Psychic Smelling – Smelling Things That Aren’t There

One of the clair’s that I noticed a lack of information on how to develop and practice it is CLAIROLFACTION, also called by some Psychic Smelling. Instead of giving you the definition commonly used I will give you mine based on my own experiences using this ability. I notice that many articles are on the web about this ability but written by authors that don’t actually have he ability. Although they give great basic information I would like to think I can be more helpful to you than that based on my experiences.

A little bit about how I experienced Clairolfaction…

Even before I knew anything about psychic abilities and that everyone had them I experienced many things others say they experienced. Seeing shadows and figures out my peripheral vision, always hearing noises in the house it seemed no one else heard, just knowing things, even being able to communicate with my cat (long story and I was young. I just thought it was novel and that my cat was extra special for some reason lol), and of course I was hyper-super-over-the-top-sensitive. Since young I also experienced De-Ja-Vu on such a frequent basis that it actually started to bother me…I thought I was losing it! In my 30’s is when I began smelling things. I would ask everyone in the room “Do you smell that?” I was so often smelling things that weren’t there. Everything from the scent of fresh baked cookies, flowers/roses, cigar smoke, men’scolonge, etc. I came to actually enjoy the smell of that man. lol. It reminded me of dating a good smelling man and I liked that thought. lol.

After awakening to my abilities I began smelling things more often. Often when typing someone a message I would start to smell something. To cut to the chase my goal is to be well rounded as far as my psychic abilities are concerned so my goal is to develop all clair’s. Clairolfaction and how it worked eluded me however. I found no information on the web and I had searched and searched. I was told to ask for help. That is what I did. I asked God to send me help. That same night the help came while I was still searching the web for information (yes, I don’t give up easily or admit defeat…I am a beat a dead horse type of person. lol) Suddenly the idea popped in my head to ask my boyfriend to put something in his desk and I would try to smell it and guess what it was. I immediately thought “why would I think to do that, he is hardly at his office and will think I am nuts with such a request.” Then I heard “Trigger.” That was it. I need a trigger to practice clairolfaction instead of just saying to my guide let me smell this or that to practice. I tried that…it did not work.

This is what I did that did work…

I found pictures on the web of various things. Fruit, bread, pizza, horses/stable, coffee, cigar, cookies, etc. I was on a diet at the time and as I was practicing I realized that smelling pizza wasn’t the best idea. lol.

Looking at the picture I asked “What is it, let me smell it?” Then I relax while also focusing slightly on my root chakra. Clairolfaction is controlled by the root chakra so you really should have opened, cleared and balanced your root chakra. Actually all your chakras should be opened, cleared and balanced before working on development or else I tend to think it would be slightly like beating your head against the wall because you may or may not be able to perform based on blocks to your chakra(s).

Next I just take my time, breath normal. Don’t do what I use to do and breath physically so deeply to the point of almost passing out because you are not using your physical sense of smell even though when the room fills with the smell of cookies you would swear you are smelling it with your physical nose. Don’t pass out! lol. Take you time because I find that often I smell when I am in a relaxed state and not expecting to smell anything or focused on smelling anything. So if you try and try and nothing happens…sit back, relax, watch a little tv to take your focus off trying to smell, and just let it happen.

Don’t worry if some times it just won’t happen, that’s okay. It happens and is normal when developing for it to be sporadic. Remember the reason for developing is to gain control…so you don’t have control yet so some times it just won’t happen. Go on to the next picture or take a break and come back to practicing later.

Some key things to be aware of are the smells in your home/environment. You need to know if you smell lavender that it is your psychic sense and not that glade air freshener oil warmer you have pulled in. Are your windows open. You need to make sure the smells are not coming from some where else. Like I have done in the past, if you smell smoke, natural gas, etc. it is okay to go check it out and I would recommend it. After all you have to gain trust in your abilities so go check out that smell and you will know that it is your psychic sense.

Your probably also wondering what about when you have no idea what your smelling. That is where developing more than one abilities comes in handy so not to worry. Most often when I smell something it is an additional clue to what I have already got using my clairsentience, just knowing and clairaudience. The goal is to use one sense in conjunction with another. Working together like that you probably will know what that smell is or what it reminds you of which is usually right. Remember to note the first thing that comes to you…what did you first think that smell was? Or who did the smell remind you of right off? Did you get some other thought or impression when you smelled it? Don’t discount anything…not if you want to develop. And…just tell the person what you recieved or describe the smell as best you can because possibly they will full War for the Planet of the Apes film online

My last tip…often your friends will not want to play guess that smell with you. lol. My best friend say that when her husband asks her to play that game the smells are not to pleasant smelling. lol.

Okay…here’s some general information about Clairolfaction:

A person with the ability of clairolfaction doesn’t smell the normal smells that are present in general, but smells energies. These energies are transformed into smell in the nose. The person does smell something that most other people do not smell at the same place. The origin of the energy that is smelt isn’t always known. The body or a part of the body (also each organ or tumour) is emitting energy (in the aura/energy field of the person), what can be received by a person with the ability of clairolfaction. Not only the body or parts of the body are emitting energy, but everything does do that.
Someone who is clairolfaction, smells often only a part or some of the possibilities below. Besides the ways of clairolfaction mentioned below, there are also other possibilities.

What possibilities do exist?
· Smelling diseases
· Smelling shortages
· Smelling the smell of a dead person
· Smelling a smell of someone who is going to die
· Smelling that something isn’t good/healthy for you
· Smelling things you see
· Other?
· Smelling diseases

When a person with the clairolfaction ability smells a disease by a person or animal, the person smells the (negative) energy that is emanated by the sick organ. Because every disease emanates a different energy, the kind of disease can be recognized. When you smell a disease for the first time it would be difficult to determine what it is.

It is well-known that dogs can trace cancer by humans. These dogs are clairolfaction.
· Smelling shortages
Every person needs his own basic quantity of food, if the body or mind don’t want getting trouble. The quantity and composition of the basic quantity differs from person to person. Each person needs other products. Nobody is the same. The body will function worse with shortages and with to much of certain food. the energy that is needed of a certain product (for example a specific vegetable or fruit) will be present in the aura of a person. The paranormal person can possible smell this emanation in the aura, and the nose of that person will transform the energy of the shortage in a certain smell of a certain product. What rests is a right interpretation what is meant with the smell.
It also occurs that if someone is smelling a product, it means that someone has to much energy of that product in his body and must not eat to much of it.
· Smelling the smell of a dead person
Every person has a certain smell with himself. People love also some particular smell. When spirits are present in a room, they can make themselves known by a smell. This smell can be connected to a person that past away that loved or had that smell. This smell can’t be detected by ‘normal’ noses.
· Smelling a smell of someone who is going to die
Some people with the ability of clairolfaction can sense the ‘smell of death’. In the days/weeks/months before a person is dying, the energetic body of the person is coming apart from the physical body. With this process some energy comes free, which can be received in the nose which translates it in a unique smell. Other people do not sense this smell. The person who is going to die, appears to have this smell with him.
· Smelling that something isn’t good/healthy for you
Another possible ability of clairolfaction is smelling of something is healthy to eat or not. For example pâté, this has a very specific smell. When the pâté smells different by clairolfaction, it is known the pâté isn’t healthy to eat anymore. Another person, who doesn’t have clairolfaction, just smells and doesn’t find anything strange or wrong about it. The person with clairolfaction ability gets the smell of the product in the nose. With this smell the person also gets the energy of the product in the nose. In this way the person smells the energy of the product.
· Smelling things you see
Another possible characteristic that a person with the ability of clairolfaction can have is that he smells the smell of something he sees. For example when he watches television and sees the pictures of a stable, he smells the horses. Pictures of seawater and he smells the sea. Or if a person is seen, the smell of the person is smelled in the noise. And so on.


  • Lori Ann Hoch

    I have this since I’m a little girl. I have always smelled things no one else smells. But one thing that always concerns me is the smell of burning wires. A Hot smell. It often comes to me when I’m just relaxing. I can’t figure out what this smell is trying to tell me. Also I smell feces a lot. One thing that was so weird that you said was the ability to smell food and drink that’s off. I always have my husband smell things for me if they seem off. Most times I won’t eat or drink it. I don’t keep food around long in my fridge either. I get creeped out. But the hot smell worries me. I am phobic of fire. And I know in a past life I was burned. Maybe I smell that?

    • Stacey

      I used to smell my grandmother after she passed. I thought that was her way of saying hello. But recently I have been smelling a man. I smell him often as if he were standing next to me. I don’t actually “know him know him” but I know his name. Everytime I see him I want to hug him and he asks if he can hug me. He told me 1 time U SMELL SO GOOD. I often wonder if he smells me too

      • Chell

        That’s some connection you need to tell him

      • Estelle Fejokwu

        I smell people. It’s only been guys tbh. I’ll just be chilling and their smell comes appears to me.
        I CAN SMELL SOMETHING NOW. like a feminine version of tyriq’s breath.

        I think the smell comes when a bond has been made. I’m not entirely sure. There’s this guy on my bus who I’ve never smelt and we’ve hugged. Maybe an emotional bond??

    • Heather

      Wow, I know your response was a year ago but I also smell feces a lot! It makes me kinda crazy!! I am also very afraid of fire, not like my house is going to burn down or anything but like being around a very large campfire and it getting out of control. Or even something simple like sky lanterns, I get so worried that they are going to land and catch something on fire. I get an overwhelming anxiety whenever I’m in those situations. I saw a shaman who explained that I lacked the fire element in my life and that yes, I was burned in a past life. I also feel very safe in water. Some of my best meditations happen in the shower! Funny huh?

    • Darlene

      I smelled pine on November 22nd 2016, 4 days before my friend that I was visiting died 4 days later. There was a artificial Christmas Tree in the room, and I said, “Is that a real tree and he said no, I said I smell pine” 4 days later he died. I don’t know the connection but it startles me, because I have experienced other psychic abilities but I don’t know what this one meant. Help?

    • Sharon Sandheinrich

      Oh my gosh. I smell the same thing, burning wires. I also have witness someone catching on fire and oftened wondered if that is what I am smelling. I know that several years after certain smells would trigger. But it went away. Whats odd is its always at night an while I am relaxing in bed. Thanks so much for posting.

    • Neaks

      I have smelled roses, cigarette smoke, lavender etc. But what I’m curious about is sometimes when I look at someone I get a flash of smell of what their house looks like and smells like. Does anyone else get this. People reckon I’m nuts when I try to explain it.

    • Janelle

      Be careful that smell is a demon. I had a few encounters where I smelt that and right before I smelt it a demon revealed itself to me. I wasn’t into witchcraft I would just watch the scary movies watched ghost encounter shows because I always was curious. I have always been very sensitive to the spiritual realm and I have had so many encounters throughout my entire life I have lost count. The last time scared me so bad I promised God I wouldn’t watch that stuff anymore and I haven’t its been a few yrs since then. What ever you are doing to open doors you need to stop and turn away from it. I almost killed myself because I got caught up in all that stuff that seemed harmless and fun at first but then the deeper I got into it the more depressed and hopeless I got. I started cutting myself. Its only by Gods grace im here today. Jesus loves you and he is the only way! Love you and God bless you all that read this. Also the only reason I’m here is the other day I woke smelling lavender out of nowhere and the scent went away when I fully woke. So I googled that and that’s why I’m here.

      • Admin bar avatar Sherry Andrea

        Yes certain smells such as a natural gas smell and also certain entities can have a specific smell such as B.O. (body odor smell)

      • Nikki

        Stop imposing your fear on everyone else. Anyone who would self harm definitely has an entity attached to them.

    • Karolyna

      I am having the same frequent smells of a burning house or wires it is an unpleasant smell that makes me feel it’s a negative energy. No one else can smell it. I am 21 days done since my reiki course so my chakras are open. However some sites say that it’s the smell of hell and is a warning of Danger now I am worried

  • William

    I have clairolfaction. The smells link up to states of being, and states of being are gateways of inspiration to deeper knowledge. Sense of smell is capable of transmitting a depth of knowledge that cannot be labeled with words or explained verbally. It is very difficult to therefore write about. If you want to practice the ability, always ask yourself “how does it feel like to be you”? This “you” can be another person, spiritual entity, or even ETs. Wonder about their unique perspective as individuals sensing on behalf of the Creator. How is it different and similar to your own? The smells will follow, as it conveys states of being very well.

  • Rach

    Just recently I am constantly smelling cigeratte smoke. No one smokes or is smoking around me when I smell it. Also I smelled lilies which honestly make me want to vomit. Because my mom passed away, and from then on the smell of lillies makes me nasueas. I am always seeing things out of the corner of my eye and now my son is pointing in thin air saying Jesus. And when I ask is he doing something he says hug and kiss. What is going on????

    • Most kids can see God or he knows it’s where he lives and I see shadows from out of the corner of my eyes. They won’t hurt you or mine don’t. I think the shadows are ghost who want to see if you can see them.

      • Admin bar avatar Sherry Andrea

        Thanks but people out of body can be seen and if you have had enough experiences of a certain that are done in a purposeful way, meaning you are working with people doing certain things where you can VALIDATE things then you know. If you can you can explain how it is you can say that and negative what I have shared and in what experimental setting has allowed you to determine that.

      • Mireya Alvarez

        I seen God its an energy flow he doesn’t have an image his image is in energy, frequency.. I was 5-8 years old I always dream him flying with him and it was the most amazing memorizes…I felt safe and warm and protected in his frequency.

  • Ann

    Thanks for this article. About 6 months before my husband and I separated, I started noticing a smell about him that no one else could detect. I only smelled it at night in bed; it was a strong smell, kind of musty/metallic, unpleasant. I was worried he might have a hidden health issue and that I was smelling it. He become offended because it sounded like I was saying he “smelled bad” but he had never smelled like that before! I was really worried and started badgering him to go to the doctor for a checkup. Eventually he went and it was a basic checkup (he probably didn’t mention that I smelled him) and nothing was found. But I became very turned off to him physically with this smell and started sleeping on the sofa. I tried to connect with him in conversation and ask him what was wrong — he seemed distant but wouldn’t tell me what was on his mind. I knew there were ups and downs in marriage, so I let it go, thinking it would improve. But it didn’t. In about 6 months we were separated! Much later I found out that he was depressed over a new work assignment and change in position, but he never told me how he was feeling because he didn’t want to “trouble me” with his “own troubles at work.” (which I would have been happy to have listened to). I never found out what the smell was from but it was a psychic smell. I know the difference. I have also smelled spirit smells (body odor of a man I have never met — you know you can always tell if it is a stronger or someone you know!). What was hard with my husband was that this ability came between us — I definitely smelled something “wrong” with him but he denied it (no, I am certain he was not having an affair, so it was something else).

  • Ticia

    I was at a an Angel Light Course today and had an Angel Attunement to connect with the Archangels. We were learning to read Archangel cards for ourselves and others. To practice, my partner and I were given the instructor’s office and given ten minutes to connect with Archangel Michael and do a reading. As I began to connect I was overwhelmed by the smell of cologne and then more clearly pine. I asked my partner if she smelled it and she said no. I asked the instructor if she had pine air freshener in the office, again “no”. The next two groups to practice in the office did not smell the pine either.

    Several weeks a go I remember smelling the perfume of my Nana (deceased for nine years), and have smelled it on other occasions too but thought nothing of it. Am I opening to this ability? How do I develop it further?

    • Admin bar avatar Sherry Andrea

      Yes and connecting more often (every day) as you had done to practice. Practice is what makes you develop.

  • kim foster

    I was laying on bed,playing a game on my phone, whena strong odor or scent of flowers came from no where. I just told myself, it had to be a logcial expanation for it, it for sure was not from outside. I had remembered something vaigly about when that happens what it means but was not sure.

  • Nazli

    I think that I have this ability. Sometimes, I smell scents from people, from texts, from photos or even voices. With this, I noticed that I can see something about the person who I smelled a scent. For example what she/he did at the past, little things about her/his life; what she/he love or hate etc. And Again, Sometimes it happens suddenly or I try.

  • Debbra

    I have noticed the past 2 weeks I have been smelling something dead around me every where I go.not Sure what it means.I do have lumps on my breast I went to the doctor had mammograms it came back normal .not sure what this means.can someone please help

    • Shannan

      I smelt death for 3 weeks. 2 days ago my mums dog passed. I also smell my ex partners cologne ( his pasted)

  • Chris

    I use to smell, burning rubber, someone smoking. But yesterday i smell my friend he smell so sweet like a full bloom flower, i feel like he want sex it was strange.

  • Nikki

    As odd as this sounds since about the age of 19 (now 33) I could always smell though a telephone, like literally smell what someone was dong and it wasn’t something that happened on every call it was once in a while I guess very distinctive scents. I have even asked my father on the phone once why were they drinking beer at 10 am to his response how did you know? It isn’t something I have channeled/practiced or the like I just simple occasionally can smell though a phone. To make the situation even weirder I have only experienced these smells when I’m at work on a headset? Not sure what this is or what I should be doing with it.

  • Peggy Miller

    I have been smelling cookies all week what does this mean. Nobody around me is cooking any cookies.what does this mean I smell it every morning

  • I be smelling a lot of stuff but this morning I start smelling ivory and its very strong likes its on me but I don’t even own no ivory and ivory smell so good…I don’t know what it maybe…

  • Ally

    I can’t remember how long I’ve been smelling scents that aren’t there. I’m 31 at the moment. I did mention it to my doctor, who tested me for epilepsy..brain tumors etc. All the tests were clear. I find these smells to be intrusive, as if they are somehow being imposed on me. Three particular scents come through regularly.. faeces, raw chicken and a perfume/shampoo scent. I’ve mentioned it to my mum and a couple of friends. They can never smell what I’m smelling. The scent is so intense that it feels like it invades my nostrils. It’s interesting to read about the concept of psychic smelling as I’ve eliminated any medical cause for what is happening to me. I may need to do some further reading on Clairolfaction. To be quite honest I find the experience annoying as majority of the time the smell is unpleasant or lingers for long periods of time

  • I hope you see this. Thank you so much. I googled: spiritual, smells, scents. This was the first article I read and found you so personable and down to earth and things make so much sense. I am middle aged and am only now developing my abilities but have always been an empath. Much love.

  • Amy


    I met a man a year ago who I have a very strong past life attachment. From the day I met him, I smell him all the time. In my clothes mostly, even after I’ve washed them over and over. We have since stopped talking, as our relationship grew toxic. As sad as I am about it, I’ve been moving on. The problem is his smell has not. This weekend, I went to the town where he lives for the first since we stopped talking and smelled him everywhere. I feel like a crazy person. I’m an empath through and through however, aside from smelling my grandfather who passed away, this is a new phenomenon I can’t find too much information about. Hope you can shed some light. Many thanks!!

    • Leanna

      You are not crazy! I smell my abusive ex everywhere and i can sense his emotions, feelings, and i feel like i can sense when he is thinking about me. We haven’t talked in a month but i smell his scent alot of places

  • Hi my name is Brenda the other day I was cooking and I went in the back room of my room and smelled raw or Flesh and I also see Shadows of people a lot when no one is around can someone please help me with this

  • Katie

    I’ve always been extremely sensitive to scents and occasionally smell my grandma who has passed. Recently though the past two times I’ve been at work, (and I do at home care for a girl who has autism and is in a wheelchair) my hands have been smelling like rust. When I first smelled it my hands felt really gross. Almost like I had been just holding something rusty. The smell wouldn’t go away even when I washed my hands (and there was nothing I touched that could have caused this). It even kind of makes me nauseous but I have no idea what it means. Any ideas??

  • Esther Lewis

    I’m laying on my couch all sides I smelling something sweet a
    I don’t spray anything what is happening

  • Lisa petitjean

    My sons dad passed away in a car accident BUT before he passed I was sitting on the couch watching tv, something seemed to have sat beside me and I could smell fresh oranges. It was like someone was peeling it right beside me.. then I had flashes of things pop up in my head. I saw a car windshield, I saw an air bag inflated, I saw blood, I saw the gear shifter in a car, I saw a beer bottle…. I knew my sons dad was going to pass in a car wreck. The feeling was so strong I started crying. Then the smell left and I thought I was just being crazy. A few weeks later he wrecked his car and the airbag broke his neck……. that was over two years ago. I just recently moved to a new state. I was watching the kids play a game on tv and started smelling oranges. I had pictures flash in my head. I saw my neighbors boyfriend, I saw a gun, I saw my neighbor, I saw flashes of light, and I saw a door … I knew he was going to shoot her…. late that night I was woken up by gun fire. Her boyfriend stood in the road and shot at her car and her house. One bullet went thru the door and hit my neighbor. Her kids who were home tried to help but she passed before help arrived… why do I smell oranges and see flashes of someone dying? It’s not like watching a movie it’s just being focused on one object in a black room

    • Carrie

      Wow, I never get that detailed but I will get back feelings about people. The night my dad slipped into a coma, I called my mom and wanted to talk to my dad. I was away at school and my parents didn’t tell me he was even in the hospital. He went to the Dr earlier that week they found fluid around his lungs. They tapped his lungs and went into cardiac arrest. Was in a coma. My mom told me he was already sleeping. She was afraid to tell me because she worried I wouldn’t be able to drive 2 hours worried. I went home that Friday. That’s when I found out he was in a coma. The night I called.

      My friend sister got into a bad accident. I told my friends I have a bad feeling. A couple hours later I found out about the accident.

  • Kurt

    I have awoken to my senses (beyond 5 over the last 5-8 years, though By doing so I’ve realized that I’ve always had heightened and/or additional senses. Sent has always carried a lot of significance for me but recently I’ve been smelling things about people I interact with it’s weird, I smell it but it’s less of an orfactory experience and more of a third eye/crown chakra interaction that is interpreted to my through my understanding of sent… if that makes sense. The most impactful has been the presance of what someone’s breath would smell like if they had a really bad tooth infection but it’s not on their breath it’s in their presence. Toward these people I have an immediate knee jerk reaction of distrust. I also smell mixtures of earthy things like forest, stone, water, good clean soil and a broadening variety of a “spicy things?” that I don’t have the vocabulary to discribe but I’m beginning to understand mentally. I get the fecal sent too but I seem to be able to back it mind it and focus on others. Anyway, it’s intrusive at times but by and large I think it neat and is even starting to be quite useful when references in conjunction with my gut feelings., I just wanted to share my experiences with you all because of your generosity in sharing yours.


  • Carrie

    Since my father died 17 years ago, every so often I will smell funeral home flowers. The exact smell I remember smelling at his wake. After I smell it, I get a sense of peace.

  • Hodie

    Im a emph until last year or so I didn’t know what it was but, i started researching and it explained so much. As for the smelling I’ve picked up on things for years but, until three years ago had no clue what it meant other than when my pappaw passed I knew when he visited it smellseems like he smelled the day we buried him embalming fluid and a hint of funeral home and flowers then I started smelling others who’d pass and each has a unique scent and I just know who it is and once I acknowledge them the smell disappears. Then we had two dogs who had pup@ six days part the pups had sustained internal injury it was devastating the first who passed I took her in the small bathroom in the house fixed tub up and laid her in it the smell was so strong I about got sick but, I knew she was going to die. There was 19 pups born ten survived. I knew when one was going to die I’d smell there breath and I’d bring them in and try to save them one I thought was gonna loose 3 times finally one of female started producing milk put him with her he survived after two days with her I knew he’d be OK I couldn’t smell what I call scent of death. I can walk by some one I don’t know and know they are going to die. I smell sickness as well sometimes I can smell its a organ other just the sickness smell.. I finally started researching this but was/ am a Christian the physical thing throwed me for a loop I guess was denial… I am chronically ill about six moth to a year ago I noticed my hair and bed room after nap/sleep smelled like a sick room. In the past week I’ve started to smell death I’ve smelled the animals in home to be safe but even before didn’t/don’t fill it’s them. I wonder if I smell my body starting to disconnect or shut down. I’m kinda freaked I’ve only been able to smell death up close and I just always seem to know who but, it’s just me and the animals and when I smell it well I guess it fills like me.. could that be it or maybe I’m smelling at distance like a loved one? I don’t know I’d tried to forget about it but the last few days I’ve smelled it a few times. Any thoughts? Thank you for post and sharing as well as allowing comments

  • Brandon Sanchez

    Hi, I’ve been smelling a dead rat everywhere I go on and off for a few weeks now. I’ve always been able to smell things that aren’t there, like my late mothers perfume on occasion. I also unmistakably see things that I dream about here and there as well. My main concern however, is the dead rat/rotting meat smell that follows me around and seemingly gets stronger when I’m angry or upset. And information or advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated!

  • Marlene

    I woke up very early one morning. After a while I start smelling fresh pine oil as if some one was cleaning.but I was the only one woke .A bit after my grandson woke up I asked. Him did he smell pine cleaner he said no. It would come and go what could this be ?

  • Odesser

    Today I randomly smelled a strong sense of sage. And I wasn’t burning any. It wasn’t anywhere else in the apartment but my room. I woke up steeped out my room to make coffeee. And came back to my room and as soon as I opened the fire I got a strong wiff of sage. At first I didn’t recognize the smell so I thought the gas might be on or something so I went back to to the kitchen to check the stove and nothing everything was off. Went back to my room and there the strong smell again. What could this mean ? I’m a little concerned

  • Nina Thomas

    I was having a shower when I smelt a brief smell of my ex boyfriend, then he texted me around half an hour after smelling his scent. I am ignoring his texts as I want to move on from him and don’t want him contacting me anymore. What does it mean when I smell his scent?

  • Mary

    I have been smelling something like mowed grass or burning grass it happens at night when I am trying to get some sleep… I have no idea what it could be? Any ideas or thoughts?

  • Terisita

    I was getting ready for a date years ago, when I smelled his scent/cologne while still in the shower. Within the next few minutes he arrived (an hour early). Recently I started smelling roses a lot. Reminds me of my mum who loved flowers while she was alive. I think she might be sending her love and support during stressful times?

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Sandy

    I also smell wires burning or something melting. I smell fire all the time. I always ask my husnand and he smells nothing. Now he is convinced his l sense of smell is leaving him. It will be good to set his kind at rest.
    I do wish I knew why i have those smells.
    I was in a fire when i was six and received 3rd degree burns over a third of my body, so i freak easily. I also have COPD so i’m surprised i have the ability to smell these things so strongly. An enjoyable smell i have is the smell of a lit pipe. It seems to calm me. Or some reason. Is there someione thay can explain why we have these smells. What do they mean, time and place?

  • Mary daniels

    I woke the other day to the smell of lavender it quickly went away . today I smelled it even stronger and it was so strong my bf said he smelled it too but it wasn’t strong to him
    Please someone tell me what it means please

  • Meredith Blacher

    I smell car exhaust,burning wires,hospital blankets, and more recently, lavender. And i hate lavender smell! Does anyone else smell these as well?

  • KG

    I’m Australian and my long distance boyfriend is American. I could smell him on my lounge last night, when we were video chatting. Odd considering he hasn’t been physically at my place, for over 8 weeks. But then this morning, I messaged him a photo of me and immediately he said he could smell me. Neither of us have left any of our belongings (or anything with our scents) at each other’s house. So how can we smell each other from the other side of the world? Especially when I didn’t say anything to him about last night, until he made the comment. My only explanation is we have a strong intuitive connection. I’ve Never experienced anything like this before. Would be nice to know why.

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