Asking For Signs

This is something that I really haven’t addressed as of yet. Asking for signs. Many times I have asked for signs from God. He never disappoints and the signs always come and totally amaze me. This post is meant to get you thinking and maybe help give you some ideas of how you can let God and your helpers (spirit guides, Archangels, Guardian Angels, etc.) play a more active role in your life. Of course always required is an open mind and believing.watch full Power Rangers film

A couple weeks ago I asked God for help with controlling my emotions by giving me a what would be like a tap on the shoulder meant to say “Hey, you need to chill.” To make a long story short….although I have come a long way when it comes to my personal development and making mental, emotional and physical changes in my life, of course I am not perfect. I have a just turned 5 year old that sometimes pushes me to the very edge. I of course want to be one of those people who sends out almost nothing but positive energy and vibes but alas the 5 year old breaks me at times. lol. How do I let myself get sucked into yelling matches with a 5 year old? lol. It takes a lot to push me over the edge so it doesn’t happen very often but when it does it is something that bothers me. It bothers me because tomorrow
isn’t promised and if I am not her tomorrow and want that last day to be one where no matter how I was treated by anyone I gave unconditional love.

So I asked God for help. I asked him if he could remind me when I am getting close to the edge and need to pull back. I gave examples of what I was talking about. Flashing lights, sounds, and turning certain things on and off (my printer is often turned on and off and I have known people who’s computers have been turned on and off, browser windows opening by themselves and onto specific websites, etc.) to mention a few ideas. Well that convo with God was a couple of weeks ago and I had almost forgetten about it. On Friday my best friend that I haven’t really talk to in a couple months came over and we spent a few hours catching up. I admit we were gossiping which is a no-no (I feel
that because sometimes it’s negative) when all of a sudden the lights flashed. Yes, could have been a power surge but I have gotten those often and it is usually quick on and off of power. This was very different. This was like a slow-motion flash. The lights did not go off all the way. They pretty much dimmed to almost darkness and kind hung in
the state for a moment. I could tell it freaked my friend out a little.

Then today…I was arguing with my 5 year old (I know I always say 4 yr old but he had a birthday on the 6th of March and he thinks that is some magical age where suddenly he has become a grown man that can call the shots and now willingly eats veggies. Yes he set the age of 5 to be the age where he eats all vegetables lol.) So I was saying something negative about his grand-parents, my parents, who are very controlling in every way. I was very frustrated and being very vocal about it. I was in his room at the time and neither of us was standing by the door and suddenly this decoration that I have hanging on the out side of his door swung back and forth widely three times. We both stopped talking (yelling)  abruptly and looked at the door. My sons says to me, you did that cause I didn’t do it. I was further away from the door than he was and immediately knew what was going on. I took the cue and shut up with
my negative whining about my parents.

Other times when I have asked for a sign of something I have gotten various things. I am an air sign and get many signs that way. The first time a hawk. Two cardinals chirping wildly got my attention and got me outside. Once outside I swear they just looked at me as they sat then quietly and then I saw it. I had never seen a hawk that up close before. Of course it was a mouth hanging open speechless moment. Over the next few months me, that hawk and the male and female cardinal got more familiar with each other. At one point I momentarily doubted myself. I had one of those moments where I thought maybe I am crazy or just imagining things. So I stepped on the back porch and asked God if I could have a visit from the hawk. Damned if the hawk didn’t come within minutes. So I never of course doubted the signs again.Free Fire 2017 movie

Another way I ask for help is during the night. I ask for help being waken and knowing when my son needs me. The
most memorable was when I got a vision of his bed empty in the middle of the night after my dog started barking. I raced to his room and opened the door and the first thing I saw was an empty bed and of course my heart stopped. Then I looked down and there he was…asleep on the floor.

Ask for help with things in your everyday life…and know that help will come.

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

If you have ever had to deal with a difficult person you know it is not something you ever look forward to. Actually you find yourself dreading being face to face with them because in your mind you can already see a bad outcome to the situation. You probably even see them getting the best of you and causing you to start having negative feelings and thoughts which is something you don’t want to do.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that our negative emotions and thoughts flow outward on energy within the universe and then at some time in the future flows back to us. Negative out gives us negative back in. As you are practicing the Laws of Attraction and feeling that you are getting really good at manifesting good things for yourself it seems that negative things will sometimes try to slip into the mix. A negative co-worker, family member, or cashier at the grocery store. Some think of these negativities that try to sneak in as resistance. Think of the Law of Attraction like a Mario Bros. game. You have levels that you are trying to conquer in order to reach the next level. The final level may be the goal you are working towards. That ultimate manifestation may be wealth or your dream husband. Before completing every level a monster forms out of the blue that you must get around to reach the end of the path to move up to the next level. Notice that I didn’t say you had to fight the monster. No, you must peacefully get around the monster leaving the monster in tact to go about his business. You are of course not going to pop your co-worker in the eye and then jump up and down thinking you are moving to the next level unless your aim is unemployment. No, you have to move around your co-workers so that you can continue successfully manifesting your desires without any hindrance.

When it comes to dealing with a difficult person do not fall into the trap of thinking negatively about them. Think of things to appreciate them for. If it is a family member you can appreciate them because they love you, they always invite you to family functions, they have taught you many important things in the past, and they treat your children well are some examples. If it is a co-worker you can appreciate them because they are always on time for work, they don’t talk a lot at work and cause a disturbance, they are good at their job, and you don’t have to share an office with them.

The next step is visualizing them dealing with you in the manner you would like. The family member greets you warmly and is very interested in you and your life. She or he always has positive things to say to you. She or he makes you feel very good and loved. The co-worker greets you in the morning in passing but says no more than that. She or he only communicates with you if they have something positive to say. She or he positively compliments you and asks like your best friend when dealing with you.movie A Family Man 2017

Now, start smiling and thinking of something that makes you feel a strong emotion such as love or gratitude. I usually think of the birth of my son. Feel yourself feeling more and more ecstatically happy. As you are doing this and visualizing, really feeling the situation above, state you intents and wants. Continue until you really feel and believe what you are saying. Remember that even after you have finished this throughout the day you do need to keep some focus on the intentions.

With more and more practice you will find this easier and quicker to do with better results each time.

Dealing with a difficult situation isn’t that much different from dealing with a difficult person. The process is mainly the same except that you are not dealing with a person. You may be dealing with getting in and out of an always crowded grocery store quickly and easily. Or you may be dealing with the issue of heavy traffic. This method works very well on traffic situations if you make sure to practice the Law of Attraction every day and make it a part of your life from now on. I use a statement for myself that is “I always get to work (or whether you are traveling to) quickly, easily and safely.” When I first started using that statement while driving I would say it pretty much the whole time I was driving, but now I can just think it periodically and it works just as well.

Practice and make sure you come back and leave a comment letting me and everyone else know about your experiences.

Ego – How Can It Be Helpful?

I was thinking this morning and before I started smelling burning rubber something came to me. Ego is always thought of as something bad that should be always controlled. That maybe be true but when someone responds or speaks with ego is that a sign of something that we should be paying attention to?

If you hear me boasting one day that I helped out a friend and gave them a considerable amount of money to help them out of a jam and I seemed to really go on and on about myself and how I was able to do that you might be thinking “Oh, well she shouldn’t be bragging about it because that is her letting her ego come out to the forefront.” But there is another way to think about it. Could my ego stepping out like that be a sign that I am in need of something? Some kind words maybe? A simple thank you from someone?

It is true that we shouldn’t give and need something in return for it. However, everyone needs reassurance at times and to feel they are appreciated. Gratitude and appreciation are very important to express. But often it is expressed silently and not direct. I mean not directly to the person or people.

The Law of Attraction teaches that before you can expect good things to come that you need to express gratitude for the things you have and those things you are waiting to come to you as though you already have them. Gratitude is very powerful as anyone who practices the law of attraction knows. live streaming movie Baywatch 2017 online

Could the ego people show be a sign and give you an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to someone? Could the ego be expressing what the person is in need of. And if the person was getting all their ego needs fulfilled then there would be less reason and less moments when their ego feels the need to come out and show itself in a negative way.

And related to empath’s…wow! Imagine that an empath would have the ability to always know when someone was in need of something that would help the other person keep their ego in check. What am I saying then? I am saying that as an empath when you feel certain emotions from people that is an excellent opportunity for you to put your empathy to work in a great way. Feeling someones jealousy? Take the time to tell them how nice you think they are and other compliments specific to them. Feeling that someone thinks they are better than everyone? Give them a compliment that you are impressed with them and what they do. Use that empathy to not only feel what people need but to give them that boost that will help them put their ego back and check and make the world and even nicer place.

Okay…I don’t smell burning rubber any more so I think that is all I have to say. lol. Please feel free to post a comment and give your opinions…especially those of you with more expertise with the subject of ego.

How to Pray, Decree or Say Mantras Effectively

You probably wouldn’t think there is a more correct way to pray. Most don’t think of praying as something you can ever do in a wrong way but then so many around the world pray and don’t receive the benefits of prayer that they think they should. Many times I have asked someone I have been coaching if they pray followed by me asking “But how do you pray?” It really isn’t just enough to just pray and pray any kind of way.

I will admit I learned about this from reading the book “The Science of the Spoken Word” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet as well as a few others. Before reading and learning about how to pray and says decrees, and mantras, I too just prayed however with little concern for doing it incorrectly. Since I am clairsentient and can feel energy I knew there was something not quite right. Most times I was not feeling it, not feeling anything, and I knew that I should be at the least because during spiritual work your vibrations are raised. So if my vibrations were not being raised effectively then I knew something must be missing from my practice of praying and saying decrees.

First, you should always be sitting in a posture that I call a respectful posture. Sitting in an alert way, with your feet on the floor and back fairly straight. Then you begin praying, decreeing, or saying a mantra. I know that you may think it does not matter whether you speak out loud or silently, but with this it does matter. You need to speak out loud. What makes prayers, decrees and mantras work so effectively is the sound. Sound has frequency and word have a vibration. Certain words have a higher vibration (frequency) than other words. One of the word with the highest vibrations is “I AM” as well as “I love you”. I have read on the interent many times people saying that you must pray silently and that it is the right way to pray. That concept comes from some thinking that otherwise it is like giving your power away. This is knowledge and information that has been slipped into the world meant to mislead people and has been slipped in by way of those being used by evil. Yes, I said it and I don’t usually like to make such dramatic statements but the reality is the fight is never over and the tug of war between good and evil is never at an end because evil never admits defeat and surrenders. Those pushing information that is meant to hold you down and lead you in the wrong direction have no idea they are being used although one day they may more clearly see the truth. If you still feel unsure of whether silently to yourself or out loud is best then just test it out for yourself. Spend a week doing it each way. Remember however that saying it silently to yourself it going to feel more comfortable anyway. Its easier and seems more comfortable but don’t be fooled by that. The best things worth having are not easy or comfortable to achieve. So just because it feels comfortable or easy don’t let that be the reason you think something is right. We all know that being some times it seems easier to let ourselves go and be a grouch at times seems easier than trying to be positive…at times.

So now we have two things we must be aware of…

  • Posture
  • Voicing out loud versus silently to ourselves

Next there is an attitude that we must have. It helps if you smile while you are doing your practice. Never say decrees, prayers or mantras in a somber way. They should be said in a positive and almost happy way. One reason is that if you are doing a practice that send positive, high vibration energy out and you are doing it in a sad and despondent way then that is what will be returned to you based even on the law of attraction. If you are not trying to bring sadness and despair into your life then why would you pray that way?

Finally there is where your focus is. What are you thinking about or seeing at the time you are praying. If praying it helps to have not only a thought in mind but also a visual as well. A perfect example is praying the Rosary and meditating on the mysteries. During the time of saying the rosary where you are saying the ten hail Mary’s while meditating on the mysteries you should be thinking about the mysteries and visualizing what they are as well. The is what is meant by meditating on the mysteries. Often when I say the Hail Mary prayer I often visualize kneeling next the Mary as she kneels in front of Jesus on the cross. I find this to be very effective and often very emotionally moving sometime causing spontaneous tears to run from the outer corners of my eyes. Find what is right for you by trying different things.

If you are saying decrees, instead you would be focus on the understanding of the decree or the meaning of the decree word for word as you say the words. As far as mantras, there are many mantras where you may need to visualize one of the Buddhas sitting above your head (as though sitting on top of your crown chakra). Refer to information on the mantra you are saying to determine what the focus and visual should be.

I very rarely pray for things. I hear people many times say that when they pray they pray for this or for that as though they are focusing their prayer and where that energy is going. That may work for you or you can just pray, say decreees, or mantras and understand that what you are doing is likened to putting money in the bank. Your bank is being increased with positive high vibrations energy payments. Eventually the universe is going to return to you what you sent in the form of something that will be determined by where your focus is. Not where your focus is at the time you were praying but where you focus is in general daily. So if during your praying you are focused on good health, but outside of praying you spend all your time in a state of worry about your health then it is bad health you are focused on. Do you really mean to ask to be sent more bad health? Probably not but this is what happens to most because they do not what their focus and emotional state throughout the day every day. This requires practice to get into the habit of knowing where your mind/focus is and correcting it if it is in the wrong place.

So now we have all the things we must be aware of…

  • Posture
  • Voicing out loud versus silently to ourselves
  • Attitude – SMILE
  • Focus – Visual

So now you are ready to pray, decree, or say mantras effectively!

I Sometimes Say Nothing

There are things I do now that people who have known me for a while are not use to and also things I do that people who have not known me that long seem to not understand. The talking thing seems to bother people the most. I am quieter than I I use to be. I am content most times to say nothing. I am content to just let the other person talk. Some times I hear in my head “They want to or need to talk so just let them.” That does not mean I have to also talk as much. Sometimes I realize that the other person didn’t even notice that the whole time I said nothing. Its okay because for whatever reason they needed to say things. I listen but I have also gotten really good at disassociation. It like when your half listening like when you hear what is being said although it doesn’t have 100% of your focus. I used disassociation a lot while I was working on myself and while my negative ego was still easily aggitated. Often it would help to try to not engage fully in what another was saying. Then there were and still are times when the other person asks me a question but it more like they are trying to pin me down on something. Often I find it hard to answer and I get that look from them like they think I am the idiot but the problem was in the question itself. Some I can’t answer because it is only answerable if I believe in a certain truth and I am silent while I try to ponder whether they really want to hear my real answer. Yes, no, they won’t be happy with the real answer and the people who are closest to me in my life are not trying to learn anything from me. They don’t see me that way. However most know me those closest to me do not but that is okay because they are not my concern. They are not who I am suppose to be helping anyway. I am more concern with the people who are on the path and are ready for the understandings I have gained. I am more interested in communicating with those who have a healthy respect for the higher self and those not always letting the lesser negative ego self run them, or at least trying to make an effort to change that and rise above it. Although I was not always where I am now, I am here now and I get to fully be here. I don’t have to dummy myself down spiritually just because most are not where I am at. I would like to think if I can stay strong and not dummy myself down then maybe others who deal with me will have to come up a little bit. Okay, yes, that is a great thought on paper but that is not what usually happens…but I am okay with that.film A Cure for Wellness 2017 trailer

Is Chakra Work Really Necessary?

Chakra is a word derived from the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “turning” and this is understandable since the chakra is like a wheel or spinning vortex, many with a vortex opening to the front of the body and also to the back of the body. The are energy centers in the subtle body and are points where energy is transmitted. Each chakra is located at a major branching of the nervous system. When I said nervous system that may make you think “Hmmm, maybe chakra health is important if it affects my nervous system.”

Putting it in laymens terms the state of the chakra can not only affect how you feel physically but can affect you on an emotional and mental level as well. Many times when I hear someone complain of not feeling well I do a little quick energy work on them using the violet flame. I quickly clear and spin their chakras in the correct direction (clock-wise) and sever connections to/from them. Often this clears up whatever they were previously feeling in a timely manner. That is only a temporary solution that works on their symptoms. Often after I clear their chakra(s) in a short period of time their symptoms will resurface again to plague them because the underlying problem has still not yet been resolved.

Life force energy is the major component of the subtle body, energy field, and chakra system. LIFE FORCE ENERGY. That sounds kind of important to living doesn’t it? Of course it is. If there were no life force energy in you then you could not live. Life Force energy which is Universal Energy aka Universal Light from source is the pure light from God that in its purest form has the ability to heal miraculously and it comes into the body through the heart chakra which is the most important chakra in the chakra system for that reason.

Life force energy runs through the chakras and chakras that are not healthy could be unbalanced and at the worse BLOCKED. A blockage could lead to something more serious developing like disease. Now I am sure if a symptom of a disease begins to manifest you will quickly see a doctor. he will diagnose you but he will not talk to you about your chakra system. Why? Because doctors do not deal with our health on the subtle body level. Doctors work in a problem/Symptom based way and not a solution based way. Basically a doctor won’t talk to you about good chakra healthy that will prevent the disease from forming in the first place. I can imagine it they did there would be the need for a lot less doctors in the world as well as less insurance company and pharmaceutical companies. Imagine that if every one would take the health of their subtle body more seriously we would be able to change the state of the need of so many doctors and pharmaceutical companies. I know this paragraph would make a pharmaceutical company cringe! That is the power we have if we would each just simply take responsibility for the health of our subtle bodies.

How to Work on Your Chakras?

Of course you could learn all about the chakra system and then in meditation visualize the chakras being bright, clear and spinning quickly clockwise. However that will not actually solve any problems with the chakras although it will result in the problems of the chakras being brought to the surface for you to recognize and work on. Living right is actually the truest answer to the question. The reason Jesus preferred to give sermons versus performing amazing miracle after miracle is because he could of course heal their problems but without them changing the way they lived the problem would simply just eventually come back. I know some healers that put a lot of themselves into helping and healing their clients. If they are not also speaking to them about living right, teaching them to permanently overcome states of fear, anxiety, worry, bias, envy, etc then they have accomplished nothing. These things that are of the negative ego is what taints the pure energy that comes into you from source. That is the starting point of illness and disease. So to resolve your problems with finding yourself sometimes in those states of being is key to good chakra health.film Dunkirk 2017 trailer

For example, problems with headaches, sinus, ears usually point to a problem with the brow chakra. A problem with the brow chakra begs the question of what truth are you not seeing? Matters of seeing illusions versus reality. Do you see your problems and the source of them as being outside yourself? What is it you need to see and understand clearly? The truth will set you free!

When I give readings because I have reached enlightenment I see far beneath the surface when someone is telling me of a problem they have. I see what is on the surface, true, that is effecting them and causing them to feel bad but I also see underlying causes. My higher self will often quickly (if they allow me to) begin telling the client what they need to know, understand, work on, etc. Often sharing an opposing perspective for the client to consider…a side they may not have seen or considered. For some that are willing to try seeing a deeper meaning and level of truth in their situation has the ultimate healing effects sometimes leading them to be forever changed. Now the chakra can clear itself of some of what was causing the blockage. They will go through a period of time of clearing. There is still more to be seen and understood that effects this chakra, however the journey of course begins with one step…and is just a succession of many steps.

To work on your chakras is to work on the things you suffer from. Fear. Worry. Anxiety. Bias. Envy. Question these things. What is their cause? Where did they come from? Is the starting point unresolved issues from your childhood that created a trigger?

Of course some don’t know where to start and that is okay. You have options for how to help yourself. You can ask your guides and higher self to help you and work with you. You can also consider getting a personal development or spiritual coach such as myself that has successfully been down the same path you are traveling. Or you can do nothing, and that is of course always a choice you can make although I don’t recommend it.

Let The Guiding Commence!

One of the things I am so grateful for and thank God for everyday is the help that I have. My guides, Angel’s, Ascended Masters, etc. There is not a day that passed that doesn’t have me saying a long grateful thank you for all you all do.

Spirit Guides of course can’t run your life for you or make all your descision. We have free will for one and they will not interfere with that and they will help immensely but how can we learn to lessons we need to learn if they do all the hard work for us. I am usually guilty for forgetting to ask for help when I really should be. And they stand there waiting and sometimes I even get message from other mediums saying “I asked your guide why they are not helping you and they said you need to ask for help…did you not ask for help?” Doh! I forget. And that is easy for us to do because we are so use to towing the line and struggling through everything in life that many times we start thinking this is just the way things are…period and deal with it!War for the Planet of the Apes live streaming movie

The lesson I learned early on even before awakening is that I don’t have to be able to sense spirit to communicate with spirit. They hear every word spoken and every thought that pops into my little head. Funny enough I often start conversations with “I know you already know this but…” Because they do. Think about it. It is like a best friend that you never have to explain things to and that already know all the information they need to know to comment and and give advice.

Often I will express to my guides things that I would like to do or work on but that I have no clue of how to. At some point in the near future I am always guided to information I need or the person who is doing what I am interested in doing. Case in point Michelle Caporale who is a Medium who left a comment for me on this blog. Note you can find a link to her site under my links list. I have previously expressed to my guides that I have a big interest that is always coming to mind (it just wont go away so I know it is not just a fleeting interest/thought) about developing my skills towards helping with crime investigations and specifically missing persons. Everytime I see or hear information about a missing child I am so drawn to wanting to help and I do receive information regarding the missing child. So, I keep telling my guides I really want to know what I should do to head down that path, if in fact that is the right path for me. And then I received a comment from Ms. Caporale who offers her mediumship skills to help with crime investigations. I do absolutely feel this is the handy work of my guides and not just coincidence…not to mention I don’t beleive in coincidences.

So, I say all that to say this. Remember to stop and ask for guidance and know that it will come. That the help you ask for is always on the way although you do not know how that information or help will appear in your life.

Snake Handling Pastor Dies…Proving Faith?

Snake handling Pastor, Jamie Coots, died Saturday, February 15, 2014 of a snake bite after refusing treatment for the deadly bite.

If you haven’t heard about this news story then read up here http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2014/02/17/was-snake-handlers-death-preventable/?iref=allsearchdownload movie Beauty and the Beast 2017

To give you the short of this story, Pastor Coots and his congregation believed that if you were clean and without sin then God would always save you and heal you based on a passage in the bible. In the Gospel of Mark it states “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

I hate to be the one that gives anyone a good ole slap in the face but here I go doing just that. Much of what is in the bible needs translation to be understood correctly. Some times bad things come out of someone not translating what they read in sacred scriptures or mistranslating what they read. This falls into the category of not translating at all what they read.

Serpents…snakes…is a symbol. Sometimes a snake translates into transformation and change. Snake also relates to the KUNDALINI. TAKE UP in the passage actually relates to raising up the Kundalini which also infers transformation as well. I would also like to point out that if you read the passage and take grammar into consideration it does not state that you will be healed of the snake bite and why wouldn’t it if it says you will be healed of any deadly thing you DRINK. Let me go ahead and also say for anyone that thinks this passage means you can drink poison and be healed that the passage does not translate into that meaning. Drink…cup…vessel…anything you take into your vessel such as any negative thing like how others negative energy can effect you will not hurt you and this is true. That is it is true once you become a pure vessel. This passage relates to what you can expect in exchange for your undying unconditional faith. But, I will tell you, if any members of the congregation even for a second worry about how they are going to pay their mortgage, how they are going to pay for college, or worry if they are going to run out of gas one of those days where they are really cutting it close (like I have soooo many times) then they do not have undying faith and hence I would recommend they step back and away from the box of snakes.

Understanding is Only Complete with All the Facts

Questions that are simple get more and more difficult to answer as you learn more and your reality and what exists within it expands more and more. The fact is there is more around us than just Angels, Ascended Masters and our Guides. There are spirits of all kinds including entities both good and bad. There is energy that is around us because we put it out or someone sent it our way either intentionally or unintentionally. Then of course there is the government which is playing with us all more than you might care to realize.

I often recommend reading material that seems to be way out there. I try to throw it in the mix so you can gradually take it in, getting up to speed on some things a little bit slower because some are hard to swallow. But everyday I see people writing things in social media that only hold water if you discount many of the things that exist and effect us such as ET’s and their abductions, Government abductions, entity interaction such as being drained by Reptilians, etc. Yeah, you may save all those things for consideration only when watching a favorite TV show and keep them in the “that’s just TV and not reality box”, but eventually you will have to start taking some of the things in that box out and allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of what else may be truth. And by the way there are many movies, such as the matrix, that contain a lot of truth. Scary road to go down, true, but your understanding can be much more complete if you have all the potential facts.


What I Recommend Googling?

Some things I recommend googling and reading here and there over time…

Definitely all content on the metatech.org website

Areas that interest you at http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/

The Self Healing Handbook (this is also the book that discusses effects of using crystals)

Entity Attachments and Release http://www.soul-healer.com/energetic-healing/entity-attachments-releases/Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Psychic & Energetic Protection http://www.soul-healer.com/psychic-energetic-protection/

Implants (a must read) http://www.soul-healer.com/etheric-implants-subtle-energetic-technologies-devices/

Soul Fragmentation http://www.soul-healer.com/missing-lost-soul-pieces-fragments/

Telepathy and Psychic Warfare (hint: much of what you hear, as in thoughts, is not coming from within you) http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vision_remota/viking/05.htm


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