Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

If you have ever had to deal with a difficult person you know it is not something you ever look forward to. Actually you find yourself dreading being face to face with them because in your mind you can already see a bad outcome to the situation. You probably even see them getting the best of you and causing you to start having negative feelings and thoughts which is something you don’t want to do.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that our negative emotions and thoughts flow outward on energy within the universe and then at some time in the future flows back to us. Negative out gives us negative back in. As you are practicing the Laws of Attraction and feeling that you are getting really good at manifesting good things for yourself it seems that negative things will sometimes try to slip into the mix. A negative co-worker, family member, or cashier at the grocery store. Some think of these negativities that try to sneak in as resistance. Think of the Law of Attraction like a Mario Bros. game. You have levels that you are trying to conquer in order to reach the next level. The final level may be the goal you are working towards. That ultimate manifestation may be wealth or your dream husband. Before completing every level a monster forms out of the blue that you must get around to reach the end of the path to move up to the next level. Notice that I didn’t say you had to fight the monster. No, you must peacefully get around the monster leaving the monster in tact to go about his business. You are of course not going to pop your co-worker in the eye and then jump up and down thinking you are moving to the next level unless your aim is unemployment. No, you have to move around your co-workers so that you can continue successfully manifesting your desires without any hindrance.

When it comes to dealing with a difficult person do not fall into the trap of thinking negatively about them. Think of things to appreciate them for. If it is a family member you can appreciate them because they love you, they always invite you to family functions, they have taught you many important things in the past, and they treat your children well are some examples. If it is a co-worker you can appreciate them because they are always on time for work, they don’t talk a lot at work and cause a disturbance, they are good at their job, and you don’t have to share an office with them.

The next step is visualizing them dealing with you in the manner you would like. The family member greets you warmly and is very interested in you and your life. She or he always has positive things to say to you. She or he makes you feel very good and loved. The co-worker greets you in the morning in passing but says no more than that. She or he only communicates with you if they have something positive to say. She or he positively compliments you and asks like your best friend when dealing with A Family Man 2017

Now, start smiling and thinking of something that makes you feel a strong emotion such as love or gratitude. I usually think of the birth of my son. Feel yourself feeling more and more ecstatically happy. As you are doing this and visualizing, really feeling the situation above, state you intents and wants. Continue until you really feel and believe what you are saying. Remember that even after you have finished this throughout the day you do need to keep some focus on the intentions.

With more and more practice you will find this easier and quicker to do with better results each time.

Dealing with a difficult situation isn’t that much different from dealing with a difficult person. The process is mainly the same except that you are not dealing with a person. You may be dealing with getting in and out of an always crowded grocery store quickly and easily. Or you may be dealing with the issue of heavy traffic. This method works very well on traffic situations if you make sure to practice the Law of Attraction every day and make it a part of your life from now on. I use a statement for myself that is “I always get to work (or whether you are traveling to) quickly, easily and safely.” When I first started using that statement while driving I would say it pretty much the whole time I was driving, but now I can just think it periodically and it works just as well.

Practice and make sure you come back and leave a comment letting me and everyone else know about your experiences.

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