibrations which led me to Reiki. I had previously never heard of Reiki or any such thing. Reiki led me to knowledge and information about the chakras and meditation as I read the Reiki Manual. Before you knew it I was coming closer to the answer I had been looking for, or rather a way to get that answer of what more was there to me than I had previously thought there was. That all led me to realizing, some how and I think intuitively, that the answer may lie in the third eye. I easily found an exercise to open the third eye. I followed it exactly as the directions instructed. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little worried because I was already having many spirit experiences that were freaking me out, such as sudden knocks on the windows, feeling some invisible hand rub my head from almost the forehead to the back of my head, and more. I was already working on learning to meditate and learning that the root chakra controled fear. Clearing the root chakra, I believe, alleviated a lot of my fear and allowed me to make it through all the experiences I had without having a major heart attacked out of fear. I still flip flopped back and forth on whether I was okay with seeing spirits however. Eventually I realized it was not up to me so much as it was up to spirit whether they would show themselves or how they would manifest to me as well as my own abilities that would dictate that. I’m speaking of spirits such as Angels and Ascended Masters. So much to learn, so much information and often seeming contradictory, which I would eventually get use to the way true knowledge was that way.

To make a long story a little bit shorter, I did the third eye exercises just as instructed followed by 27 more day of meditation and chakra work on the seven major chakras…daily. When I did the chakra work I would always use sound. ALWAYS. That’s an important piece of the puzzle so if you are taking notes write that down. So, that was 3 days of the third eye exercise and 27 days of chakra work on the seven major chakras (always working from foot to crown) for a total of 30 days. I kid you not, on the 30th day my empathy fully awoke. When I say fully awoke, keep in mind I had always been empathic and manifesting empathy here and there but never 100% since I had been a child. Well, on the 30 day it was 100% open. It was an experience I will never forget. I could feel any one and everyone within a certain distance around me so easily. Also, as people would talk about others, such as sick relatives and friends I would connect without effort to them and feel them no matter where they were in the world. I won’t say it was awesome, it was something however. Something to adjust to. Something that could have kept me in the house not wanting to experience pain, sadness, others drug use, etc. I did not let it make me back up in fear. I took the good with the bad and hung in there with it. It was not easy but it was for a reason. Everything is stepping stones and if you ever think “I have arrive and I am done because I have found what I am looking for!” then you have in fact LOST because everything is a stepping stone leading to the next thing.

So the answer to the question about activating or opening the third eye is simple. No an attunement will not do that for you no matter what attunement it is. An attunement can expand your abilities but not open them initially. You need to do the work of opening up. Chakra work and meditation is the key along with using sound. Once you have opened up successfully NOTHING will happen. You won’t suddenly just be a psychic reader. No that takes practice. So opening up is just the first step and daily practice and exercise of the abilities that may r may not be manifesting or manifesting strongly is the next step before what you are seeking is realized.

Note: Don’t forget that you need to learn grounding and protection!

Who’s Acid Reflux Is This? – Empathy and Clairsentience

Funny title, yes! But that is the reality of the empath who is also clairsentient.

There you sit watching TV one night. You are comfortable, content and enjoying your favorite reality show. Then suddenly you are not feeling well. You think to yourself “Man, what did I eat that gave me this awful feeling of indigestion?” But you can’t think of anything you’ve eaten that has ever made you feel this way before.

This is the point where you should stop and ask yourself the question that is most important for an empath. How was I feeling a few minutes before? How was I feeling the majority of the day? If the answer is that you had been feel just fine and happy then as an empath you should have confidence that what you are feeling is not yours. knowing and acknowledging that it is not your is half the battle. But this part is the most difficult for movie John Wick: Chapter 2 now

Constantly paying attention to yourself and getting to really know yourself and how you feel and think, and paying attention to all of that, is key. If you don’t know yourself including how you normally feeling then how can you easily know when feelings and pains are not yours.

I do believe that this is the beginning step for controlling empathy.

How do you feel right now? Have you even stopped throughout the day to pay attention to how you feel? Do you have any pains? How would you describe your mood? How is your mood normally? Do you normally fly off the handle and hurl things through the air? Do you normally get so angry your head feels like it is going to explode? If angry, can you explain why YOU are angry? Does the emotions you are feeling make sense to you?

As an empath you need to not react to emotions that are not yours however to be able to do that you need to know yourself and know what is not yours.