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Asking For Signs

This is something that I really haven’t addressed as of yet. Asking for signs. Many times I have asked for signs from God. He never disappoints and the signs always come and totally amaze me. This post is meant to get you thinking and maybe help give you some ideas of how you can let God and your helpers (spirit guides, Archangels, Guardian Angels, etc.) play a more active role in your life. Of course always required is an open mind and believing.watch full Power Rangers film

A couple weeks ago I asked God for help with controlling my emotions by giving me a what would be like a tap on the shoulder meant to say “Hey, you need to chill.” To make a long story short….although I have come a long way when it comes to my personal development and making mental, emotional and physical changes in my life, of course I am not perfect. I have a just turned 5 year old that sometimes pushes me to the very edge. I of course want to be one of those people who sends out almost nothing but positive energy and vibes but alas the 5 year old breaks me at times. lol. How do I let myself get sucked into yelling matches with a 5 year old? lol. It takes a lot to push me over the edge so it doesn’t happen very often but when it does it is something that bothers me. It bothers me because tomorrow
isn’t promised and if I am not her tomorrow and want that last day to be one where no matter how I was treated by anyone I gave unconditional love.

So I asked God for help. I asked him if he could remind me when I am getting close to the edge and need to pull back. I gave examples of what I was talking about. Flashing lights, sounds, and turning certain things on and off (my printer is often turned on and off and I have known people who’s computers have been turned on and off, browser windows opening by themselves and onto specific websites, etc.) to mention a few ideas. Well that convo with God was a couple of weeks ago and I had almost forgetten about it. On Friday my best friend that I haven’t really talk to in a couple months came over and we spent a few hours catching up. I admit we were gossiping which is a no-no (I feel
that because sometimes it’s negative) when all of a sudden the lights flashed. Yes, could have been a power surge but I have gotten those often and it is usually quick on and off of power. This was very different. This was like a slow-motion flash. The lights did not go off all the way. They pretty much dimmed to almost darkness and kind hung in
the state for a moment. I could tell it freaked my friend out a little.

Then today…I was arguing with my 5 year old (I know I always say 4 yr old but he had a birthday on the 6th of March and he thinks that is some magical age where suddenly he has become a grown man that can call the shots and now willingly eats veggies. Yes he set the age of 5 to be the age where he eats all vegetables lol.) So I was saying something negative about his grand-parents, my parents, who are very controlling in every way. I was very frustrated and being very vocal about it. I was in his room at the time and neither of us was standing by the door and suddenly this decoration that I have hanging on the out side of his door swung back and forth widely three times. We both stopped talking (yelling)  abruptly and looked at the door. My sons says to me, you did that cause I didn’t do it. I was further away from the door than he was and immediately knew what was going on. I took the cue and shut up with
my negative whining about my parents.

Other times when I have asked for a sign of something I have gotten various things. I am an air sign and get many signs that way. The first time a hawk. Two cardinals chirping wildly got my attention and got me outside. Once outside I swear they just looked at me as they sat then quietly and then I saw it. I had never seen a hawk that up close before. Of course it was a mouth hanging open speechless moment. Over the next few months me, that hawk and the male and female cardinal got more familiar with each other. At one point I momentarily doubted myself. I had one of those moments where I thought maybe I am crazy or just imagining things. So I stepped on the back porch and asked God if I could have a visit from the hawk. Damned if the hawk didn’t come within minutes. So I never of course doubted the signs again.Free Fire 2017 movie

Another way I ask for help is during the night. I ask for help being waken and knowing when my son needs me. The
most memorable was when I got a vision of his bed empty in the middle of the night after my dog started barking. I raced to his room and opened the door and the first thing I saw was an empty bed and of course my heart stopped. Then I looked down and there he was…asleep on the floor.

Ask for help with things in your everyday life…and know that help will come.

Digesting Energies – There is Energy Between the Words Spoken

I want to share with you something I came across. Many times I have spent weeks or months coaching/teaching someone when they say to me “One day I want to get a reading from you.” I often respond by saying “Please tell me you have been listening the past few weeks/months.” But there is also more than just the words I say or that anyone says. There is energy behind words. Sometimes I can say something and know I just totally said it in a messed up confusing way but often the person totally gets it. Why? Because it was not just the words they were listening to but they were also picking up on the energy that is even more powerful than the words. We can meditate together or just sit and have coffee together and things will come to you even though we are both being silent. It actually happens many times when someone visits me and we are just sitting there in silence. Some times they suddenly jump up and are over come with a great idea. Often they are not conscious of this transmission of energy and what it contains. This excerpt came from http://www.energyenhancement.org/EnlightenmentTalkonEnergyMeditation.htm

And the Buddha taught everyday for forty years, traveling around the north of India, from town to town where he was invited, giving talks, provoking arguments, discussions and many times they tried to poison him.

Great jealousies, great energies were released by what he did.

On one particular day, he came out as usual and sat beneath the Bodhi tree, thousands of monks around him and he just sat.

For one hour he said nothing and he had this little flower, the white flower in his lap that he was just looking at. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

And after that one-hour, one of the monks moved and he started to laugh. And the Buddha stood up and he walked through the thousands of monks to the one monk who had been laughing and his name is recorded as being Mahakashyapa and he gave that flower to Mahakashyapa and he said, “You have understood”.

And he gave him the transmission of the flower. And he said to him, “Many people come here to hear my words but it is not the words you are meant to hear. It is the energy between the words, which I transmit; not the intellectual knowledge of what I am saying. There is actually energy between the words that you are meant to hear.”

Does Karma Get Some but Skip Others?

The topic of karma! I hope you haven’t gotten tired of me speaking about karma yet. It must seem at times like every where it is being thrown in your face even if the “K” word isn’t being used. However I think the question of “Does karma get some and skip others?” is important especially if you are suffering financially and you see your neighbors, who by your definition are bad people, thriving at every turn. Sometimes that view over the fence into the neighbors yard can have you screaming to God “But why!!!!!!!!!” Been there! It’s okay for you to laugh (and cry a little) because I know many of you can relate.

The short answer is NO absolutely NOT! Karma doesn’t ever skip over a person. The thing about the Universe and how it works is that it is the one thing you can always count on to work the same way. It does an accounting. Nothing is ever missed. The universe is never sleeping on the job and all is seen, heard and felt even when you miss it like when someone does something behind your back that you never know about or find out about.

So why would someone wonder if Karma skips people sometimes? Because it can sometimes look that way. We don’t always get an opportunity to see a person karma play out and sometimes we do and don’t put two and two together. Karma is very crafty the way it works and if it was easy to understand people would not be writing about it and trying to explain it all the time.


Karma – Always on Duty

To explain I will use the explain of SPEECH AS A RECORD PLAYING. There are things you have said in previous lifetimes or early on in this one. It may have been something hurtful you said even if you didn’t mean to be hurtful. It created karma for you. That karma from your hurtful speech will come back to you and slap you in the face. It will be said back to you but here is the tricky part. It is all in the “WHEN”. When will it play out? Maybe this lifetime. Maybe the next. The thing with karma is that to live a better life full of lots of miracles all the time you need to lessen your karma. Hard to do if you don’t let the karma drop when it is played back to you. So lets say someone says something foul to you tomorrow and you don’t respond or you respond in acceptance such as saying back to them “Yes, you are right and I am working on that.” Then the karma will drop. You debt is now paid and it will be taken off the books. But lets say instead you argue back with them. You say “Well you know what YOU’RE problem is…” Uh oh! Not good. Not only did you not let your karma drop but now it will increase. Your backpack was already heavy and now you just added another heavy rock to it.

When does karma play out? Karma plays out when an opportunity presents itself. Sometimes it has even played out for me when it is out of context where someone has seemed to totally go off topic. That speech as a record playing will have it day one way or the other and maybe simply because an argument is already happening that is very negative and so it is the perfect time to just throw another negative word on the pile.movie Okja 2017 trailer

So no, karma doesn’t skip a person. It is just that when and how it plays out and in what lifetime is very complex.


Ego – How Can It Be Helpful?

I was thinking this morning and before I started smelling burning rubber something came to me. Ego is always thought of as something bad that should be always controlled. That maybe be true but when someone responds or speaks with ego is that a sign of something that we should be paying attention to?

If you hear me boasting one day that I helped out a friend and gave them a considerable amount of money to help them out of a jam and I seemed to really go on and on about myself and how I was able to do that you might be thinking “Oh, well she shouldn’t be bragging about it because that is her letting her ego come out to the forefront.” But there is another way to think about it. Could my ego stepping out like that be a sign that I am in need of something? Some kind words maybe? A simple thank you from someone?

It is true that we shouldn’t give and need something in return for it. However, everyone needs reassurance at times and to feel they are appreciated. Gratitude and appreciation are very important to express. But often it is expressed silently and not direct. I mean not directly to the person or people.

The Law of Attraction teaches that before you can expect good things to come that you need to express gratitude for the things you have and those things you are waiting to come to you as though you already have them. Gratitude is very powerful as anyone who practices the law of attraction knows. live streaming movie Baywatch 2017 online

Could the ego people show be a sign and give you an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to someone? Could the ego be expressing what the person is in need of. And if the person was getting all their ego needs fulfilled then there would be less reason and less moments when their ego feels the need to come out and show itself in a negative way.

And related to empath’s…wow! Imagine that an empath would have the ability to always know when someone was in need of something that would help the other person keep their ego in check. What am I saying then? I am saying that as an empath when you feel certain emotions from people that is an excellent opportunity for you to put your empathy to work in a great way. Feeling someones jealousy? Take the time to tell them how nice you think they are and other compliments specific to them. Feeling that someone thinks they are better than everyone? Give them a compliment that you are impressed with them and what they do. Use that empathy to not only feel what people need but to give them that boost that will help them put their ego back and check and make the world and even nicer place.

Okay…I don’t smell burning rubber any more so I think that is all I have to say. lol. Please feel free to post a comment and give your opinions…especially those of you with more expertise with the subject of ego.

Empathy – An Introduction to the Violet Flame

The reason I feel this has everything to do with helping the empath is because the violet flame is transmuting and has the ability to affect change and turn the negative into positive. That’s got EMPATH HELP written all over it. lol.

The Violet Flame comes forth from the violet ray. The violet ray is one of freedom, mercy, forgiveness and transmutation. The ascended master St. Germain, who attained ascension in 1684, bring to us the gift of the violet flame. I think that it is also important to know that because at anytime you can call on St. Germain for help in using the violet flame. St. Germain, serving on the seventh ray, also is known as the “Lord of the Seventh Ray” and is the seventh angel prophesied in Revelation 10:7 who, “when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God shall be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets”.

How wonderful is the violet flame? Well you tell me. The violet flame raises your level of consciousness and heals body, mind, spirit and soul. Yes, this also means illness, disease and psychological problems. But hey…don’t get the idea to ditch your doctor thinking you can attain mastery of the violet flame over night. After all, St. Germain lived many lifetimes working on attaining ascension embodied as the prophet Samuel, Saint Joseph, protector of Jesus, Saint Alban, Merlin, Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus, and Francis Bacon. The violet flame is transmuting of the negative into positive and is a way to accelerate spiritual growth. It is a tool to help in you physical, spiritual, maternal and emotional life. Remember that nasty “K” word – Karma? The violet flame has the power to TRANSMUTE cause, effect and often the memory of our past mistakes. All that should by now have you thinking “Wow! What do I do next and where can I find this violet flame?”

I think that before beginning to use the violet flame that it is important to understand it completely. Reason is that then when it is used it is in the back of your mind all that it can and is doing for you and this ties a little bit into the POWER OF THOUGHT. Through the POWER (or SCIENCE) OF THE SPOKEN WORD you may see, feel, and feel the violet flame when it is called forth/invoked correctly.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

The POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD combines prayer, meditation and visualization – what is called dynamic decrees. Dynamic decrees work to affect permanent and positive change because they are designed to invoke the fires of God.download Fifty Shades Darker 2017 movie

I am going to end this port here because basically what comes next is how to use the Violet Flame and that as you can imagine is a whole post in itself. I am trying really hard to not make my posts too long so the reading is easier and quicker but alas I seem to be having a hard time doing that. lol. So, thank you so much for reading and I will try hard to cut down on the lengths when I can.

Violet Flame Decree

Frustrations and Pressures of Life are Impermanent

Just because I have read a lot and seemed to learn everything there is to know does not mean the lessons are any easier. If there is a lesson I need to learn although I may have the knowledge and understanding needed to traverse a tough road does not mean it will be simple. I know all about impermanence. I speak to many about it all the time. Often when people tell me the thing they have going on in their life I remind them that these things are things that are very impermanent. What you may be dealing with today will be over tomorrow and if not tomorrow then the day after that. Things we deal with don’t last long or at least the experience doesn’t. The emotional skid marks may last longer, that is if we let them.

I have been feeling bombarded with things coming at me from every where. Then I realized “Hmmm, there is a theme here!” Yes, a theme of people coming to me to help them solve their problems and the things they want me to help them with are things I also have going on for my own self. These things they need help with are also things that I do or have to do on a daily basis for myself but I am not reaching out for help because I just deal with them and see them as no big deal. I see them as just another little task I have to do. The last, I don’t know how many days, the walls of people have been closing in on me and last night and today I haven’t dealt with it as well as usual. While trying to see the truth in it all I started to cry and I sniffled and I felt like I had just inhaled pool water. I could smell it and almost taste it. I started to laugh a little at the thought that even when I started to lose it a little my abilities still worked and I was able to pick up the chlorinated pool water. I understood right away. Water represents the emotions and the chlorine is used to purify the water. Also may be telling me that my emotions as of late are tied to a purification or clearing I am going through and the reason I am feeling more sensitive than normal.

So, what do I do with all of this? I hang on for the ride and not pay much attention to the things that are coming at me because they are impermanent and they will pass. In the meantime while I am waiting I will just deal with the things I have to deal with and be thankful and it is not permanent and soon this too will be in the past…just a faint memory.

Can you see things as being not a big deal? Can you just let things pass? Can you survive because you know that tomorrow will be different?

Early Buddhism dealt with the problem of impermanence in a very rationale manner. This concept is known as anicca in Buddhism, according to which, impermanence is an undeniable and inescapable fact of human existence from which nothing that belongs to this earth is ever free.

Hinduism also believes in the impermanent nature of life. But it deals with this problem differently. According to Hinduism, impermanence can be overcome by locating and uniting with the center of permanence that exists within oneself. This center is the Soul or the self that is immortal, permanent and ever stable.
Frustrations and Pressures of Life

How to Pray, Decree or Say Mantras Effectively

You probably wouldn’t think there is a more correct way to pray. Most don’t think of praying as something you can ever do in a wrong way but then so many around the world pray and don’t receive the benefits of prayer that they think they should. Many times I have asked someone I have been coaching if they pray followed by me asking “But how do you pray?” It really isn’t just enough to just pray and pray any kind of way.

I will admit I learned about this from reading the book “The Science of the Spoken Word” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet as well as a few others. Before reading and learning about how to pray and says decrees, and mantras, I too just prayed however with little concern for doing it incorrectly. Since I am clairsentient and can feel energy I knew there was something not quite right. Most times I was not feeling it, not feeling anything, and I knew that I should be at the least because during spiritual work your vibrations are raised. So if my vibrations were not being raised effectively then I knew something must be missing from my practice of praying and saying decrees.

First, you should always be sitting in a posture that I call a respectful posture. Sitting in an alert way, with your feet on the floor and back fairly straight. Then you begin praying, decreeing, or saying a mantra. I know that you may think it does not matter whether you speak out loud or silently, but with this it does matter. You need to speak out loud. What makes prayers, decrees and mantras work so effectively is the sound. Sound has frequency and word have a vibration. Certain words have a higher vibration (frequency) than other words. One of the word with the highest vibrations is “I AM” as well as “I love you”. I have read on the interent many times people saying that you must pray silently and that it is the right way to pray. That concept comes from some thinking that otherwise it is like giving your power away. This is knowledge and information that has been slipped into the world meant to mislead people and has been slipped in by way of those being used by evil. Yes, I said it and I don’t usually like to make such dramatic statements but the reality is the fight is never over and the tug of war between good and evil is never at an end because evil never admits defeat and surrenders. Those pushing information that is meant to hold you down and lead you in the wrong direction have no idea they are being used although one day they may more clearly see the truth. If you still feel unsure of whether silently to yourself or out loud is best then just test it out for yourself. Spend a week doing it each way. Remember however that saying it silently to yourself it going to feel more comfortable anyway. Its easier and seems more comfortable but don’t be fooled by that. The best things worth having are not easy or comfortable to achieve. So just because it feels comfortable or easy don’t let that be the reason you think something is right. We all know that being some times it seems easier to let ourselves go and be a grouch at times seems easier than trying to be positive…at times.

So now we have two things we must be aware of…

  • Posture
  • Voicing out loud versus silently to ourselves

Next there is an attitude that we must have. It helps if you smile while you are doing your practice. Never say decrees, prayers or mantras in a somber way. They should be said in a positive and almost happy way. One reason is that if you are doing a practice that send positive, high vibration energy out and you are doing it in a sad and despondent way then that is what will be returned to you based even on the law of attraction. If you are not trying to bring sadness and despair into your life then why would you pray that way?

Finally there is where your focus is. What are you thinking about or seeing at the time you are praying. If praying it helps to have not only a thought in mind but also a visual as well. A perfect example is praying the Rosary and meditating on the mysteries. During the time of saying the rosary where you are saying the ten hail Mary’s while meditating on the mysteries you should be thinking about the mysteries and visualizing what they are as well. The is what is meant by meditating on the mysteries. Often when I say the Hail Mary prayer I often visualize kneeling next the Mary as she kneels in front of Jesus on the cross. I find this to be very effective and often very emotionally moving sometime causing spontaneous tears to run from the outer corners of my eyes. Find what is right for you by trying different things.

If you are saying decrees, instead you would be focus on the understanding of the decree or the meaning of the decree word for word as you say the words. As far as mantras, there are many mantras where you may need to visualize one of the Buddhas sitting above your head (as though sitting on top of your crown chakra). Refer to information on the mantra you are saying to determine what the focus and visual should be.

I very rarely pray for things. I hear people many times say that when they pray they pray for this or for that as though they are focusing their prayer and where that energy is going. That may work for you or you can just pray, say decreees, or mantras and understand that what you are doing is likened to putting money in the bank. Your bank is being increased with positive high vibrations energy payments. Eventually the universe is going to return to you what you sent in the form of something that will be determined by where your focus is. Not where your focus is at the time you were praying but where you focus is in general daily. So if during your praying you are focused on good health, but outside of praying you spend all your time in a state of worry about your health then it is bad health you are focused on. Do you really mean to ask to be sent more bad health? Probably not but this is what happens to most because they do not what their focus and emotional state throughout the day every day. This requires practice to get into the habit of knowing where your mind/focus is and correcting it if it is in the wrong place.

So now we have all the things we must be aware of…

  • Posture
  • Voicing out loud versus silently to ourselves
  • Attitude – SMILE
  • Focus – Visual

So now you are ready to pray, decree, or say mantras effectively!

I Sometimes Say Nothing

There are things I do now that people who have known me for a while are not use to and also things I do that people who have not known me that long seem to not understand. The talking thing seems to bother people the most. I am quieter than I I use to be. I am content most times to say nothing. I am content to just let the other person talk. Some times I hear in my head “They want to or need to talk so just let them.” That does not mean I have to also talk as much. Sometimes I realize that the other person didn’t even notice that the whole time I said nothing. Its okay because for whatever reason they needed to say things. I listen but I have also gotten really good at disassociation. It like when your half listening like when you hear what is being said although it doesn’t have 100% of your focus. I used disassociation a lot while I was working on myself and while my negative ego was still easily aggitated. Often it would help to try to not engage fully in what another was saying. Then there were and still are times when the other person asks me a question but it more like they are trying to pin me down on something. Often I find it hard to answer and I get that look from them like they think I am the idiot but the problem was in the question itself. Some I can’t answer because it is only answerable if I believe in a certain truth and I am silent while I try to ponder whether they really want to hear my real answer. Yes, no, they won’t be happy with the real answer and the people who are closest to me in my life are not trying to learn anything from me. They don’t see me that way. However most know me those closest to me do not but that is okay because they are not my concern. They are not who I am suppose to be helping anyway. I am more concern with the people who are on the path and are ready for the understandings I have gained. I am more interested in communicating with those who have a healthy respect for the higher self and those not always letting the lesser negative ego self run them, or at least trying to make an effort to change that and rise above it. Although I was not always where I am now, I am here now and I get to fully be here. I don’t have to dummy myself down spiritually just because most are not where I am at. I would like to think if I can stay strong and not dummy myself down then maybe others who deal with me will have to come up a little bit. Okay, yes, that is a great thought on paper but that is not what usually happens…but I am okay with that.film A Cure for Wellness 2017 trailer

In Reality My Body is NOT my own body

Being born and living here on earth and in an earthly body we automatically accept many things. I accept that I am me or the concept of what I think I am. I accept that I have a son. I accept that I have parents, aunts, uncles, cousins…ex boyfriends. I accept many things because I live in this society that has set the pace of what I should believe and what I should go along with.

On a spiritual path we begin to transcend the things we believe. It is like we begin separating what we went along with without question from what we state learning is actual truth. It is a slow long process we go through, many of us stubbornly so.

In truth, in reality, I am not this body I spent most of my life identifying with. In truth it is just a role I am playing. I have been, like an actor, given the role of “Sherry” to play in this lifetime. A wonderful role with limited pay. Joking! It is a role but not who I actually am. I exist regardless of this body and this earth. This body is not my own. It is borrowed you could say. When I am done playing the role I will turn this body back into the wardrobe department and move on.download movie War for the Planet of the Apes

What I have said so far may not have been hard for you to accept…but wait…there’s more. What I have said goes not only for me but also for others such as my son. If my son is not in reality the role he is playing for me in this lifetime, that means he is in reality not really my son. In past lifetimes we may have played different roles for each other. Maybe we were best friends, father/daughter, daughter/mother, aunt/niece, etc. So who is he really to me? In THIS lifetime he is my son but in reality he is not my son or any of the others that I previously mentioned. In reality whatever we are we are the same.  If you take two slices of pie what do you call them, what relation do they have to each other? They came from the same whole pie. Would you call they brother and sister? Does the whole pie form an attachment to the slices so that when a slices is taken it can’t get over it, can’t let go and is forever effected? Okay, so I am exaggerating a little bit but you probably get my point.

I don’t not expect you to buy into any of this. Well, so of you may be ready to accept all this as truth you can get into but some of you may not be ready to and may be even angered by what I have said and what more I will say about the matter. That’s okay, when it is your time to understand and get on board with certain truths you will and until the time you will continue working and coming in this direction.

When you lose a child it is one of the most difficult heart breaking things to go through. Acceptance of it is unfathomable, right? From where you sit there may be a refusing of what I have said because it is almost like me saying you have to be in acceptance of that loss and on board with it. Can’t imagine right? If you achieve enlightenment tomorrow and all the changes within that goes along with that can you imagine what you will feel and what would go through your mind when it comes to this subject? Right now you might tell me that kicking and screaming you would refused to be in acceptance of any of this, but that is you thinking at the level you are at right now.

I can tell you were I am at I would feel the loss even though I understand the truth of what the reality is. I would understand but still wish that he could still be here with me even though I know he still would exist and even occupy the same space just on another dimension. I would cry and I am sure it would take me time to process the loss. So I am not saying that where I am at now it would be that much easier for me, but because of where I am right now I am more able to deal with something so hard. I do not want to be a person/teacher that has you thinking everything is so easy for me.  I want you to see me, my strengths as well as my weaknesses, because there is much to learn from the experiences we all go through.

Isolation on the Spiritual Path

Spiritual Isolation

I came across an article that was very well written and discusses isolation when on the spiritual path. So many times I have discussed this or heard people say how alone they feel. Awakening, which is not an event that just happens once, often leads to a change in the person. They are not the same person they were before awakening. Often this causes them not to relate to friends and family in the same way. Often they also begin to be and feel misunderstood by their friends and family and without much compassion and understanding being given to them. Eventually many will shy away from certain people, end long term relationships with family and friends, etc. Before they have moved on to bringing new people into their lives, that are more of a match for them where they are along their path, there is usually a period of alone time. Isolation which at first is more self imposed because of the behavior of society and then eventually more non-self imposed due to the spiritual path they are on and their spiritual work. Self imposed isolation is the loneliness that is bothersome to most. The latter type of isolation that is not self imposed is the type of isolation that the person is more in acceptance of, regardless of what others think or society says is acceptable. In the beginning we hear many say how they “need to have friends to hang out with and spend time with” and that is them resisting and fighting against a higher stage of awakening. That is how I describe it although anyone at that stage would suck their teeth, roll their eyes at me and fight me tooth and nail to prove me wrong. Yes they would at the level they are at and that’s no concern of mine. It is their job and their own path to fight their way out of that stage and break through it and if they don’t that is on them if they are being stubborn and letting their ego control them in this way.

The spiritual path does require sacrifice even beyond periodic isolation. Sacrifice of everything that is not real and is just the illusion. The only thing that is real is God/Universal Light. So by process of elimination think of all that I just stated is not real. What about your job, those co-workers that annoy you, your marriage/relationship, your kids, your car, your house, etc. If your house burned down you would be upset but a person who has reached a level where they know, from understanding that is coming from within, would not be upset because the house was never real. In the scheme of what they came here to do (in this lifetime) the house is of very little importance and we can move on from it and build a new house no matter how difficult that may be. Think of the symbol of the spider. Always building its house in inappropriate places where it is going to get torn down or blown away by weather. It does not bat an eye when this happens but instead just simply moves on and builds a new house, even more elaborate than the last, never looking back or being traumatized by the experience.

If you would like to read the article I came across –> http://maryshutan.com/spiritual-awakening-and-isolation/

Let The Guiding Commence!

One of the things I am so grateful for and thank God for everyday is the help that I have. My guides, Angel’s, Ascended Masters, etc. There is not a day that passed that doesn’t have me saying a long grateful thank you for all you all do.

Spirit Guides of course can’t run your life for you or make all your descision. We have free will for one and they will not interfere with that and they will help immensely but how can we learn to lessons we need to learn if they do all the hard work for us. I am usually guilty for forgetting to ask for help when I really should be. And they stand there waiting and sometimes I even get message from other mediums saying “I asked your guide why they are not helping you and they said you need to ask for help…did you not ask for help?” Doh! I forget. And that is easy for us to do because we are so use to towing the line and struggling through everything in life that many times we start thinking this is just the way things are…period and deal with it!War for the Planet of the Apes live streaming movie

The lesson I learned early on even before awakening is that I don’t have to be able to sense spirit to communicate with spirit. They hear every word spoken and every thought that pops into my little head. Funny enough I often start conversations with “I know you already know this but…” Because they do. Think about it. It is like a best friend that you never have to explain things to and that already know all the information they need to know to comment and and give advice.

Often I will express to my guides things that I would like to do or work on but that I have no clue of how to. At some point in the near future I am always guided to information I need or the person who is doing what I am interested in doing. Case in point Michelle Caporale who is a Medium who left a comment for me on this blog. Note you can find a link to her site under my links list. I have previously expressed to my guides that I have a big interest that is always coming to mind (it just wont go away so I know it is not just a fleeting interest/thought) about developing my skills towards helping with crime investigations and specifically missing persons. Everytime I see or hear information about a missing child I am so drawn to wanting to help and I do receive information regarding the missing child. So, I keep telling my guides I really want to know what I should do to head down that path, if in fact that is the right path for me. And then I received a comment from Ms. Caporale who offers her mediumship skills to help with crime investigations. I do absolutely feel this is the handy work of my guides and not just coincidence…not to mention I don’t beleive in coincidences.

So, I say all that to say this. Remember to stop and ask for guidance and know that it will come. That the help you ask for is always on the way although you do not know how that information or help will appear in your life.

Living in the Dark While Acting Like Light

You don’t want to have a false sense of security. You may say and think you are on the side of light while all your actions do not say that. It is like being tricked by darkness. So many that we could have on the side of light are slowly and unknowingly being lead closer and closer towards darkness.

No one may be holding you to being a better person. That you must do yourself. No one may be forcing you to give up that relationship that is immoral. That you must walk away from yourself without being pushed. No one may be forcing you to give compassion, understanding and see that someone is doing the best they can at the level they are at. No, you must bring yourself to the point where that is who you are and what you do.

So many are on a spiritual path that is no more than an illusion. They may go from teacher to teacher asking to be lead and guided to a having realization, a higher level but all the while they are still entertaining things that are dark or will eventually lead them to a more dark existence. Ignorance is not excused on the spiritual path and you try your hardest to live as the example of what you stand for.

We have seen it before even among those who reached an enlightened level. Somewhere they take a left turn and begin a slow fall. There have been masters who have fallen prey to addiction even after becoming enlightened. You will never stop being test and darkness will never stop trying to ruin you. You have to find the strength to do what is right versus wrong even in the face of difficult obstacles. Even I have struggled with neighbors who wanted to be able to run over me and treat me bad and when I turned away and said “That is not my fight and they are not who I should be around because no matter what they may say their actions speak the language of darkness” they tried to take me down by saying I couldn’t be spiritual if I turned my back to them…evil has a voice and will use it against you.live streaming film Logan 2017 online

If you feel you are being called to a higher spiritual path you must understand that it requires you to be strong. Forget about who you think you are and the advancements you think you have made because at every new level you reach you are once again the kindergartner learning to color within the lines again. If you do not have the right amount of sincere humility, pride will be your downfall and sometimes before you have really even begun. Darkness is not just outside yourself but is also within everyone of us. There can’t be light without dark. It is about a perfect balance and that shadow is within us all but we can’t bow down to it and must only listen to the whisper within ourselves that we hear that is the light within us trying to break free to one day be heard the loudest over all.

Mother Mary – How is she the Mother of God

Mother MaryThe meaning of “Mother of God”

Mother Mary explained her calling as the Mother of God:

I AM a cosmic mother, and as much your mother as I am the mother of beloved Jesus. Some who are adherents of the Christian faith call me the Mother of God. To those of the protesting branch of orthodox Christianity this seems a sacrilege; for men may well ask, “Who is worthy to be the Mother of God?”
But this concept, when understood to mean the mother of the embodiment of the Divine Spirit, reveals the glorious truth that every mother who understands that which was spoken—“and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us”[2]—may be the Mother of God.[3]

To mother means to give birth to, to give rise to, to care for, and to protect. Therefore, to be the mother of God is to give birth to, to give rise to, to care for, and to protect His Flame on earth. To mother the Flame of Spirit in the plane of Matter is the calling of the Feminine Ray in both man and woman.


Pranic Breathing

This is take from http://www.zakairan.com/ZaKaiRansArticlesBooks/PranicBreathing.htm.
There are also many other webites, such as yoga websites, that also give the technique of pranic breathing.

Pranic Breathing

Initially stand, preferably on the ground with bare feet, then later you may do this siting comfortably. Regardless, you should be as close to the ground as possible so that your prana tube is in the ground. (I prefer the laying down method, but use which ever you are most comfortable with) If you are sitting, your prana tube is even lower into the ground because it does not bend with your body, it stays straight.

Visualize and feel your prana tube that extends right through the center of your body, through the center of your brain, through your pineal gland, through your perineum, (just above your anus). It extends one hand length above your head and one hand length below your feet. Put your hand above your head briefly to see how far the prana tube extends. Look down to see how far this prana tube extends below your feet. (To visualize the width of your prana tube: place your index finger and thumb together to form a circle, this is the size of your prana tube).

Begin by breathing prana up from the earth through your prana tube to your heart chakra center. (You may draw in this prana coinciding it with the inhale of your physical breath. But be aware that prana is a constant in-flow, it does not go in and out). Feel this earth prana, the life force of Mother Gaia flowing through you and expanding your heart.

Now breathe in prana from the cosmic above your head, from the crown center. (You may once again breathe in prana coincidally with your physical breath). Draw this cosmic prana in through your pineal gland and feel it activate. Draw in this prana to your heart center. Feel the multidimensional, intergalactic, universal nature of this energy. Feel this cosmic life force energy expand you in a profound way, remembering your spiritual essence.

Now do them both at the same time. Draw in prana from below and above at the same time, up through your perineum to your heart and down through your pineal to your heart. Feel your heart expanding. Feel the complete balance that is created. Feel yourself centered in your crown, connected to the realm of Spirit, connected to the earth and balanced within your heart.

Snake Handling Pastor Dies…Proving Faith?

Snake handling Pastor, Jamie Coots, died Saturday, February 15, 2014 of a snake bite after refusing treatment for the deadly bite.

If you haven’t heard about this news story then read up here http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2014/02/17/was-snake-handlers-death-preventable/?iref=allsearchdownload movie Beauty and the Beast 2017

To give you the short of this story, Pastor Coots and his congregation believed that if you were clean and without sin then God would always save you and heal you based on a passage in the bible. In the Gospel of Mark it states “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

I hate to be the one that gives anyone a good ole slap in the face but here I go doing just that. Much of what is in the bible needs translation to be understood correctly. Some times bad things come out of someone not translating what they read in sacred scriptures or mistranslating what they read. This falls into the category of not translating at all what they read.

Serpents…snakes…is a symbol. Sometimes a snake translates into transformation and change. Snake also relates to the KUNDALINI. TAKE UP in the passage actually relates to raising up the Kundalini which also infers transformation as well. I would also like to point out that if you read the passage and take grammar into consideration it does not state that you will be healed of the snake bite and why wouldn’t it if it says you will be healed of any deadly thing you DRINK. Let me go ahead and also say for anyone that thinks this passage means you can drink poison and be healed that the passage does not translate into that meaning. Drink…cup…vessel…anything you take into your vessel such as any negative thing like how others negative energy can effect you will not hurt you and this is true. That is it is true once you become a pure vessel. This passage relates to what you can expect in exchange for your undying unconditional faith. But, I will tell you, if any members of the congregation even for a second worry about how they are going to pay their mortgage, how they are going to pay for college, or worry if they are going to run out of gas one of those days where they are really cutting it close (like I have soooo many times) then they do not have undying faith and hence I would recommend they step back and away from the box of snakes.

The Realness of the Negative Ego

I have read about the lives of people like Hilarion who had been Saul/Paul. What they went through with the negative ego. At times people have asked me if I believe there is a Satan or some evil like that that exists. Yes, there is this evil. Some times it is of our own making from the negative energy that we put out that creates that evil that manifests in a way and makes you think you are being harassed by an evil spirit. The evil we make that does not just go away quietly but hounds and tortures us relentlessly sometimes. It is real but it is created by us in times when we lose control and let loss negative energy that is more powerful that we can imagine. Then there is also the negative ego that we live with our whole lives. At the least it affects our self -esteem, makes us doubt ourselves, makes us afraid at time of failure or even death. It is always there. Because there is always the balance to consider. In a way light and dark go hand in hand. For up there must be down, for love there is also hate, and also the masculine feminine balance that is explained through the story of Adam and Eve. The negative ego is never looks and thinks it is defeated and so it should get another job. It never stops no matter how well we are doing. Some like Hilarion were tortured by the negative ego their whole lives. They tried to resist it by fasting and praying constantly. Nothing puts it off. If you are on a spiritual path and it is your great passion the negative ego will even try to tempt you with dreams you have had. If you always dreamed of being a musician but long ago put that dream away and sincerely do not long for it any more, don’t be surprised if the negative ego pulls that out one day to use against you…and when you least expect it. The negative ego is Satan at his worst. He will be there to give you visions and thoughts of things that could potentially bring you down. You can never get to comfortable because you can never stop being on guard from the negative ego. Sometimes it is there when I wake up and I swear it is what woke me up. Like an annoying child poking and prodding you and whining for something. The negative ego is like that. Sometimes your own expectations can trip you up because the negative ego is also like the eavesdropper. Whatever you know, it knows. Whatever are your secret thoughts, they are not secret from the negative ego. You cannot whisper how you will never do this or that again because it will try its hardest to push even harder so you trip, fall and do do those things again. Saying it is the negative ego makes it sound less ominous than saying it is the devil himself. You can call it the negative ego and yes that sounds less evil but when it rears its ugly head it is no less evil. It does matter what the things are that torture me at times. All that matters is every time you are able to resist. Same victory but a major one still even if later you trip and fall.

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Understanding is Only Complete with All the Facts

Questions that are simple get more and more difficult to answer as you learn more and your reality and what exists within it expands more and more. The fact is there is more around us than just Angels, Ascended Masters and our Guides. There are spirits of all kinds including entities both good and bad. There is energy that is around us because we put it out or someone sent it our way either intentionally or unintentionally. Then of course there is the government which is playing with us all more than you might care to realize.

I often recommend reading material that seems to be way out there. I try to throw it in the mix so you can gradually take it in, getting up to speed on some things a little bit slower because some are hard to swallow. But everyday I see people writing things in social media that only hold water if you discount many of the things that exist and effect us such as ET’s and their abductions, Government abductions, entity interaction such as being drained by Reptilians, etc. Yeah, you may save all those things for consideration only when watching a favorite TV show and keep them in the “that’s just TV and not reality box”, but eventually you will have to start taking some of the things in that box out and allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of what else may be truth. And by the way there are many movies, such as the matrix, that contain a lot of truth. Scary road to go down, true, but your understanding can be much more complete if you have all the potential facts.


What I Recommend Googling?

Some things I recommend googling and reading here and there over time…

Definitely all content on the metatech.org website

Areas that interest you at http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/

The Self Healing Handbook (this is also the book that discusses effects of using crystals)

Entity Attachments and Release http://www.soul-healer.com/energetic-healing/entity-attachments-releases/Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Psychic & Energetic Protection http://www.soul-healer.com/psychic-energetic-protection/

Implants (a must read) http://www.soul-healer.com/etheric-implants-subtle-energetic-technologies-devices/

Soul Fragmentation http://www.soul-healer.com/missing-lost-soul-pieces-fragments/

Telepathy and Psychic Warfare (hint: much of what you hear, as in thoughts, is not coming from within you) http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vision_remota/viking/05.htm


Wanting Answers About Your Path and Purpose

I would say that questions about a persons path and purpose is something I get very often. In the beginning you may feel that for a while you always have more questions than answers and before you get a decent amount of those questions answered, you have more added to the list. Well actually most are getting the answer but it either they feel it doesn’t tell them what they should do or they don’t like the answer because it doesn’t feel right to them.

Would you recognize the answer if it came?

Many would say yes but I say often the answer to that is no. Sometimes the answer is not as complex as you think it would be. Sometimes you have an expectation of the answer and what is needed and the real answer doesn’t match up.

Recently someone asked me about DNA Activation. That is a good question but boy do I wish people would stop promoting the service of giving DNA Activation’s because this is not something you can guarantee you can do for someone. It just simply doesn’t work the way many think it does. For someone to offer DNA Activation’s in a guaranteed way then that means they believe it is all a matter of you deciding you want something and you can get it…that simple and cut and dry. Nope! Just because you want something doesn’t mean you are at a level where you are ready to get it. Also DNA Activation is not something you have to worry about because with the proper amount of spiritual work and advancement…well don’t you think the way you were created and the way you work is better than a smart phone? It will happen when it is time and can’t be forced. DNA Activation’s (there are 12 layers to be activated and they all do something different) happen when you are ready just by your intent. Yup, it is that simple so there is no need to pay a lot of money to someone promising you a DNA Activation that they can’t even guarantee you will receive. Don’t use such things to avoid the real work you must do. Please don’t think I am saying that you are being lazy and avoiding work because I am not saying that, but I do want to be the person that risks being disliked to tell you to get up off your ass and start working towards advancing. The sooner you start the sooner you will get there.

There is a little trickiness when it comes to feeling like you need to know the path you are on and your purpose. The fact that you are questioning means you are feeling a pull or rather noticing that your alarm is going off to alert you that it is time for you to awaken. You may already feel you have begun to awaken, but awakening is not that simple. There is not just one type of awakening. We all were born open, clear and aware. Some stayed open and clear but that is not an awakening. An awakening could be to a certain new understanding, to a new truth/belief, to abilities, etc. You may have stayed clear and open after being born but that does not mean you are awake by any means. I can remember someone insisting that they were not new on the path and they had been on it all their life and so they considered themselves having been on the path for almost all their life. Unfortunately if you refuse to consider what a spiritual teacher is telling you then you are just getting in your own way. You won’t work on the path if you think you don’t need to for some reason and so while everyone else is passing you by you will still be right there where you are now still screaming from the rooftops that you are not new on the path. Don’t do that to yourself. You deserve better than that.

What is Your Path and PurposeIt’s All Hard to Understand in the Beginning

I know it is hard to understand. You will not understand. Once you have reached higher levels of consciousness you will be able to understand what you cannot today. I could explain until I am blue in the face but it may not click for you. To start out on a spiritual path towards your purpose FAITH and TRUST in what can’t be seen or rationalized is absolutely needed. Can you do hours of spiritual work everyday with no promise of what you will achieve and not even being sure that you are not just wasting your time? Can you be devoted and trust in Mother, Father, God, Buddha, Allah, etc so much that you do the work without a promise or guarantee that you will achieve anything at all? Can you start working simply because something inside tells you it is time and so you start with the basics TRUSTING that in time all will be made clear to you and that you DON’T need to have ALL the answers right now and up front? If someone HAS to have all the answers up front that means they don’t trust you. Maybe that will be your starting point. Pondering in meditation everyday whether you trust God and/or that higher divine plan that you have been made to forget on this side of the veil. Just pondering that in meditation and spending an hour per day praying, decreeing or saying mantras. That would be a good start…if you really want to realize your full potential in this lifetime (and maybe more) and are not just only willing to work if you have a guarantee.

General Purposes

There is a general purpose we all have. Our souls have it and we have had it in every lifetime. It is what we do, it is all we do. It is our only purpose both incarnate and in spirit. That is to spiritually advance. Simple to understand right? So there is a purpose you have, that everyone has, that at the least you know about. How many will know this and actually do any work?

What If You Do Nothing?

Okay, and so? No one is going to drag you screaming towards your purpose. With billions of people in this world and people awakening all the time and many hearing the call clearly and getting immediately to work in a diligent way…God is not going to say “Oh, wait, stop the bus…Sally is not heeding her wake up call so we must stop everything!” It is your freewill to get on board or not. No one is going to force you. You have something to gain from getting on board and beginning your work but if you don’t it doesn’t negatively effect anyone else. What if there is someone you are meant to help in the future but you can’t because you ignore your wake up call? Don’t worry one of those who did not ignore the wake up call will get the assignment and that person will still be helped, even if you are not there to help them. The universe will not drop the ball just because you dropped your ball.

Answers Come in Their Own Time…Can You Handle That?

Answers don’t always come when you want them to. What you want is always different than what you will get. You may not understand why you can’t just have all the answers when you want them, but there is a divine reason. Patience is a virtue on the path to enlightenment. Patience means your negative ego is not out of control and calling the shots. Patience means you have peace within your mind that will mean you will be able to still your mind and hear the answers when they are given to you. STOP TRYING TO CHEAT THE DIVINE SYSTEM. Instead trust it. If you find it hard to trust anything then the path will be a tough one on you and it doesn’t have to be that tough.

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