Can a Reiki Master be Polluted?

The question “Can a Reiki Master be Polluted?” pertains to a questions I saw asked on a forum related to a person who had gotten an attunement to the first level of Reiki. A very interesting question indeed. Here is the exact question that was asked… I’ve receive my first degree in traditional usui reiki in 2012. However, I feel […]

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Distance Attunements

The idea of attunements performed at a distance was actually not an idea/concept created by man. Distance attunements and healing’s have been happening probably since the time of Atlantis. However there are some Reiki Masters that would have you believe they created and introduced the concept. They are safe to do so because Angels and Ascended Masters are not ego […]

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Light Body Activation

Eye of Horus Attunement

Activating your light body is about you seeing yourself as light versus seeing yourself as a physical body. In meditation my goal would be to try to experience myself as light only which means trying not to feel as though I was in a body. Regarding Eye of Horus Attunement If you have just gotten attuned and are wondering how […]

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