Frustrations and Pressures of Life are Impermanent

Just because I have read a lot and seemed to learn everything there is to know does not mean the lessons are any easier. If there is a lesson I need to learn although I may have the knowledge and understanding needed to traverse a tough road does not mean it will be simple. I know all about impermanence. I speak to many about it all the time. Often when people tell me the thing they have going on in their life I remind them that these things are things that are very impermanent. What you may be dealing with today will be over tomorrow and if not tomorrow then the day after that. Things we deal with don’t last long or at least the experience doesn’t. The emotional skid marks may last longer, that is if we let them.

I have been feeling bombarded with things coming at me from every where. Then I realized “Hmmm, there is a theme here!” Yes, a theme of people coming to me to help them solve their problems and the things they want me to help them with are things I also have going on for my own self. These things they need help with are also things that I do or have to do on a daily basis for myself but I am not reaching out for help because I just deal with them and see them as no big deal. I see them as just another little task I have to do. The last, I don’t know how many days, the walls of people have been closing in on me and last night and today I haven’t dealt with it as well as usual. While trying to see the truth in it all I started to cry and I sniffled and I felt like I had just inhaled pool water. I could smell it and almost taste it. I started to laugh a little at the thought that even when I started to lose it a little my abilities still worked and I was able to pick up the chlorinated pool water. I understood right away. Water represents the emotions and the chlorine is used to purify the water. Also may be telling me that my emotions as of late are tied to a purification or clearing I am going through and the reason I am feeling more sensitive than normal.

So, what do I do with all of this? I hang on for the ride and not pay much attention to the things that are coming at me because they are impermanent and they will pass. In the meantime while I am waiting I will just deal with the things I have to deal with and be thankful and it is not permanent and soon this too will be in the past…just a faint memory.

Can you see things as being not a big deal? Can you just let things pass? Can you survive because you know that tomorrow will be different?

Early Buddhism dealt with the problem of impermanence in a very rationale manner. This concept is known as anicca in Buddhism, according to which, impermanence is an undeniable and inescapable fact of human existence from which nothing that belongs to this earth is ever free.

Hinduism also believes in the impermanent nature of life. But it deals with this problem differently. According to Hinduism, impermanence can be overcome by locating and uniting with the center of permanence that exists within oneself. This center is the Soul or the self that is immortal, permanent and ever stable.
Frustrations and Pressures of Life

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