How to Pray, Decree or Say Mantras Effectively

You probably wouldn’t think there is a more correct way to pray. Most don’t think of praying as something you can ever do in a wrong way but then so many around the world pray and don’t receive the benefits of prayer that they think they should. Many times I have asked someone I have been coaching if they pray followed by me asking “But how do you pray?” It really isn’t just enough to just pray and pray any kind of way.

I will admit I learned about this from reading the book “The Science of the Spoken Word” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet as well as a few others. Before reading and learning about how to pray and says decrees, and mantras, I too just prayed however with little concern for doing it incorrectly. Since I am clairsentient and can feel energy I knew there was something not quite right. Most times I was not feeling it, not feeling anything, and I knew that I should be at the least because during spiritual work your vibrations are raised. So if my vibrations were not being raised effectively then I knew something must be missing from my practice of praying and saying decrees.

First, you should always be sitting in a posture that I call a respectful posture. Sitting in an alert way, with your feet on the floor and back fairly straight. Then you begin praying, decreeing, or saying a mantra. I know that you may think it does not matter whether you speak out loud or silently, but with this it does matter. You need to speak out loud. What makes prayers, decrees and mantras work so effectively is the sound. Sound has frequency and word have a vibration. Certain words have a higher vibration (frequency) than other words. One of the word with the highest vibrations is “I AM” as well as “I love you”. I have read on the interent many times people saying that you must pray silently and that it is the right way to pray. That concept comes from some thinking that otherwise it is like giving your power away. This is knowledge and information that has been slipped into the world meant to mislead people and has been slipped in by way of those being used by evil. Yes, I said it and I don’t usually like to make such dramatic statements but the reality is the fight is never over and the tug of war between good and evil is never at an end because evil never admits defeat and surrenders. Those pushing information that is meant to hold you down and lead you in the wrong direction have no idea they are being used although one day they may more clearly see the truth. If you still feel unsure of whether silently to yourself or out loud is best then just test it out for yourself. Spend a week doing it each way. Remember however that saying it silently to yourself it going to feel more comfortable anyway. Its easier and seems more comfortable but don’t be fooled by that. The best things worth having are not easy or comfortable to achieve. So just because it feels comfortable or easy don’t let that be the reason you think something is right. We all know that being some times it seems easier to let ourselves go and be a grouch at times seems easier than trying to be positive…at times.

So now we have two things we must be aware of…

  • Posture
  • Voicing out loud versus silently to ourselves

Next there is an attitude that we must have. It helps if you smile while you are doing your practice. Never say decrees, prayers or mantras in a somber way. They should be said in a positive and almost happy way. One reason is that if you are doing a practice that send positive, high vibration energy out and you are doing it in a sad and despondent way then that is what will be returned to you based even on the law of attraction. If you are not trying to bring sadness and despair into your life then why would you pray that way?

Finally there is where your focus is. What are you thinking about or seeing at the time you are praying. If praying it helps to have not only a thought in mind but also a visual as well. A perfect example is praying the Rosary and meditating on the mysteries. During the time of saying the rosary where you are saying the ten hail Mary’s while meditating on the mysteries you should be thinking about the mysteries and visualizing what they are as well. The is what is meant by meditating on the mysteries. Often when I say the Hail Mary prayer I often visualize kneeling next the Mary as she kneels in front of Jesus on the cross. I find this to be very effective and often very emotionally moving sometime causing spontaneous tears to run from the outer corners of my eyes. Find what is right for you by trying different things.

If you are saying decrees, instead you would be focus on the understanding of the decree or the meaning of the decree word for word as you say the words. As far as mantras, there are many mantras where you may need to visualize one of the Buddhas sitting above your head (as though sitting on top of your crown chakra). Refer to information on the mantra you are saying to determine what the focus and visual should be.

I very rarely pray for things. I hear people many times say that when they pray they pray for this or for that as though they are focusing their prayer and where that energy is going. That may work for you or you can just pray, say decreees, or mantras and understand that what you are doing is likened to putting money in the bank. Your bank is being increased with positive high vibrations energy payments. Eventually the universe is going to return to you what you sent in the form of something that will be determined by where your focus is. Not where your focus is at the time you were praying but where you focus is in general daily. So if during your praying you are focused on good health, but outside of praying you spend all your time in a state of worry about your health then it is bad health you are focused on. Do you really mean to ask to be sent more bad health? Probably not but this is what happens to most because they do not what their focus and emotional state throughout the day every day. This requires practice to get into the habit of knowing where your mind/focus is and correcting it if it is in the wrong place.

So now we have all the things we must be aware of…

  • Posture
  • Voicing out loud versus silently to ourselves
  • Attitude – SMILE
  • Focus – Visual

So now you are ready to pray, decree, or say mantras effectively!

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